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So I wanted to try and get a My Little Pony: Friendship is magic topic going in the quiz game app "Quizup". We are supposed to submit at least a few hundred questions and I could use some help if anyone wants to. They should be in the format of a question, with 1 correct answer, and 3 incorrect answers.
Correct Answer
Wrong Answer 1
Wrong Answer 2
Wrong Answer 3
The game is usually played by people who are at least mid-teens. The questions should require at least a decent knowledge of the show, but should only be based around canon elements of the show. So no fandom questions. The questions are updated constantly so the questions can be as current as one wants. Staying away from too many secondary product related questions would be best (i.e. Comics, Toys... etc.) Ideas for titles would also be appreciated for people who reach certain ranks in the game, Like unlockable awards. Any ideas can either be left here in the comments or sent in an email to [email protected] Also: a google drive was made for it .
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