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I just had a thought. We've got some incredible talent in this fandom, and I think it could be put to incredible effect if the right people throw their efforts together. What if we asked Hasbro for permission to run a fan created, fan written, fan animated, MLP apocrypha series? There are a few people I'm confident would back such a movement, though I'll refrain from naming them so as to not put words in their mouths, but I think we might actually have a shot at that. Someone legal savy could probably help with that end of things, but there's got to be a way to convince Hasbro to let us do that. I mean, I'm pretty sure Vinyl Scratch is never going to get a speaking role, but we could do that. Lyra is never going to be a main character, but she could be if we do this. It's apocrypha. It doesn't have to be canon. Sure, I could just stick to fan fiction, but I want to see if there's anypony else who thinks this could work, or if I'm just overly excited.
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A what now? Don't make me bring out a dictionary.
>> No. 45867
"What if we asked Hasbro..."
Project die.
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non-canonical. One example would be the cartoon network version of Teen titans, as apocrypha to the marvel comics, and the latest version of Spiderman "The Ultimate Spiderman" starring Drake Bell

Ah, so sad, but I would try anyway. Just because. Heck, I'd go straight to the top to ask why the hell not.
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Oh, god... Teen Titans Go! is probably the most ANNOYING cartoons that Tara Strong has voiced in...
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File 138568892110.jpg - (16.92KB , 401x363 , attourney4.jpg )
:D That eagerness.

But fan works are not directly profitable for Hasbro. Although they might be a company that tolerates it for promoting their franchise.

You could ignore intellectual property and copyright, and make your series unlawfully. I do not encourage that, though.
>> No. 46024
I'll say! Let's do this! I'm in! I have also had this idea for a time now! I might have some strings to to tug! On the less, there are many ways to do this! All we need is some kind of teamwork to get it started.
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