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  MPT3K Looking for Artists

Artists and Fans of MST3K! The dedicated staff of Magical Pony Theater 3000 is looking for stills or animation artists and other personnel who can lend a hoof. If you haven't seen it, we put out a pilot recently as well, put in the embed.

And our current project is 'pen and pencil ready' as it were. We have a script, ready voice work, editors and even a theme song! Now all we need is some help with the animation stills. Send us an email if you'd like to jump on and get started right away as we're already in production but want to speed things up and improve quality, so drop us an email. Even if you're not an artist, we'd still like to hear from you and see if there might be another way you could help.

[email protected]

Of course we don't discriminate either, if you want to do full on animation, that's cool to.
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