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Hey /collab/, here's my game.


Formal description:
A 3rd person, rhythm-based shooter where you take the control of a dj pony called Vinyl Scratch. Take your mighty Bass Cannon to the arena of monsters and kill them all with wubs... or die... painfully.

Honest description:
Seriously, what am I doing with my life? D:
Nobody would like to play this...
I hate myself. I hate you!
Sorry... :( Do not take this personally...


DOWNLOAD LINK: [] - (ver. [DEMO] )

YouTube vid showing off the concept: ( EDIT: It isn't gameplay - just some inside work. ;) )
YouTube - song_manager.exe []

W, A, S, D - Movement
Left Mouse Button - Adjust pointing direction of the bass cannon.
F11/F12 - Decrease/increase sound volume.


Also, if you recognize me by my name and you're concerned about my other project. Fear not - for I have not abandoned it!

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File 138139206034.png - (552.65KB , 789x634 , vinyl_with_her_bass_cannon.png )
Some in-game screenshots can be found here:
/gallery/3qn9cedw/ []

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