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Hi there!
I want to make a Pony Rpg for you guy´ I will ask you some questions after I told you what the Game is about.
- You will travel in the Chaos.
-The Chaos is the place where discord is from. The Chaos is where the opposite of the elements of Harmony are.
-You will follow Discord on his way to do Celestias task.

Thats about it for now.
So, here's the first question.
What would you prefer to play?
1. mane Six .
2. "background" ponies ( which are, all pony's who we never get a real character line. "Background" ponies haven't a given personality. My conclusion about there personality and character would be based on fan stuff and behavior in the show if it's existing).
3. OC ponies.

When you answer, please post you number, and if you like, say why you would prefer these ponies to be played.
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>> No. 45216
I think you should implement at least mane6, and some background ponies, or just the main ponies - as you are on the task for Celestia and she needs some smart hooves to do the job.
>> No. 45221
I agree with the man6 being the cast, though it depends on what the gameplay is going to be like. If it's Final Fantasy styled, having 6 characters makes sense, but if it can be accomplished using 1-3 characters use background.

The issue with using 6 ponies is that you have to balance them and it's kind of tough without classes. Chances are if it can be accomplished with only 3 characters, the rest won't be used.
>> No. 45225
Well, I will definitely use classes.
Btw, you sadfully you have only place for 4 character
but I think that wouldn´t be a problem.
( I think about the possibility to play 1 background and take 1 of the mane six as a "partner".)
>> No. 45241

Some RPG Maker games I've seen get around that four-head limit by having a character select feature.

Since you appear to be using VX, there should be a custom Ruby script out there that lets you switch between characters relatively freely...
>> No. 45803
So, I'm nearly finished with the Maps, (and the story) , so what I want to ask you is: Would you like to play a part of the game and then say if this part is ok , or if it is not? I will upload a link in a few day if you would like to do that.

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