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Hello everypony,

Our brand new brony-app launched in the iTunes-Store.

We're talking about the "Blind Bag Finder" which allows you to have the perfect overview over your MLP Blind Bags so you'll never have to maintain any checklists or have to guess which ponies may be in your bags.

The Blind Bag Finder includes every pony from the current waves and comprises over 270 figures with every single ID, name, wave, picture and package code (numbers on the bag). Also the app includes a practical search bar which helps you to find out which pony is in your bag (which works even with the codes on the back of welded packages).

As well you could enter already acquired ponies with a simple touch into the apps database to prevent buying them twice and to keep track of your collection.

You can find our app here to take a closer look on it:

The team from VaaChar

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