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Hello everypony!
Starlight Studios is developing a game called Megamare-X, and we're looking for at least one level designer to help us make it a reality.

The game is a jump-and-run-and-shoot platformer modelled after Megaman-X. More information is available upon request, but the important point is that our level designer must be able to analyze and understand how a Megaman-X level works and is constructed.

Much of the public information on the project can be found at

What we are not looking for is simple level layouts. We are also not specifically looking for someone to do art (tiles, backgrounds) for these levels, though that skill is handy if you have it. What we are looking for is someone who understands (or is not averse to learning) what makes a level fun, what features can be added, how the enemies and their positioning contributes to the level, and how a level is meant to teach a player over time.

If you're really interested, we also require that you be online and attentive. We use skype to communicate with one another, and have team meetings often throughout the week, and you are required to be present at least once a week (more is better!). We do our best to keep times flexible, but being present and communicating often is vital!

If you have previous level-design experience, by all means, apply! If you don't, but think you have the guts, you may as well take a stab at it. We work hard and we're at it all the time - this is a fan project, but it's also our passion, and we hope to make another game after Megamare-X that will be commercial. If you're good at your job, we might have a place for you.

This recruiting drive will last a finite amount of time, so don't delay. I will reply to this thread once we close it. If you have additional questions, post them here. What is expected of you will be detailed after we receive your reply, serious applicants only.

To apply: Email me directly. saltyjustice AT starlightstudios DAWT org

Make sure to leave some method of contacting you. Skype is preferred, but email will do as well.
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/collab/ is dead, yo. You're almost better out seeking out /mlp/'s Game Dev thread, as it has a fair amount of programmers/developers who have nothing to do in their spare time.
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Ah, I think I'll be able to help you guys out.
I know pretty much how the algorithms or how the stages work in Megaman X.

In fact, almost all Megaman games except the Battle Network series and anything after that series there.

So any design from Original, X, Zero, ZX and ZXA.
If you want an X6 Gate style stage, I can do that!
If you want something that is like Rainy Turtleloid's stage? I can do that too~!

Well then, I should send an e-mail now.
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