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Hi Guys I have just started devolop a new fan Pony Called Sweety BatterSea. However she is in very early stages and i have only done up a plan for the ponys desigin and im going to need some people to help me with the fan art im going to draw, i need people to work on the backround and shadow for the fans Art.
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Hello Sweety Battersea. You will likely find backgrounds to use on DeviantArt. The folks at will help you learn about drawing shadows and also pony anatomy.

Good luck.
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File 138166593407.png - (26.26KB , 450x400 , Sweety Battersea.png )
I have converted my drawing from paper to fanart and i had to change ALOT of things first up The Name Was already taken without me knowing and its name sounded like a book, so i changed it to the name SweetyLicous Second of all I had to change the Color Pallet cause it also was close to another fan pony, Then I removed the horns and the red bow tie on the head because of Messages of people being offended, Changed the eye shape, removed freckles, Changed Eye Color to a slightly lighter blue, Changed Ponys skin to White, Added Scarf with same colors as the mane. I'm still working on the backround expect to see another update soon
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File 138202187799.png - (208.94KB , 1280x1214 , twilight_velvet_twilight__s_mum_by_drfatalchunk-d5dp4rw[1].png )
It looks a lot better now, but I can't stop thinking of her as Twilight Velvet (a.k.a. Twilight's mother). You have to admit, they're pretty darn similar.
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