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Hello. I'm the leader of Team Tracy, a team currently producing a visual novel based off My Little Pony. We're all fans, it's non-profit.

We also don't accept donations, and everyone working on the project just does it in their spare time because they want to, not because they're being paid. Because they're not being paid.

So, as you can imagine, we need help. We need three more writers, we need vectorers, musicians, drawers, and coders. I can teach you to code if you're interested in helping.
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It's been over a month. Is development and writing still active? I don't want to discourage you, but please keep in mind that when fan projects stop updating, that often means they're abandoned. Hopefully you have the passion and tenacity to keep creating until Beyond Friendship is done.

One other thing: do you plan to create a slice of life story with a slow pace and a focus on romance? If so, seriously consider thinking outside the box of "visual novel = love polygon story." (After all, that's what Starswirl Academy, Pony Amnesia, *and* Harmony are already doing.) Be clever, write some other form of fiction, and present it as a VN.
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Nice to see a new visual novel!

If it is your first project, you might want to make it a *short* story. That way, it doesn't become daunting early on and you won't be pressured by anons waiting for it to be finished.

Good luck!
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