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Questria: Princess Destiny has finally revealed itself! Doxy's website just posted teaser images and a link to the Kickstarter for the project created by "SuperGameDev Admin" Just thought you should all know. I'm sure they'll be making an official thread here soon enough
check out the project here

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>> No. 45231
Q: Will this be okay for "insert age group"

A: If you are comfortable with "The Spice Girls" you will be comfortable with this game.

That is the best answer to a question I've seen in a long time.
>> No. 45251
You are using the blender game engine or torque 3D for this right?

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>> No. 45327
Isn't Questria the name for a MMORPG 3D pony game that was being made?
>> No. 45374
What software are you using?
>> No. 45388
Why exactly is an indie game setting up a pay system similar to an official game? I have a feeling this game is going to go the way of Fighting is Magic.
>> No. 45463
No worries, from what I understand, there are no direct mentions of anything MLP related, (All names are changed).
>> No. 45464
If only copyright was that simple...
>> No. 45511
Slight name changes aren't enough to stop Hasbro's goons. They'll be lucky if this doesn't draw their attention.
>> No. 45575
So, they're trying to raise $60,000 in 6 days now? That's kind of impossible considering they $12,618 so far.
>> No. 45594
You said it.
>> No. 45601
it's absolutely shameless. I want these guys to fail and fail hard.
>> No. 45615
Its flexible funding they keep all the money.
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