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Hello there ponies!
I was wondering - I want to do something productive, and I thought of doing a pony version of Gigi D'agostino's "bla bla bla" video. The problem is, I really suck at drawing - and, also, I wanted to achieve an effect similar to karpet-shark's pictures. I know there's nothing much left to do after actually drawing it, but I would totally want to learn working with gif files and videomaking, and what is better than ponies to start with?

So, um, if nopony can help me, at least please, picture that idea in your mind. This way it will somehow be done!
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>> No. 45215
I've also sent a message to karpet-shark's deviantart page, so I'm waiting for the response.
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File 137184679235.png - (406.26KB , 970x720 , 135370910099.png )
Aw, she unfortunately can't help me. I guess I have to ask you guys for help.
>> No. 45620
Hmm, perhaps instead of drawing it, you could find piece of cardboard in a solid colour.
Then get a string and try to form the scene with that.
Do it with stop motion. Well that's just an idea, it would be very creative, but take a long time.

Oh and have fun!
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