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If you, or someone you know, can voice characters from the show, specifically RD right now, please PM the following guy:
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What's the status of the "unauthorized" builds of FiM?

Like, some people from /mlp/ was supposedly working
on it but they were going off of a leaked alpha that was
waaayyy behind what Mane6 was showing people this spring.

> some questions because I have no voice talent, but info like this might help find people who are otherwise disillusioned by what happened to mane6. Most of the fan talent are not dev people that are up to speed on these things...

Do some of the sprites look aliased, or is it just my crappy monitor? (i.e. does anypony have access to all of the mane6 sprites?)
(If not, are you guys working with the vector maker community or is it limited to animation from the show?)

Does mane6 intend to lock away their work in a vault in order to get legal right to release the Faust-designed llama/deer/etc. version?

Are they still working on that and if so, will it be a completely different game (i.e. diffferent engine, not retrofittable?) They should have either continuously leaked alphas to a trusted third party or kept development under wraps until the game was finished.

Were they required to actually destroy it? With Faust involved is there a chance they could rescusitate the rights under a licensed label? Because the fan versions will never get wide release beyond the brony community, like mane6 was getting.

Are the fan-builds of FiM using the same Fighter Maker engine with the same smooth movements, same music etc? I can't tell from the videos I've seen because mane6 has hidden all of theirs for comparison, but some of them out there look hack-y...

How many fan-builds are there and are y'all working together?

Providing info like this to casual fans would help in finding voice talent, btw. ^3^

> People want to know they are lending their voices to
> a version that is in conjunction with other efforts, and
> will see the light of day... I don't know enough about
> it to know which efforts are the farthest along,
> even the llama version

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File 138194872702.jpg - (4.04KB , 104x104 , 1381908915729.jpg )
Actually we are working on it, take note that the puppets are in all angles and it takes longer. We finished a rainbow dash one already. I'm going to work on an applejack one when I'm done with work.

Also we are doing Equestria girls puppets, and games.
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Oh hey I've had that build since like may
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Just gonna put this here.

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