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Greetings everypony. I'm starting a fan made spin off series on youtube, of My little Pony Friendship is Magic, and could use some help/ people who want to be involved in such things. The spin off series is to come later down the road though, because I want it to go as good as it can go, so I'm waiting to start it until I have enough support from the right sort of people. However, at the moment, to kick off my spin off series, I'm starting a different sort of spin off series that will give background information and hopefully breed support for my ideas.

To start things off, I'm going to have myself and other voice actors that I can get my hooves on, act out the story that I wrote, a link to it will be at the end of this little announcement. I'll be making story art that will mach whats going on in the story as we voice everything, adding sound effects and background music, and it should be something like Dr. Whooves and Assistant, Dr. Whooves Adventures, The Vinyl Scratch Tapes; The Master Recordings, so on and so forth. If you know of any of these youtube projects, then you should get the idea by now.

Anyways, click the link and give the story a read, if you feel like, and send me an email if your interested, or if you just want to give constructive criticism on the story, because it's still not completely done with edits, and if what you have to say might make the story better, I want to hear it. :)

The deadline for Voice acting, or any other help you want to give, is 5/28/2013. I might still accept help after that, but only if I'm hurting for more help than what I get by that point. Voice actors, pick lines from the character/characters that you want to apply for and send me an audio file of you voicing those lines to the best of your ability in what way you think the line should sound like. (hint: multiple takes of the same lines in a number of different ways, is a good idea)

Thank you everypony. Hope to get some favorable responses. :)

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Have you ever heard of a paragraph? A few of those might have helped this text wall. They tend to turn people away, very much like real walls.
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Thanks for the tip. I was pretty tired and rushing when I wrote it, but it's revised now. Hope you find my post better in the way I have revised it.

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This idea makes me feel ill.

You expect an unproven piece of fiction should be glorified to more than it is by merit of only your own approval?

Good sir, I do believe you think yourself too highly.

It reminds me of a certain game maker that created an rpg of their fanfiction and ended up having terrible reviews because it holds the many sins of fanfiction, changing format and media doesn't oust those sins.

But it's not purely the fiction itself and more your presentation and pitch for it. It lacks focus and doesn't have the precise and concise information needed about this project.

Here's an example of how to present a proper casting call. Plus the correct site to do it.

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Don't put so many spaces for a few sentences.
The casting call is decent, not good, but decent.
The website on the other hand needs to be changed. It's better than collab, but doesn't have a lick of quality either.
Also out of curiosity whats the name of the game maker rpg you mentioned?
>> No. 44892
I'm inclined to agree on VAA's quality control. It feels like fase advertising when the alliance has anyone with a microphone joining it's "alliance." But then as the site master, you gotta ask yourself the great bigot's conundrum. Do you want to make an accessible website to everyone and get told about your poor quality control or do you want to the bigot and control who joins by your standards of quality?

Frankly, the further you are from EQD, the better. *buh-dum cha

But yeah, I like how they established a strict formula for making pitches and casting calls. It gives everything a VA needs to audition. It does not however give a director the same kind of filter for handling said auditions. But dem's the breaks.

As for the breaks in lines... I instinctively press enter because it looks crowded on the text box you type in.

As for the RPG I mentioned... god, its over 2 years old now. It's one of those memories you scrub from your brain because thinking about it makes you so mad. All I remember is that there was a review of it on EQG under RPG. It was based off a guy's fanfiction that bombed because it had the fiction sins of mary sue OC that is a self insert of the author. And if memory serves the review had said something along the lines of "pointless grimdark scenes for the sake of it."

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I want to make plain to you that I do not in fact think too highly of myself, as projects in this fandom are done quite often on the fly and turn out great. I've already received more than enough attention to put it into motion, and the ultimate goal of this pilot project is to show my stuff and hopefully get the attention that I'll need for the projects that this is leading into. That aside, I do recognize that this isn't a very well put together recruitment post, as I have placed another one on using Rina-Chan's template to make a better post. It's likely that all of the attention that I've gotten so far has come directly from that and I am debating if I should just take this one down now or wait until the deadline has been reached. As for the approval of my story, it is not just my own approval. I have had any people who's opinions I trust read it over, and if that isn't enough I have also placed a link in the post for you to go and read it yourself if you have any interest. Because it is offered, until you have read it through yourself, you really have no idea the potential that it may or may not have. So sit back and be amazed, because the way it's looking right now, I'm going to make something great out of this. If you would like to see my more professional post (Which I did after this one) here's a link, and thank you for your input.
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