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File 136744410188.gif - (6.02KB , 391x236 , appleglory.gif )
44814 No. 44814
Give me your dropbox name and ill invite u
My original effort:
What is AppleGlory:
A fun little fan series animated and programmed in Scratch! It stars AJ and Dashie on their adventures with their pony friends!

People helping:

Rainbow Dash: Open!
Luna: Open!
Bon Bon: Open!
Diamond Tiara: Open!
Dr. Whooves: Open!
Lyra: Open!
Photo Finish: Open!
Prince Blueblood: Open!
Vinyl Scratch: Open!
Silver Spoon: Open!
Spitfire: Open!
Trixie: Open!
Big mac: Open!
Braeburn: Open!
Granny Smith: Open!
Derpy: Open!
Cheerilee: Open!
Celestia: Open!
Soarin: Open!

Also needed:

Animators: Me, Open for 5 more
Scriptwriters: Me, Open for alot
Music Writers: Me, open
Music Producers: Open for 2
Singing voices: Open for 5

Also we need a theme song!

Check back soon!(5-1-13)

Please Join!!!

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>> No. 44821
Feel free to use these model sheets
Here is the fixed version
>> No. 44823
I am a digital music producer, I can make anything from Hiphop to dubstep.
I also do some VA work, I don't think i can do many of those voices but I'll still send the demo. Where do i send this shieeet?
>> No. 44832
File 136763049394.jpg - (165.93KB , 1600x1786 , 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.jpg )
Hey There! I would like to take an Music Writer spot in your production. I'am a Lyricist and a Writer so yeah. Email: [email protected]
>> No. 44906
wow this looks fairly new, I'd be interested in voicing for Big Mac and possibly Braeburn. I really haven't tried doing Blueblood yet but I'd be willing to give it a shot. I'd be more than happy to record some test lines for you if you have them available.
>> No. 44909
tho I'm a male i might try all the voices XD and i can sing tho idk if you will like it have little bit crappy microphone :)
>> No. 44917
You have answered my prayers! I've been wanting to get into voice actiong and this might be my ticket. I'll be posting a demo soon.
>> No. 44920
We got a model sheet:

Now post demos or send them to:

[email protected]
>> No. 44923
File 136885780413.png - (216.17KB , 428x415 , apparentlystolenfromemfscootaloocuzheisadicklikethat (5).png )
I'm seeing that you need largely female characters?

That's pretty unfortunate, but I'd love to throw my proverbial hoof in the mix for a role.

About me; I'm a podcast host with a lot of passion in what I do. I have a huge interest in doing voice work, and am largely confident in speaking in front of a microphone.

You can certainly check out what I do for my radio over here:

I would like to note beforehand that, as of right now, I don't have a really great mic, however I should have one in my hands in about a week. Just waiting to get paid!
>> No. 44925
S1E0- "Pilot" - Apples and Glory at the Mother-Filly Picnic with their mothers.
S1E1- "Glory's the name, Dodgeball's The Game"
Glory has trouble in P.E class at Ponyville Elementary.

S1E2- "Luna Drenched" Princess Luna crashes in Ponyville and learns that she hates the water.

S1E3- "The Dark Woods" A new apple grove that Apples believes is haunted.

S1E4- "Total Eclipse Of The Moon"

Coming Soon

S1E5- "Sunset"

Coming Soon

That's Season 1 So Far.

Glory is Rainbow's Nickname.
>> No. 44928
i can do perfect morgan freeman if that helps any. and some other special voices
>> No. 44931
Try out for soarin?
>> No. 44932
Try big mac or soarin?
>> No. 44933
File 136890477208.png - (17.62KB , 556x710 , luna.png )
Vector for episode 2, "Luna Drenched"
>> No. 44934
File 136890509787.png - (52.62KB , 501x816 , Lightning Dash.png )
Lightning Dash
>> No. 44935
File 136890580124.png - (10.65KB , 330x411 , DodgeballReally.png )
Hipster Glory is not happy.
>> No. 44936
File 136890640413.png - (13.44KB , 364x651 , apples.png )
:) Last vector :) Future Miss Equestria Queen Bee Of Ponyville Elementary Apples.
>> No. 44939
SOmeone made flash puppets with my rigs
>> No. 44940
We will need vectors we can find some of them here By the way all the vectors we make from this project can they be submitted to the mlp svg club? Here is a place to find mlp images and here is a map
>> No. 44960
Alright make a Scratch account ppl!!!
>> No. 44963
I'd love to try for the part of Trixie, or Applejack.
Email is [email protected]
>> No. 45031
Guys so sorry but something's wrong with my email.
>> No. 45107
BUMP Hey! Email me at [email protected]! We still need your help!
>> No. 45108
I want to be a voice actor, but I can't. I have a bad quality microphone and my voice is kind of low. But I would like be a scriptwriter, though.
>> No. 45140
well, I suck at practically everything you need,but I'm an accomplished Logo designer, if you're interested. I do for free you see
>> No. 45165
File 137134432063.jpg - (791.25KB , 1400x872 , TwilightSparkle.jpg )
I know I don't sound like any main pony so i'll offer to whatever male character who doesn't have an official voice.
Also I can help with some writing if you need.
Friezeshrew on Scratch. Happy to see the site somewhere random on the web :)
>> No. 45209
I'm an animator and if you give me a picture of all the characters, a script and a plot I can animate it for you!
My Dropbox is Nick_Kennedy

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>> No. 45210

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>> No. 45220
i would love to help with this. Maybe do some singing or a little VA work but i cant do any of these characters -__- all i can do is an EXTREMELY amateur Rainbow Dash but im not ready to make it public. so instead i have some Sapphire Shores and Gilda just let me know where to put it up
my email is:
[email protected]
[email protected]
>> No. 45226
I think i could help you^^.
I can do some scriptwriting...and maybe some voices ( I'm not sure if i can really do some voices but I'm sure i can do some scriptwritings.)
here some email:
[email protected]

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