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Greetings everyone.

I am Darth Equus, producer of the upcoming pony game, Adventure of The Lunarbolts.

Instead of using old or existing music, I'd rather tap into the pool of talented people in the fandom first, and that's why I decided to post here. My current musician is busy with life, and I need someone to cover the spots he cannot. This is the quality standard we'll go by when it comes to the music:

You will be paid per track, pending our agreement. You must be professional, serious, and good with communication. I promise not to use anything you make without having paid for it, or without your permission. All music must be your original work, not used in any other projects. Music that was made for other projects but not used before is okay.

The tracks must be made to be looped infinitely. We are aiming for something that sounds Playstation 1-style, at least.

email darthequus (atsymbol) g m a i l (d0t) c o m if you are interested. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.

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