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46241 No. 46241
Legends of Equestria Ponychan Mod

Thanks to tux3's valiant efforts at making a private server for Legends of Equestria, it is now possible to mod the game to a limited degree.
This thread will serve to keep track of a set of modifications for the game (new cutie marks, npcs, quests, items).

Want to help or just make your own NPCs & Cutie Marks?
Adding custom cutie marks:

Create a 256x256 png image of the Cutie Mark, leaving about 50px of margin on each side.
Save as cutie_[CMname], where [CMname] can be any name containing no spaces (but may contain underscores).
Save the file to [LoE]\data\data\cutiemarks\, where [LoE] is the folder containing the server files.

Open [LoE]\data\data\CutieMarks.xml in a text editor.
Add a new CutieMark entry inside of the <ArrayOfCutieMark> block, selecting a unique [CMid] number and [CMname]. [CMfile] will be the name of your file without its extension.

<Bonuses />

Adding NPCs:

Open LoE and connect to your local server.
Create a pony that will have the look and name of the NPC you want to create.
Walk to the location you want to place the NPC and face in the desired direction.
In the server window, type the commands:


Write down the output from all three get commands.

Create a new npc file (plain text file) or copy an existing npc file to modify. It should look something like:

# NPC data
name [NPC name]
scene [NPC location]
pos [the three numbers from the output of getPos, separated by spaces]
rot [the four numbers from the output of getRotation, separated by spaces]
ponyData [the alphanumeric string from the output of getPonyData]

# Quest metadata
questId [unique quest number]
questName Speak to [NPC name]
questDescr [Some description]

# Main quest commands
say ...
answer end ...

label end

[NPC location] must be a location name from the following list:

Ponyville Library 1st floor
Ponyville Library 2nd floor

[unique quest number] must be a quest number not used by any other npc.

Once done, save the file to [LoE]\data\npcs\. The filename should start with the quest Id, followed by the NPC name, all without spaces.
[LoE] is the folder containing the server files.

Some links:
LoE Client (Patched):
LoE Ponychan Mod:
tux3's private server:

Last edited at Sat, May 10th, 2014 22:05

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>> No. 46786
Ah thats probably it.

I still dunno how to get the other loe.exe I need.
>> No. 46787
Im trying to play but no one seems to be online. Are any of you there?
>> No. 46788
I was busy testing the patched client I wanted to upload and link in the OP. I'm there now.
>> No. 46789
Great! what server/where are ya pinkie?
>> No. 46790
Ponychan AWS.
>> No. 46791
>> No. 46792
It stands for Amazon Web Services, it's the host for the server.
>> No. 46793
I've uploaded a fresh copy of the client, patched with the server and mod files. The link is in the OP. Could you let me know if it works?
>> No. 46806
Oooh! It works for me now!

But becareful going down the well, I don't think it loads properly down there.
>> No. 46807
Yes, I got caught by that too. It's apparently linked to Tartarus, which doesn't exist anymore. It can be fixed with admin commands, and maybe one of the new chat commands.
>> No. 46808
Oh, it's fine though, I spawned outside town hall.

Last edited at Wed, May 14th, 2014 19:36

>> No. 46809
File 140012341409.png - (2.64MB , 1280x720 , Checked out like a library book.png )
Now that I can take a look at Pinkie's script, I can see if I can ge tthese two clowns in the game.
>> No. 46810
File 140013363755.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )

>dat filename
>> No. 46814
File 140018710303.png - (71.40KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount is blushing.png )
Scripting quests looks a bit more difficult than just scripting dialogue. Gonna need to change Applejacks lines now that she has her hat back.

May need to make Snips and Snails first before I make Trixies quest.

I could of chosen a more obscene filename.
>> No. 46815
It's a bit involved. Feel free to ask if you're not sure about something.
>> No. 46816
File 140019854942.png - (555.19KB , 1024x768 , Snails in LoE.png )
I'll work on it another time, I nearly finished my first Ponytale comic page in awhile.

But I made Snails before, I can do it again. Can't remember if I made him preschool size or not last time.
>> No. 46867
File 140121355838.jpg - (36.20KB , 595x301 , Live footage of Ponyville AWS_stream_webm.jpg )
>> No. 46868
File 140122512862.png - (392.48KB , 1294x970 , 620585__safe_solo_pinkie+pie_smile_pinkamena+diane+pie_artist-colon-burnoid096 edit.png )
Should be timelapsed.
I should probably start working on another quest for it, maybe make a thread on /oat/.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 27th, 2014 19:15

>> No. 46880
I found that "apartment" again also.
(The house that is half way clipped into the ground.)

