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File 136826075702.png - (1.64MB , 1919x1077 , ANYPONY_EMAIL_JUST_DO_IT.png )
44867 No. 44867
How much pony can you fit in an email?
Wanna find out!?

Anypony Email - A brony's approach to mail.

Anypony Email is a free and fast email service for bronies.

We provide a range of email related services like mobile mail, POP3 and IMAP options, a "no ponies" version of the website (for them closet brownies), multiple flavored web mail clients and a bunch more.

Our mail server is pretty top too, with an near perfect spam filter, anti-virus check for every incoming and outgoing email and side wide HTTPS preventing eavesdropping on your username/password as well as any email you type.

On top of this Anypony Email comes complete with weekly backups and system wide virus scans.
It's pretty boss, and I think that pony email address you've always wanted (lelwhut) is still available:


Quick links:
Mobile Site:
No Pony Version:
Help (you can ask in this thread as well):

As of writing this there was ~320,000 Emails in Anypony's system.
Old thread:
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>> No. 44868
File 136826125284.gif - (143.88KB , 582x400 , derpy.gif )
And with that, let me go change my admin email account password. Don't want to make it too easy for hax0rs.
>> No. 44869
Now I don't have to use my real email for pony stuff! I just wish I'd known about that earlier...
>> No. 44870
Very much agreed. I've already dealt with 6 hackers on a Minecraft server over the last 3 days, so it's definitely not something I'm looking for (especially as a server Admin, as it usually means I have to clean up their messes >.<).
>> No. 44872
File 136828713770.png - (8.47KB , 265x366 , gmailoverflow.png )
Wow.. How did they get in? and what damage was done?
Anypony Email has never been hacked, although a lot of people try, it used to really scare me that someone was going to find a way in. Now I know enough about hacking to pentest myself and know I'm safe.
Apart from the obvious port scans and nikto scans every day, some pretty solid attempts have been made.

But really, the majority are people trying to brute force/find vulnerabilities in the recover account feature or brute forcing my admin account. Both of which get detected pretty quickly and end in perma-bans.

Oh also, just this week some social engineering/fraud attempts got made to the [email protected] account, which made me lol it was a new one though.

Some people try SQLi or XSS in any text field they can find, but honestly, it's detected so easily. I just get a nice email to a gmail account I barely check telling me another ban has been made for a user trying SQLi ect ect.
>pic related, it's that gmail account.

Last edited at Sat, May 11th, 2013 08:56

>> No. 44875
Most of the server hackers I've encountered were people from that use hacked Minecraft clients (like Nodus), where they spawned in items, fly around in Creative Mode (bypassing our NoCheatPlus plugin), and cheat in money. One guy in particular was busted and banned for excessive hacked client usage because he spawned in over $1000000, 4 stacks of diamond blocks, and blew up about 40 chunks of protected server land. It took over 3 hours to clean up his mess and roll everything back.

Fortunately, most of our problems are just money spawning alone, making it a lot simpler to fix (/eco reset [name] 0 does the trick quickly, plus a 3 day jail that boosts itself up to a week for a repeated offense), but people seem to think they can keep getting away with it.
>> No. 44903
Keep in mind most of those port scans are using nmap or metasploit, the former of which is quite possibly benign (some e-mail clients even run a port scan to try and auto-configure from just an e-mail address), but neither of which are usually specifically targeting you. Now some of the social engineering is probably targeting you (the laughably stupid ones are probably just generic scripts).
>e-mail for each autoban from invalid field
This is what server logs are for. Most servers on the internet get that level of "attempted break-ins".
>> No. 44910
Thank you :) I am aware that these are not likely targeted attacks, I'm sure there are bots port scanning the entire IPv4 range.

The SE attempt was legit though, someone went to some effort in trying to corner me to change an accounts password, too bad I'm not an idiot. It wasn't something SET or metasploit could have produced.

