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Hello everybody! I just wanted to introduce a fairly new project to /collab/, see what y'all think, and to see if anybody would like to participate. I will post updates as the project progresses and see where this will go. This will mainly be an update thread thingy.

I call this project "The Adventures of The Cutie Mark Crusaders". It will consist of animation shorts depicting the silly life and craziness the crusaders get themselves into. I started on it in April as my brain child, and made sure I organized it thoroughly till I was ready to start it. Btw, I address myself as "Tabby" and named my team "Team 5" :3.

I have already officially recruited 3 AWESOME VAs for the three crusaders, each having a unique and accurate voice. Their voices are absolutely wonderful! I have 2 more open VA roles for Pinkie and Rarity (according to the script), but if you would like to find out more click the DevArt link below to check out the journal!

I have now begun on the animatic stage, and am super excited to see where this will go. Since I am just on the animatic stage, I do not have "official" footage to show, but if you would like, enjoy this short animation I made of Scootaloo practically tackling Sweetie belle :3. -->

Now onto the team information.
If you would like to help, I do have open spots in a couple of positions. If there is one thing I have a small amount of experience in, it's sound effects/music. So if there happens to be somebody who would like to volunteer and audition for a SoundFX/music position, I would be glad to have you on my team, and would very much appreciate it. (info link below)

The second position is simply a Graphic Arts position. BG vectors, prop artists, etc. anything to do with vectoring and art. I do require a portfolio as proof of experience, but I won't be too picky. (info link below).

I am not opening any male VA roles at the moment, because I have nothing scripted in for a male VA. I will post an update on this asap when I do.

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you would like to help/find more about this project that I may have missed, click the links below, and at the email provided. Ask questions as needed!

DevArt account for Journal:

Promo Post:

Email for questions/audition (please check link first): [email protected]
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