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I have recently been a part of this project (due to obligations I can't give away much details, but in the realms of design/VA/etc) and we recently started a kickstarter to raise some money to help with some costs related to paying everyone that worked on the game (there are a lot!), adding some new features, additional marketing, etc. The basic kickstarter pledge is 10 dollars which gets you the basic package. The game has over 100+ hours of gameplay and we are still adding some content, so i think this is a pretty fair investment for what you are getting. If you are interested in pledging a bit more, there are some really cool added bonuses depending on the price, including art books, custom figurines, signed copies of the physical game, and more.

Of course I had to skim over a lot of information to stay brief... check out the kickstarter page for a cool video that features more content!
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i just got an email that the game is going to be featured on Equestria Daily's Roundup tonight, so stay tuned and check it out!
>> No. 46474
its looks to me like another boring dating sim game nothing more beside its with ponies this time and its PG-13

thanks, but no thanks
ill pass on this one

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>> No. 46475

> Equestria Daily posting a mildly NSFW fangame

Eh, I'm not all that surprised.
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File 139441593899.jpg - (101.30KB , 960x719 , IMG_1277262993491.jpg )

Thanks for your patronage (:
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Hey, out of curiosity, are you guys still looking for any VAs?
>> No. 46484
File 139447009981.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )
It is a fraud you guys another person found proof and I searched for it and it checks out
>> No. 46485

I want to kill myself
>> No. 46486

don't plz
>> No. 46487
New connection between game devs and Sam Hyde of MDE
Here is a game dev (listed as "Programmer + Sound", second to bottem row) on the kickstarter, talking about his friend Sam Hyde and defending him. He's the same dude in the pic, but without his glasses. The old Superman technique...
>> No. 46488
This is a total scam by the Million Dollar Extreme group. Here is a chart connecting members of the dev team to MDE.
>> No. 46490
I want to set some facts straight:

1. There is an actual game being made.

2. No one is being scammed out of their money - I became aware of the kickstarters desire to end the kick starter prematurely after I posted this. You are free to withdraw your money and this wasn't done to scam anyone. It was some meta-joke perpetrated without the knowledge of the developers.

3. Please stop calling the voice actors autistic or other immature shit, for fucks sake. If it wasn't obvious, there are satirical elements to the game meant to poke fun at dating sims/brony culture. There are bronies and non-bronies working on this, so it isn't a straightforward insulting inflammatory game or a SUCH AUTISM VERY FEDORA wow game either.

To try and explain it as concisely as possible, this project was an interesting little experiment and Sam Hyde was the only individual involved with the kickstarter. No one is being scammed, there was just a meta-joke going on (Sam had made jokes about kickstarters in the past) and a lot of people are being thrown under the bus for it.

I'll delete this thread in a day (and remove the link asap) and continue to work on this project, which I do think will be hilarious when it comes out. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and I am trying to explain this because I had some friends who just wanted to support my project who are being labelled scammers.
>> No. 46491

please you are just angry that the scam has been found out
>> No. 46492

Sure thing you fucking dumbass, go with that, but leave everyone else who isn't involved the fuck alone
>> No. 46517
Please report the Dark Skyes Kickstarter using the "report this project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of the Kickstarter page (

For information on why, please see the link below.

Choose 'I see abusive behavior on this project. If you see inappropriate comments or other activity, let us know.'

Copy and paste (and edit and personalize if you wish) the following text to report the rules they are most clearly in violation of:

Please do not let these scammers get away with what they're trying to do.
>> No. 46518
report sent, sage
>> No. 46530
ill just leave this here
>> No. 46561
lol wtf, this is too cheesy to be real
>> No. 46563
File 139559689776.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )

it has been confirmed as a scam
>> No. 46617
It was cancelled.

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