I get emailed of SQLi attempts, SSH login failures (after a set amount of failed attempts), port scans after a certain attempts/hour and a couple of other things. I check Anypony's server logs daily, but I like things emailed to me because I can check them on the go (the joys of a smartphone). I can be quickly notified of a legitimate attack beginning and I can do something about it right then and there.

Anypony gets a lot of bots trying to attack it, a lot more than any other server I own, perhaps because it's a mail server, email account are precious, or maybe because bronies, or maybe people just like my IP range. Brute forcing the root password to login over SSH is the biggest one.
>having root SSH login on

Thank you for your post, it's nice hearing from people who are server minded as well. Not that the other people aren't nice as well, but you get what I mean.
>> No. 44915
File 136870458581.jpg - (666.18KB , 2520x1575 , elements_of_harmony_by_mysticalpha-d4e2j2e.jpg )
I apologize for the issues accessing web mail. The host is fixing a networking issue on our node caused by network abuse. Unfortunately this incurs some downtime, I will update when I hear anything.
>> No. 44916
A social engineering attack with any kind of legitimate knowledge is probably targeted. Most the other stuff less so.

If you're worried about a legitimate attack being launched, and being able to mitigate it, then I'd consider running fail2ban. I just ran a quick port scan and I'll bet 8080 is turning some eyes since a lot of these script kiddies are looking for open HTTP proxies.

>having root SSH login
This is more common than you'd expect. Yes it's a bad idea, but some organizations choose to enable a pre-shared root password for some or all of their servers (I always use sudo myself). I personally know of organizations which have this setup, and some modern Linux distributions actually enable it by default during installation. Brute forcing root passwords is still a feasible attack.
>> No. 44918
I already run fail2ban on my boxes.
8080 is a special port for me ^_^ It's open for a reason. It has nothing to do with proxies.

>This is more common than you'd expect.
I do work for the auditor general, I've seen some shit aha.

Last edited at Fri, May 17th, 2013 00:10

>> No. 44919
File 136880052747.gif - (143.88KB , 582x400 , derpy.gif )
My apologies for the webmail downtime, our host rebuilt our webmail servers node and in the process didn't set the correct time and date causing cPanel to not validate my install locking everyone out of Webmail!

Face-palm worthy, yes. I've alerted them of the problem and how to fix it, awaiting a reply now.

Also I am really sorry Marioland for not replying to your email! It is coming up end of semester at UNI so I've been working crazyly at my assignments and studying for exams, my apologies, I would still love the help, just gotta find time to bring our mod panel back online.
>> No. 45120
File 137095026412.gif - (1.37MB , 250x188 , 1347109714419.gif )
Man I wish my life wasn't so busy :(
>> No. 45143
Why? Anything in particular happening?
>> No. 45144
File 137121132693.jpg - (489.02KB , 1440x900 , Glaring Pinkie.jpg )
Well I just quit one of my jobs but I'm still juggling a part-time job and part-time aviation college, also doing a full-time UNI course, next week is exam week. And just to top it off I'm looking after my 15 y/old sister as our parents are on an overseas holiday.

So the "in particular" parts would be my sister. But normally I'm still juggling up to 20 hours work a week work with aviation college and university.

Not looking forward to my exams either, one of the units "Computer Networking" I have just not had time to read the last four weeks of lecture slides. The book for the unit is 949 pages long and I've read to page 170. Another one of the unit books, "Advanced Java" (why the fuck is that even a thing) is 1100+ pages long and I have barely opened it, but I don't feel too bad about that one, I should be able to wing it, the "C/C++/C# Programming" unit though.... I just postponed until next semester XD

I also now have a girlfriend who I love spending time with... and sometimes that's time that I don't really have. All in all pretty stressful, unfortunately Anypony Email just isn't a top priority at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Happy Emailing.
>pic unrelated
>> No. 45164
Awesome thing!
>> No. 45170
Nice email address ;)
Thank you for your donation as well :3
>> No. 45181
I'm almost ashamed to say I haven't really done anything there for a while. I guess there's been little reason to bother without anything to do there for the while.
>> No. 45182
I'm a bit hesitant at trying this ever since derpymail, but this maybe what i been looking for.
>> No. 45205
Don't feel bad man, I don't blame you, I'm sorry for not being around as much as I would have liked to be. At some point in the future we'll get in contact and talk more, do you have skype?

