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Hello, I'm a programming student from Korea.
I've made a game about Rainbow Dash since Dec 2012.
My engine is almost completed, but I need your help because I'm poor at 3d modeling and design. If here is someone who wants help modeling or designing, please mail me or visit my blog.
Thanks for reading.
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Perhaps you should provide an explanation of the game in English?
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time for some google translate magic

(Close of the day I lost ... Now I feel? ㅋ)

In recent years, then work the UI, FPS drops too saw is performing optimization tasks.
Bojamyeon big for updates
* UI Enhancements: Given UI textures in high-resolution monitor with high resolution mode also able to bust ISSprite keulraeseuyi scale factor has been added.
* Global illumination calculation has been improved. Thanks to interpolate between the two lights, and can turn that.
* Perform some optimization FPS scored a 10-20 degree rise.
* Rip scalability could fix ISEffect class, hit pay extra part, different shader code can respond flexibly to changed.

Bojamyeon each fine-grained modifications,
1. UI scaling the resolution of the texture, not the bare minimum, in a way, a low-resolution mode, the texture shows low magnification, high-resolution textures with a higher magnification will show. Simple.

Two. Was more natural global illumination changes. One daylight, illuminator, the environment remains the same, but three sets of light, daylight and the angle of incidence of illuminator also be calculated using a spherical coordinate system has changed. Magna is a real sun moving two thousand two thousand Daylight and auxiliary light can be rotated one geotyijiyo naturally.
Spherical coordinate system with the introduction of the interpolation between the two light conditions even easier. In spherical coordinates theta and phi values interpolated value if I do not know if that

Three. In the meantime, I was ardent code. DP Cole and SetTexture, SetRenderState, SetIndices, SetStreamSource was being called as the excessive, some touching, but also to some extent to optimize the benefits were seen.
Before the output mesh objects sorted by type, and the output mesh halttaeneun SetIndices, SetStreamSource, SetTexture to output has changed only once. It was a simple task, making a surprisingly heartwarming performance'm.
Systematically implement the octree culling soon will be.

Four. ISEffect previous class in the shader code does not need to set the texture Diffuse, Opacity, Bump, Specular texture such as updating simhaetgo waste, certain textures are also used for other purposes, had been hard. (Why is it so ... keke made) c + +11 streak of guys using function objects, textures, and other shader techniques by properly be able to update the variable is changed.

The original goal LiSPSM techniques such as shadow maps, or upgrade to the PSM and shadow to enhance the quality, by implementing a multi render target was going to improve the performance, shadow maps than you think to beat blow struck by the results, a multi render targets of worry is hard.
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Make it open source and then i will contribute.
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