Can't seem to get on LoE today.
>> No. 46881
Not seeing a connection attempt at the server. You're using the patched LoE client in OP?
>> No. 46882
I can't recall. I'll take a look at it.

I've redownloaded it but still can't get in.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 1st, 2014 16:25

>> No. 46885
What message does it give? Someone was just on the server.
>> No. 46886
File 140166655359.png - (491.51KB , 1280x1024 , Logging in.png )
Just forever logging in.
>> No. 46887
Did you run the LoE_PrivateServer.exe alongside it?
>> No. 46888
Yes as always.
>> No. 46889
Could you take a screenshot of the privateserver window?

Last edited at Sun, Jun 1st, 2014 16:57

>> No. 46890
File 140166713220.png - (90.92KB , 1280x997 , Problem.png )
>> No. 46891
Strange, it doesn't even look like there's a login attempt on it.
Could your firewall be blocking LoE or the privateserver?
>> No. 46892
I'm sure I checked that it shouldn't...

Checking my Firewalls, it's all good. Could it be I am running an out of date loe.exe?

Last edited at Sun, Jun 1st, 2014 17:10

>> No. 46893
Well, the privateserver version is correct, and the version on the client in >>46886 also seems correct. For some reason they don't seem to be communicating though.
Login in should show the following on the privateserver window:
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/Atlas.png
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/CutieMarks.xml
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/Skills.json
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/Items.xml
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/Stats.xml
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /data/Recipes.xml
TCP: Login request received :
Version : 20140416
IP :
>> No. 46894
Os it's like the servers and loe.exe arn't corrosponding to one another?
>> No. 46895
Yes. LoE.exe is expecting a response from the local LoE_PrivateServer.exe in order to process the login.
>> No. 46896
I see, so what do?
>> No. 46897
If it's not a firewall issue, I don't know why the communication isn't being established. Might be something that changed on your computer since the last time it worked.
>> No. 46898
I don't recall what ir could be.

Maybe I should wait until our next serve rupdate.

Though this'll mean I can't make new NPCs for awhile.
>> No. 46959
Looking through the commit comments, it seems there was an issue with Windows using a port the game needed for login. That might be related to the issue you were having.
The port will be changed in the next release to correct that issue. Judging by all of the commits lately, there might be a new version soon. If not, I could try my hand at compiling a dev build.
>> No. 46987
New release : Private Server 0.5.3

This fixes a lot of bugs and "officially" add features every server already had since forever ago (because they compiled themselves!).

Download :

Changes :
- Lots of bugfixes and details-that-make-the-difference
- Add support for Mob Zones and static Mobs (they still can't move or attack).
- Add server option to enable PVP globally (off by default)
- Add support for animations
- Add :anhero command (plays the faiting animation)
- Add translations
- Update servers list
- A real Skills system and a better battle system
- Change default login port to 1034, this fixes problems with the client stuck on the login screen
>> No. 46988
Neat! Thanks for the update.

Will update the server files right away and check it out.
>> No. 46989
File 140330509161.png - (882.75KB , 1280x960 , 062020141857127353.png )
The park now has bunnies. Everything is right.
Next step: covering all of Ponyville in bunny.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 15:58

>> No. 46990
Time to try again.

No-pe. Just ain't workin'.

Remember my quest idea for Fluttershy. The quest where you have to find her hidden rabbits all over Ponyville.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 16:50

>> No. 46991
You copied the new server files into your LoE folder and it's still not getting past the login?
>> No. 46992
Nope. I thought whatever the reasons I had last time would simply be cleared up by the next updates. I even redownloaded the client.
>> No. 46993
All I can think of is still that it's a firewall or antivirus issue.
The most I can suggest is to try to put the files in a different named folder, or check that the firewall is properly allowing the program to communicate.
>> No. 46994
Hm, that didn't work either. And made sure to allow the firewall to let it pass.
>> No. 46995
If you try to open in a web browser, while having the private server running, does anything show up in the private server window?
>> No. 46996
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /
TCP: File not found
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /favicon.ico
TCP: File not found
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /favicon.ico
TCP: File not found
TCP: Replying to HTTP GET /favicon.ico
TCP: File not found
>> No. 46997
Well, we at least know the server isn't at fault then. Must be something wrong with the LoE client.
>> No. 46998
Well, I've updated the patched client in the OP with a fresh copy and 0.5.3. I don't know if that will make a difference.
>> No. 47004
File 140339620758.png - (1.08MB , 1280x1011 , Like rabbits.png )
Yay Working now!
Bit problem with a naming issue but sorted now.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 21st, 2014 17:20

>> No. 47005
So I guess it was something with the client files after all. At least it works now.
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