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Starting a blog about my progress on my Pony Gauntlet game. It's a hack n slash with ponies.

The basic idea is programmed. Needing to work on content more such as art, maps, monsters, etc.

This marks a fuller dedication for the Pony Gauntlet game.

Something playable is available on the tumblr at for Windows computers.

A description of possible places to help is also listed there.

Dungeon mode works, Campaign mode does not (there are no campaigns available right now), campaigns basically being a collection of duneons played in a series.
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Crash after character selecting
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Very possibly with the current release (0.1).
Do you remember the mod? Dungeon, Campaign? LAN or Arcade?
I remember this crash and I think I fixed it by now.

Currently bulding 0.2

See the tumblr for updates on progress. Another release is imminent once I make items user-generate-able.Currently close.

Then I'll work on finishing implementing bombs, special effects and a few more dungeons that aren't just random garbage.
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It's come to my attention that lack of updates here make people think this project has stalled.

It certainly hasn't. The tumblr has been updating and so has the game.

Breakable walls and a more dynamic, externally-loaded item system is implemented now. There are also more hooks in place for when my sound engineer gets off his lazy butt.

Perhaps it’s time I formally define my project for others:

Pony Gauntlet is a multiplayer game where you take your colorful pony friends and try to get to the exit. In your way is an army of monsters ranging from the undead to citizens of the Everfree Forest and beyond. Loot, keys alchemic bombs and powerups are also scattered through the maps you must traverse in order to finish your campaign.

A core concept from the beginning is the ability for players to modify their game contents without touching a line of code. Player and monster descriptions are in plain text format and easily modifiable and it’s easy to drop in more. In addition maps can be hand-edited with nothing but a basic image editor and a cheat sheet telling you what to color your pixels to turn it into a full playable map which can be linked to other maps with easily-creatable campaign files.
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