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Borderlands 2 is a great game, and there are several references to MLP there too. So I thought... Why don't I pump it up to eleven?
The game has lots of different posters, banners, billboards et cetera that could be relatively easily replaced with images of our favourite ponies.

The question is, should I really put my effort to it?
The Borderlands community is totally not interested in it, so I decided to ask here: should I do it, or is this not worth the effort?

The task will take quite some of my time, and I do not want to waste it on a project nobody needs. I have already started ripping textures and templates though, as they could be used for more than just MLP mod.

To prove that my words are not hollow - here is an image with CL logo hologram replaced with Princess Luna. Don't mind weird Twilight Sparkle map replacement - it is made as a test of a composite color-coded texturing and I didn't got it right :P, I thin'k I won't bother with composite textures such as this one.
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