Which one, there's like... three?
.com - the original, nice guy.
.org - got hacked by Russians last year, not sure what happened to it. - decided not to use cPanel for their mail and now they are pretty much completely offline after trying to merge their mail to cPanel when their host changed or something? I don't remember much of it, but I know their email service is pretty crippled at the moment.

Anypony Email has had some issues in the past as well, DDoS attacks left us with a lot of downtime, but now she's been designed in a way that she can be DDoS attacked but that won't effect mail being delivered. Multiple servers have to go offline before mail will stop being delivered. It's a feat to take out one server, but taking out an entire network of load shared servers behind two separate DDoS protection suites... Good luck. :)

TBH, as the admin of Anypony Email the only thing I don't like about it is POP3 and IMAP isn't working yet.. It really bugs me because I know a lot of people used that.
>> No. 45224
I think it was the first one because i tried it about the time it showed up on ponychan.

How well does this work on a smartphone?
>> No. 45240
We have a mobile site:

Auto-loading "Horde" works best on most phones, however most newer smart phones work nicely with Squirrel Mail.

Squirrel Mail definitely looks better, so I recommend trying that one first.

Eventually IMAP and POP3 will be back online so you can use your own mobile mail client (like iPhone Mail) or GMail (for Android phones). There is pages in the FAQ that list the instructions for this, but unfortunately they don't work yet while IMAP/POP3 is offline.
>> No. 45252
I actually do have a Skype. Just look up Marioland3000, and you should find me.
>> No. 45254
File 137225867995.gif - (861.15KB , 700x394 , Partyhard.gif )
Cool, will add soon.

Also today we hit 100,000 emails more than when I created this thread! (Although that was partly because I *cough* moved a few emails from a backup server to the main server *cough*). Either way..

>> No. 45287
File 137270032929.png - (238.00KB , 1280x720 , ExplodingHairPinkie_S01E25.png )
IMAP and POP3 is back online!



>> No. 45373
Yesterday was Anypony Emails biggest day for signups, having 50 signups in 24 hours which blows the previous high score of 29 out of the water!
Thanks guys
>> No. 45429
I made a bare bones pony email server about a year ago, but never got around to finishing it.
So I must ask, how much does it cost to run? and is the signup process automated?
>> No. 45443
File 137429671739.gif - (1.99MB , 350x202 , 1374078007937.gif )
Yes the signup is automated, it does have a little bug (caused by the complexity of load sharing PHP applications) that breaks the automated system sometimes (about 1/25 signups) but the code handles it well and the account is still created but manually by myself when I check my emails. In the beta code I am testing at the moment that bug is fixed but I'm not going to rush anything, I don't mind manually creating an account every now and then.

That sounds awesome. Did you have a webmail interface? or IMAP/POP3? Emails have become like a part of me now aha I'm always keen to hear about other peoples mail servers.

Anypony Email is load shared with multiple separate mail servers, web servers, IMAP/POP3 servers and WebMail servers. All of the Internet facing servers are DNS DDoS protected and some of the more crucial servers are hardware DDoS protected and sit in monitored datacenters. Along with the signed SSL cert (which was kindly donated to me a little while ago) she is one hell of a system.

For enumeration purposes there is a few things I don't disclose like the amount of servers in the system, what each Internet facing server is in charge of and the structure of Anypony Email. I also don't disclose the amount it costs me or what providers I am with, but put simply It costs an arm and a leg to run!

Thanks for the interest, as you can tell I love talking about servers XD
>> No. 45447
Oh wow, I didn't get nearly as far with mine!

Mine used a Web mail interface to login to Roundcube, and a signup script that directly inserted data into a modified HMailServer MySQL Database (After a backup E-Mail confirmation).

