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Hello everybody, I'm here to let you know about this fan project my friends and I have been working on. It's a MLPFiM inspired trading card game, and we've been working very hard to create a plugin for LackeyCCG to make it playable online.

Right now we're in a public beta, but we are far from finished. Cards and decks have been tested in closed environments, but we would really want feedback and criticism on how to make it better or how to fix any problems we have overlooked.

We're also in need of pony artist to help us create original art for all of our cards.

If you're interested in helping out, we have made a forum that you can join right here:

We also have a wiki to act as a rule book and card database right here:

Our hopes is that we can build up enough of a community to continue this project for as long as there is a Pony fandom.
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>> No. 45059
Could you give us a little bit of insight of what type of TCG it is? Maybe some of the mechanics and whatnot so we know the basics before we look at the cards?

A bit unrelated: You might want to work on the wording a bit. I took a look at a few and it seems so unnatural at some places.
Look at Blaze for example. The text "unless its leader -3 elements" just

I assume 'leader' is the player. Perhaps a better wording would be "Unless its leader pays/expends/whatever 3 elements." or something along those lines. Then again, I just skimmed over the rulebook, so If I am wrong just ignore.

I'm also pretty confused on how a player is supposed to win. It takes harmony, but how much?

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The rules say it takes 30 Harmony Points to win. However, many of the rules seems rather difficult to read, and it's utterly confusing trying to figure them out.
>> No. 45100
I fully agree on that. Why is the amount of 'harmony' needed listed ONLY in the terms page anyway? It's just set up horribly.
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