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Hi, /collab/!

I'm working on a game project that involves a crossover of Super Robot Wars and My Little Pony. It's tentatively called Super Pony Wars, but if anyone can make up a better name...

This is the tumblr site for the project. I do my updates here:

I'm only making a proof-of-concept, and I plan to finish it with at least all the basic functions of the game by the end of November.

Art is pretty crappy at the moment, but I will polish them in time.

Until then, I will post updates here, and the tumblr site.
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File 138048034011.png - (274.58KB , 800x600 , Dialogue.png )
I've done the dialogue screen here. As you can see, the art isn't really impressive. But they're really just placeholders. ::))

The system is quite simple really, since it just involves one button. I have not made a backlog system where you can backtrack the dialogues, since that isn't really necessary for the completion of the project.

SFX functions and BGM changes are possible, but since they're just pictures, I can't show them :I

Using Game Maker as the game engine, as I've heard that Fantasy Maiden Wars uses the same engine.
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File 138098774562.png - (123.61KB , 800x600 , MoveCommand.png )

Kinda I'll make this quick here. You can just check the URL if you'd like.

Basically I made half of the move function and the status screen, though the latter is very blank and simplistic.

At least, the map cursor can recognize the unit and its index.
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File 138625865500.png - (217.89KB , 800x600 , screenshot117.png )

Sorry if this is kinda necroposting or something. I just didn't feel like updating here, because I felt ignored. But I didn't stop.

The link above will take you to the tumblr blog that I kept to keep my tracks, as well as the executable file for the demo I made.

I would like to get your feedback, if you are okay with it :I. Would you guys be interested in playing a game like this?
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Well...this certainly put me in a better mood...
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