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I'm looking for 2 male voice actors for the main lead and the narrator for the audio drama: "The Crystal Empire Saga: Act 2"

What sort of voices I'm looking for:

>> The Main Lead.
> Just mimic the style the placeholder voice did in the trailer. Noble, Heroic, Powerful.

>> The Narrator.
> The Narrator is basically an older version of the main lead. Refer to Act 1 to know what his voice is like. Old, Enigmatic, Noble.

Link to Act 1:

Some simple requirements to anyone who would want to audition:

> You need a Decent Microphone. I'm not looking for the best mic. I just need it to be in "okay" quality. The Quality should be similar to or much better than the placeholder voice in the trailer.
> Must be able to submit lines a week after the lines are given. Can be extended if negotiated.

Some stuff you need to know before auditioning:

> For the sake of continuity, whoever will be picked as the main lead and the narrator will be the same voice actors for the following acts. So expect me to bother you once I start working on the third Act then the fourth.
> This Act and the following will have tons of screaming and shouting.

If you're interested in auditioning you can:
> Post in this thread.
> Send me an email at: [email protected]
> contact me through skype: rafaelarkane

Oh, and be sure to send/post a demo of your voice!

Thanks! I hope I can work with you guys soon.
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