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Ladies and gentlemen, how do you do? I'm Maravex, here to inform you that voice auditions are open for a new Doctor Whooves radio play! At the moment, there are 5 roles available both male and female.

Lines and available roles are right here. This is for the first episode:

Now before you audition, please read the following.


•Make sure you have good mic quality. Pops, hisses, background noise and other technical difficulties will seriously diminish your chances of getting cast.

•Multiple takes are welcome.

•You can try out for as many characters as you like.

•If you’d like feedback, say so in your email. I’ll try and get back to you within a few days.

•Redos are welcome if you felt you could have done better in your audition.

•Listen back to your auditions. Make sure its presentable before you send them.

•Save your auditions as MP3 files with your username and then the characters name. E.g. Maravex-Grengoth. Send to [email protected]


Any questions you may have don’t be afraid to ask via email or the tumblr at

Good luck to you all!
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>> No. 44929
hey wussup i really got nuthin to do and i can do sum awesome voice acting, notsure about characters but i can do a mean morgan freeman, that is if u needed something narrated. if u wanna chat i have skype: beastlybiju
>> No. 44947
Do the Catauros need a voice? I will probably send my audition this afternoon for Grengoth.
>> No. 44952
Done! Sent. :)
>> No. 44959
There's an email for you!
>> No. 45030
Thanks for the auditions so far! Just a reminder that there are only 3 days left for auditions, and some (Braeburn and Zecora) haven't received a single audition. More auditions for the rest of the roles are more than welcome though, so keep em coming!
>> No. 45044

Living in the south helps with the accent. Hope it's not too obnoxious.

Email sent, hope to hear from you!~
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