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Hey everypony,

Together we created 19 CDs with pony related music from all around the fandom. These albums are mixed with music from a lot of different brony-musicians with over 200 songs and that for free. Every playlists has it own name, cover artwork and is related to his very own character. In the playlists you can find music from electro to dubstep, metal, rock, pop, house, acoustic, instrumental and a lot more. If you're interested in really good music just give it a try, I'm sure there is something for everypony!

Album Download ( []

If youre searching for more information about the albums like which tracks and genres are in which playlist and more you can look on our german thread over here (you will still understand the text if you just open the spoilers):
We do not own any rights on the songs in the albums and just give you music-titles we put together in playlists. Every song belongs to it rightfull owner. If you like a track be sure to check the website of the owner and support him.

We hope you enjoy our albums and you like the music we put together.

The team from VaaChar
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Because Rarity and Fluttershy don't have enough songs to make their own albums.
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Atm we have not enough songs for each Rarity or Fluttershy and they will get their own albums when we hit the max amount of 80 minutes per album. =)

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