When I had first started it, Derpymail was the only Pony mail server that I knew of, and I didn't like the idea of having to wait a couple of days to get one created, so I wanted to make the signup process fast and simple, All you had to enter was the Email you wanted, password, a backup E-Mail address, and a captcha verification. After that, it would send a verification E-mail to your backup address and once you verified it, Bam! E-Mail created!

Of course, that's about the time that I ran into your website.

...Abandoning projects seems to be an annoying habit of mine...
>> No. 45457
> so I wanted to make the signup process fast and simple
aha that was one of the reasons I made Anypony Email!

Anypony Email didn't used to be so complicated
But she got DDoS'ed so badly and I wasn't going to roll over and die so n order to fight I had to really dig my feet in

Your system sounds really cool, I've never used HMailServer before, but I did read about it and I know what you mean about abandoning projects, I do that a LOT.

I have so many semi-completed projects laying around on HDD's. I've developed code for everything from porn sites to social networks (and both at the same time) XD

I'm currently planning a system of rapidly commissioning and de-commissioning mail servers for Anypony Email to further defend against DDoS attacks. It takes advantage of cloud computing and CloudFlare. Doubt I'll have it anywhere ready before the next roll out of code for Anypony Email but I can chip away at it when I'm bored.
>> No. 45459
Yeah, HMailServer is fairly easy and secure, it uses a MySQL database to keep track of everything, and the passwords are encrypted with a SHA-1 hash.

I should really finish some of my projects though. I was almost finished with a pony merchandise auction/selling website before I abandoned it.
>> No. 45461
Are there problems with the server?
>> No. 45462
Not that I can see, what trouble are you having?
>> No. 45698
So for a while now I'm getting spammed by random things, which I believe to be from the same source (They pretend to be facebook, twitter, paypal... All of which I don't have my anypony account connected to at all), and all links in them go to bullshit sites. I noticed that they're being sent to multiple people ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
I was hoping you could look into this as it's getting rather annoying, and it seems to be that other people are also getting these false emails. I could also make a screenshot if it is required.
>> No. 45775
Hey, I will look into this, I haven't had a huge amount of time to spend on Anypony Email lately, especially with the backlog from the few days of server trouble we had. If you could please email me from the contact form: that will help remind me and I will also need to ask you some questions over email.

>> No. 45822
Gmail isn't able to connect to, nor
ich will sofortige pop-ups!
There's also that forwarding option, but I couldn't get it to work.
>> No. 45829
Are you following the instructions found here?

I just tried myself, and everything is working as expected.
>> No. 45830
Yes, sending works just fine.
I want to use this e-mail with Gmail's instant notifications.
I thought I made myself clear when I mentioned, nor
>> No. 45858
An update you should perhaps take note of. I am sorry, I will be back, and I will continue to run Anypony Email, but right now... I can't.
>> No. 46016
bump :')
>> No. 46137
File 139087303751.png - (156.27KB , 776x1030 , Pinkie-Pie-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-29317590-776-1030.png )
now has spots for ADVERTISERS

Running a brony service that you'd like other people to know about?
Anypony Email is a constantly growing, heavy traffic system which can help you out extremely cheaply!
Check it out!
>> No. 46143
File 139106703676.png - (19.42KB , 385x128 , lol.png )
It's down, possibly for the forseeable future.
>> No. 46145
That sounds like a breach of contract.
>> No. 46148
File 139114002671.png - (369.03KB , 1600x1697 , Pinkie_pie_eating_a_cupcake_mlp_fim_vector_by_ponyengineer-d54vp6j.png )
Anypony Email is looking for alternate means of hosting its mail. This shouldn't take long, and no incoming mail will be lost in the meantime.
>> No. 46159
Any news?
>> No. 46160
Well I'm handing the reins over to someone else, so that's something. I have a busy life with work, a UNI degree and a college license. I don't have enough time or money to run Anypony Email. I will make a more official post when the time comes, the new owner will host ApE on a dedicated server + dedicated bandwidth with DDoS protection at the datacenter level so the style of attacks that are being used against ApE at the moment will no longer work.

