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I think this counts as a project so I'm gong to post this here

Some of us at /mlp/ have started a series of pony themed file shares/syncs. Our goal is simple, gather and organize all the pony content we possibly can and share it with everyone through bitsync. To this end we need more content and people with enough free time to help sort through it all. On with the details

>What is this?
A peer to peer based pony folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.

>Whats good about this?
1) more well sorted porn than you can shake your two inch stick at
2) more free music than you could listen to in a year (by my estimates anyways)
4) its freakin ponies what more do you want

>How do I get in?
1. Download here:
2. Install and "Add a Sync Folder" in the client
3. Choose your folder and use a key from below. (Read only is kinda moderated, Free for all is chaos)
4. ???????

>How do I contribute?
Drag and drop for the free for all syncs. Read only syncs can only be added to by admins only, but you can contact us. Due to the chaos and the nature of internet they will all be made read only eventually.

>How do I mail/contact?
Upload your stuff to some free hoster like mega. Post the link or send it per mail (seth dərpymail org).
Also please dont reveal your real email address, use də instead.
When creating a account you dont need a real confirmation mail, just use trashmail.

You can also join IRC #mlpsync on canternet to communicate.
If you don't know how to IRC, use the web interface

1. Sync your system clock
2. Check your firewall and router
3. Lower "folder_rescan_interval" (Preferences>Advanced Pref)
4. Do some reading:
5. Restart BitSync from time to time(every few hours).
6. Make sure you aren't using a External Harddrive, or else BT will say the HD is "Read only"
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File 138593821624.png - (0.99MB , 700x525 , Chicken-(n1306039567114).png )

Moderated Porn(Read Only): BTBWMYIB7XFIENTJHH4N7E7QZH2N4TUFH *** contains several gigs of fairly well sorted porn with few if any duplicates

Free for all porn(Full Access): A7EPXOHYSENHMZRYFRZ4A5Z4KONSIZUJK *** free for all porn dump. no moderation.

Pone General and /mlp/ survival pack(Full Access): AUFXHORSEFUCKERZK2D5V6YTAHZN662C2 *** /mlp/ survival: reaction images, chan related screen caps, archived threads, and other chan survival essentials. Pone General: fanart, fan fics, archived pony ask tumblrs, flash files, and other pony related content

Pone Music (Full Access): AL2RL23OEOOTBOWPAKFRR6TFHZ4YIORUU *** all pony/brony related music including show originals and background music plus your favorite artists

MLP Games: (Full Access)A4AVM3HJOGX4CBJOTG2524OONCQ5X7JFI *** the newest addition to the sync, contains pony related games.

One anon's set up a sync for his pony folder
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Link to current /mlp/ thread. Its probably the best way to ask us questions, chat, or contribute content.
>> No. 45961
new /mlp/ thread
>> No. 46002
I'm dumping my reactions to the /mlp/ survival pack .3.
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we are still working on this folks. looking to recruit people to help organize the general sync
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