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No. 45168
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  what am i doing with my life?
In short, I've been working on a project for the last 8 months and here's pretty much what I've got so far.
I've been playing around and testing it with my friends and I'm happy with the result.
The thing is, I want to hear some opinions from other bronies.
Would you be interested in an open, multiplayer, role-playing-friendly, post-apocalyptic (and most probably flat) world?
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>> No. 45169
File 137137301419.png - (452.11KB , 1680x1050 , 637853.png )
Additional screenshot.
>> No. 45172
I enjoy flat worlds
>> No. 45173
File 137147940571.png - (141.07KB , 386x360 , _.png )
>open, multiplayer, role-playing-friendly
Not my thing. The fallout crowd might get something out of it.

Will there be flying? Is it cross-platform?

+1, no cliffs = faster flying.
>> No. 45345
File 137312395268.png - (962.85KB , 1280x960 , screenshot100.png )
Sorry for the delay... I was kind of busy. I was still working though.
PON3-GAME.rar Preview [] - it's not like anybody cares anyway, right?

It's not really post-apocalyptic in that sense. The environment will be super hostile.
And yes for flying. I'm not sure how I'll handle it though. And as for platform - only windows I'm afraid. I'm just a hobbyist and I'm used to windows environment.

I'll update this thread more frequently from now on, seeing as I have nothing better to do and nobody seems to care anyway.
>> No. 45347
tell me something new my projects to not getting much feedback but i keep calm and flutter on :3

anyways picture you provide looks nothing like the demo you put

its not what i expected from the screen

the movie looks interesting but the thing you provider looks ok and simple

unfortunately the demo it self seams unplayable
hart to aim to enemy and no control on the attack

i know what you where aiming for but giving strong quick enemy while music make you shoot just bullets and don't take much hp and are hard to aim anyways make it unfair hard with equals not fun :3

anyways keep up good work and fell free to ask me if you need any idea for the game it self :3 (but it seams you already know what you doing with the main aim)

btw what engine/software/library game is build on ?

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 14:23

>> No. 45353
File 137317026474.gif - (238.07KB , 281x274 , derpy.gif )
>anyways picture you provide looks nothing like the demo you put
>its not what i expected from the screen

Haha! I thought you'd notice that it isn't the same thing.
The link I provided is just a concept demo of a different project (a dubstep-rhythm-based shooter) that I made last week.
Why it looks like this? I made it basically in 5 days using the graphical engine I already developed for My Little Heaven just to show off the new concept.
Anyways, take care!
>> No. 45399
File 137378575758.png - (2.49MB , 3360x2100 , 7856785987.png )
Character customization is ready for the most part (at least server-wise). It'll probably stay like this. I'll be only adding mane-styles. I also plan on reshaping the overall model as it's not perfect, so don't worry.
Added jump as you can see on the picture.
Now, I'll be working on flying mechanics for Pegasi.
>> No. 45479
File 137513099956.png - (37.43KB , 750x491 , twili.png )
I think even if a world of colorful ponies, this is the gayest possible effect for an attack !

Seriously though, that looks great, keep up the good work !

So, what kind of tools are you using ? Need help with anything ?
>> No. 45493
File 137545186612.png - (49.48KB , 178x295 , DrDoktor.png )
im able to test play during my off days if you need it when you are at that point
>> No. 45514
File 137561237820.jpg - (121.96KB , 855x570 , IMG_4122.jpg )
Yup, I'm still alive. I've got some IRL problems with moving this summer. So... Yeah... Nobody cares, blah, blah...
I am working whenever I can, so don't worry if you happen to be interested.

>the gayest possible effect
Aww, I was just goofing around. I will use it for some magic though.

>So, what kind of tools are you using ?
Half a decent brain, months of free time and freeware stuff from the internet. I'm modelling simple .obj files, because I can easily manipulate them from the code and they take little effort to make.

>Need help with anything ?
Not yet. I will require help with sfx, music, testing and 2D graphics. But that will come later as I'm done with the first build. Right now Frédéric Chopin is letting me use his work.
I want to do as much as I can by myself, because I know from experience that people loose their motivation after some time when they're not gaining any profit. Or maybe I've only worked with greedy pricks so far?
>> No. 45558
File 137621097905.jpg - (132.66KB , 855x570 , IMG_4123.jpg )
I can't even access my scanner right now...
>> No. 45562
This looks like a really good idea and I know a lot of my friends would like this. My gaming group would like this probably if you did something with Fallout Equestria someday, or just by itself since we've been wanting a pony multiplayer game.
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