I have had an amazing time with Anypony Email, almost 600,000 emails! That's insane and something I am so proud to say I created and maintained however everyone has to move on someday and for me that time is around about now.

Anypony Email will still be there! Just under new management and I will still use it myself and talk to my friends about how great it was to built it and watch her grow. I feel nothing but happiness towards that site, I had been thinking about stepping down from Admin for a while but didn't know who would want to take over. It was lucky in a sense that these skiddies started DDoSing ApE again because I started getting messages from people who wanted to help out, and people who would be capable of running ApE after I left.

So I took the opportunity to step down. I will help the new admin set ApE up again on her new servers and show him everything he needs to know and then I'll get back to my life, give me a few more days and you'll start to see things happening.
>> No. 46162
I've a question regarding to my Research HW project, for E-Commerce class. I was thinking of doing my research on Just because it is considered something special than researching Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever. :)

Who do I email regarding to these type of questions (I don't use Twitter or Facebook)?

The website seems to be yeah. There is no contacts page. :(

>> No. 46163
Hi 'Matt',

You will need to wait for the website to be back online and contact admin [at]

I suggest you start doing research on another website in the mean time.
>> No. 46188
Hey, Sammy, about how long do you think the maintenance will need to continue? I have other email accounts that I'm using at the moment, but I like using Anypony the most of all of them, so I'm just wondering.
And thanks a bunch for doing this at all!!
>> No. 46220
I do not have an ETA, I am sorry.
Be assured that no emails will be lost.
Please do not use a free pony related email address for anything important.
>> No. 46227
Hello all,

This is LyteDash speaking – its nice to meet you!

As some of you may already be aware, Sammy recently reached out on the My Little Pony subreddit for help with managing Anypony from here and into the future. The result of that is me!

I will from this point be the pony mainly engaging with you all and handling the public face of Anypony, while Sammy for the time being continues to maintain the inner workings of the site and service.

This may slowly change in the future, but anything that happens will be gradual so as to, to the best of our ability, not cause any undue disruptions to the functionality or up-time of Anypony Email.

Anyway, I hope to have some good experiences with everyone here.

Keep smiling,
Lyte Dash

Mini-background about myself: I am currently a graduating senior at a Big Ten university in the U.S., majoring in Computer Engineering. I play video games and watch My Little Pony: FiM in my free time – just like many of you I’m sure!
>> No. 46232
File 139213004162.png - (156.27KB , 776x1030 , Pinkie-Pie-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-29317590-776-1030.png )
This is legit :)
>> No. 46233
Okay, thanks for the reply, Sammy! And I have my email accounts set up to forward to my Anypony but keep copies of everything, so nothing's getting lost for me. :)
Hey, Lyte Dash!!
>> No. 46236
Hiya. ^_^
>> No. 46272
Oh, hooray, it's back up! I can use my favorite webmail in the world again!! :)
>> No. 46294

Yep, been back up for a week now. :D
>> No. 46716
Simply the BEST email provider there is!!
>> No. 46727
File 139858281196.jpg - (45.51KB , 177x284 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 46744

>> No. 46802
Nice! going to use it
>> No. 46818
File 140028241664.jpg - (28.46KB , 500x491 , post-350302-0-92735100-1393705841.jpg )
>> No. 47126
File 140791176270.gif - (1.00MB , 500x500 , 133642987711.gif )
One of our first moderators posted this once. I was having a bit of a nostalgic moment reading through the old thread.

I am very proud of Anypony Email, how far it has come, where it is going. The ridiculous amount of stress it had the potential to cause me has only left me stronger and more capable to deal with situations in life.

Thank you Anypony Email users.











>> No. 47233
File 141434203398.gif - (4.38MB , 853x480 , pinkydeflate.gif )
Anypony Email members,
Please see the homepage:
>> No. 47234
For those who can't be bothered to read, here is my unofficial summary:

HTTP 410 Gone

Hosting provider went missing, they took the account database (backups included) with them.
Due to not wanting to risk people claiming addresses that didn't belong to them, service is permanently shut down. They are sorry.
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