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No. 45993
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  Its been ages since I've updated here about project Spikes Quest.

In short, the game isnt dead. Development had started back up just months ago and I've been posting updates mostly on the official blog:

The engine had recently been completely rebooted and it actually has some huge advancements from the old engine including a fully functioning map navigation system, an inventory screen and a few other things to be named.

I'll start updating here again. And hopefully that means more than just once a week ;)

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>> No. 45996
I remember your first thread all that time ago when collab was lively and full of ideas. So many of them failed (even my own card game attempt) yet here you stand a test to your determination to finish this game. Misterbull excuse the over dramatics but well done. I never really kept up with your blog but I've always hoped this game gets finished. Just want to tell you best of luck, I'm glad the project isn't scrapped, and while I might not ever be very vocal, this game still makes me giddy like a new foal.
>> No. 45999
thanks, your comment and support means allot to me :)

them be some encouraging words, man.
>> No. 46000
Haven't you heard? /collab/ is practically dead now: all you're accomplishing by posting on here is raising its ghost once more and prolonging its inevitable deletion.

No, seriously. Just go on My Little Game Dev or some other active community and post there.
>> No. 46012
File 138764401979.png - (193.08KB , 975x819 , mane_six_got_swag__fluttershy_by_l0gun-d5qfutk.png )
so these boards may be dead, but I think I'll continue to post here seeing as there are still some who do post here and it may spark some interest.

If anything, I could use these threads as a cheap and lazy way to upload images of my projects to the internet so I can post them to other forums.

I'm sure the mods wont mind my doing that. ;)
>> No. 46013
also, yeah, I took your advise and I'm posting over at My Little Game Dev . thanks for the advise!

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>> No. 46125
Just in case you were all wondering, yes Spikes Quest has been on a sort of hiatus while I've been working out some problems with my other project 'Castle Pinkiestein' and for that I'd like to apologies.

I have not given up on this project yet (as my frequent post from over the past three years would attest) so I ask that you'd do the same.

I plan to actually start alternating between the two projects this week. So stay tuned!
>> No. 46131
File 139074988571.png - (140.30KB , 384x383 , ahehe.png )
You think it will be close to finishing somewhere this year?
>> No. 46132
>not sure if sarcasm or not

and yes, I certainly hope so. :P unless life kills me first
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