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Hi. I've had a script for a feature length movie complete since last year. This script is for a movie based around Derpy traversing dangers to rescue her daughter and getting caught up in her grandmother's secret. This is a basic outline of the plot.

Anyway, the point of this post is to request some storyboarders to offer help with the storyboarding because I've had this project at a standstill for far too long.

If you're interested, say so and leave me a way to contact you.

(Image is just because I was required to post one)
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>> No. 45236
Post the script. No one will be interested to join you if you don't provide one.
>> No. 45237
File 137216489296.docx - (74.06KB , Uncoordinated script FINAL.docx )
Huh. Thanks for that information.

As for the script, it was done before I did my Scriptwriting class, so it may be rough around the edges, but I've edited it down to the final version.
>> No. 45239
File 137217085361.png - (358.90KB , 660x474 , 1312814554773.png )
LUNA: (stepping forward)
Mother, hear our prayer as we commit Derpy Doo’s body to the earth and her soul to join you in the afterlife.
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>> No. 45244
I... how did that happen? Maybe it was because I added my email into the box, but I still cannot believe how badly out of hand that got, with someone stealing my account name.

Seems I won't be getting a proper storyboarder from here.
>> No. 45245
There are no "account names" on imageboards.

Also, your script is pretty bad, man. Some of the guys in the thread pointed the major flaws out.
>> No. 45248
He ignored each and every of those comments and kept asking for free helpers instead.
>> No. 45249
That wasn't him. That was just someone putting his email and name into the fields and pretented to be him.
Doesn't change the fact his script is bad, though.
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