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File 138725220681.png - (73.71KB , 640x480 , castlepinkiepreview1.png )
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The game actually centers around Twilight. After falling into a deep slumber she suddenly finds herself in a sort of eternal nightmare. A complex castle themed world haunted by strange monsters and evil (and often mutated) Pinkie Pie clones.In order to escape this nightmare, Twilight must destroy the monsters, banish the Pinkie clones back to the abyss, collect all the gold tokens in each level (to pay the ferrypony at the end of the game to take you out of the nightmare) and a few other things to be named.

As to why this nightmarish world exists, who the villain is and what the motivation was, I havent yet entirely worked out. But I hope to gain some ideas as this project progresses.

At first, this game was intended to be a sort of mini game designed for project: Spikes Quest (a metroidvania style game staring none other than Spike himself [check the blog: ]. It was one of a few videogame themed mini-games that you collected throughout the SQ world and played in a segment called Pinkie's Arcade Room (this also included other games such as Snips Challenge (a parody of the classic Chips Challenge) and Celestian Towers (a parody of Mystic Towers for Dos staring Starswirl the Bearded). I recently decided to do away with this segment in favor of turning these mini games into actual full fledged projects. This is a side project that I'll be working on along side of Spikes Quest, and when finished, I may proceed to work on the other projects mentioned here.

The Game:
The game was originally planed to be a spoof on the popular classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D. You explored 3D-ish levels finding secrets, battling Pinkie Clones (I wouldnt say you killed them, rather 'banished' them back to the abyss in which they came) collecting keys to unlock doors and other basic cliched videogame tasks. Like Wolfenstein 3D, the maps were to be layed out in a grid-like geometry, but instead of the levels being on a single plane in height I wanted to make it more interesting my making it multiple planes of height (making it slightly resemble Doom in some ways). And also give the game floor and ceiling textures for added detail. The textures were originally going to be 32x32 in size, but I've just recently decided for the reboot that I may up them to 64x64 (the size textures you see in the original Wolfenstein and I think Doom).

I also decided that this wasnt just going to be your standard classic style fps. Aside from vanquishing your enemies you will also have to solve puzzles, do some platforming and try to collect 100% of the items to progress. This game will encourage you to explore each level and unlock their many mysteries and secrets.

The screenshot provided here shows the original mini-game as it was in the making (nearly a year ago from the making of this post). I had created a basic level editor for this, but ultimately ended up scrapping it due to some nasty headaches related to the game slowing down... supposedly somehow related to rendering problems. I've decided to use AC3D to create the structured levels and create a basic editor for placing items/monsters/etc in these levels.

I'll post more on this game as it progresses. :)

Also, check the Dev Blog for more updates and things (be sure to subscribe if you have a blogger account!)

Dev Blog:
Youtube Channel:

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>> No. 45990
File 138725279863.png - (115.38KB , 1024x600 , mapEditor.png )

Here's the editor that I created for the original mini-game. I was proud of it at the time as I put a number of hours of work into it. But again, after running into a huge problem related to rendering slow downs, I reluctantly scrapped it. :P
>> No. 45994

I'll be using this channel to post future videos of this project. Be sure to subscribe! :)
>> No. 45998
File 138737295114.jpg - (264.18KB , 1000x1000 , glasses-close-up_original.jpg )
I decided from the beginning that this project should be made from the ground up with 3D support in mind. This will include support for 3D TVs/monitors, anaglyph (red/blue glasses), and stereo side by side viewing methods.

That being said, I may also release 3D previews of this project on Youtube, 3D Avi files and the MPO format (for 3D viewing devices that support the MPO and 3D avi formats. - including the Nintendo 3DS)

Of course, you'll have the option not to play the game in 3D (I'll actually assign a hot key that turns the 3D on and off), so you can enjoy the game in simple 2D as well.

I hope to have some preview media soon. Stay tuned! :)
>> No. 46014
File 138764422213.png - (268.62KB , 1112x513 , cpPrev#1.png )
Currently building and experimenting the first set of floor tiles. Not much else to showcase this week.
>> No. 46018
File 138782345839.png - (42.93KB , 640x480 , 3dTest.png )
Anaglyph 3D test

if you have the red/blue 3D type of glasses, give it a look!
>> No. 46020
File 138788277507.png - (75.50KB , 640x480 , castlepinkiepreview2.png )
Got what is currently the early workings of a hud border on the screen and Twilight's horn.

Looks pretty basic atm, but it will soon be populated by stats an' things.
>> No. 46027
File 138809547043.png - (178.84KB , 760x558 , 1.png )
Figured I'd show you guys some construction images of the level being developed for the first demo of this game.

Just the one room atm (tweaking the textures and adding things on) but I think it looks quiet nice.

I'm using a program called Slim Shady for shadow maps which looks quiet nice :)
>> No. 46028
File 138809553589.png - (161.88KB , 640x480 , 2.png )
Anaglyph preview image of said work
>> No. 46030
File 138809559040.png - (175.94KB , 640x480 , 3.png )
anaglyph #2
>> No. 46031
File 138809566561.png - (215.40KB , 1280x480 , 4.png )
and a stereo 3d image (cross your eyes til the images match up)
>> No. 46124
First, I'll apologies for the lack of updates here. The production of Castle Pinkiestein has been a bit rough-going and for a number of reasons. One, I've found that on some lower end computers (namely, my Acer Aspire One Netbook) runs at a crawl, so I've been trying to work that out (struggling on the decision to either downgrade back to the original Blitz3D or find another language that would handle my project regardless of hardware). Two, I've been struggling with collision detection regarding seperate meshes that are not apart of the global world mesh (again prompting me to debate on downgrading to Blitz3D) and Three: I'm still experimenting and learning on methods for creating Quake style geometry for the world meshes.

All these things have been very time consuming and I've had to put my other major project (Spikes Quest) on the back-burner until I could make Castle Pinkiestein production friendly

I've just managed to put together a half functioning door system that hides/unhides certain rooms while certain doors are opened/closed which kinda helps with the slow rendering situation (or so I hope, havent tested it on my Acer Laptop just yet) so there is still hope.

On the downside, if I do have to downgrade to Blitz3D, that means no multi-platform support (Mac OSX and Linux based OSs) because Blitz3D only supports DirectX7 which is strictly PC based. So let's hope I'll never have to do that :P

I'll start updating more again soon, once I get things rolling again.
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