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I have been thinking, what if there was a pinball table with a MLP:FiM theme?

The show has a lot of ideas, characters and themes that can easily be used for any purpose, so why not a pinball table?

Now, while physical tables are undoubtedly much cooler, virtual tables have the benefit of being easier to construct, much easier to duplicate and distribute as well as not taking so much space. So the table would need to be virtual.

Now, I am not very good at pinball. I even lack a lot of knowledge about how tables work gameplay wise.

This is why I am wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in starting a project to make a pinball table.

I have some loose ideas of things that should be on the table, but no plan. Canterlot is on the far back right corner, while Sweet apple acres is on the far back left corner.

Of course, there are some iconic buildings like Carosel butique, the treebrary, the schoolhouse, the cmc clubhouse and sugarcube corner that are begging to be included in the design. But I can't think of any specific place for them.

Is there anyone here with some serious pinball skills that would be able to think of a table design?

Now, I am no artist, nor do I have any experience with pinball design. But I am a capable programmer and willing to help with the table programming if needed.
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File 139518681502.jpg - (367.17KB , 1024x1024 , tiger.jpg )
How many pinball games have you played?
>> No. 46539
I have tried all of Zen Pinball FX 2, some of the maxis ones (space cadet included), epic pinball (the demo), all demos in Pinball arcade, some beer advergame table and the example table of Future Pinball.

As for physical, not quite as many. Less than five or so.
>> No. 46543
Other lose ideas: The treebrary is a vuk that shoots up to the balcony of the tree.

Possible words to spell: FRIEND, MAGIC. friendship is too long.

Multiball can be done by locking balls at the clubhouse and be called "treesap multiball".

The obligatory bumper cluster would be the sweet apple acres area.
>> No. 46547
Those were generic. I recommend you play/watch creative pinball games such as Adventure Pinball:Forgotten Island and Momonga Pinball Adventures.
>> No. 46574
And by generic you mean "is actual tables". The games you suggest are not pinball tables, they are a subgenre where detailed tables are traded for big worlds to navigate in a pinball like manner.

I think that a plain old normal table is the best choice here.
>> No. 46626
Have Sweet Apple Acres somewhere at the top part of the table with bumpers representing the apple trees.

Will it be mission based? You could have a mission for each of the Mane 6 (help AJ applebuck by hitting the bumpers, help Rainbow Dash gain speed for her sonic rainboom by shooting lanes and ramps and so on).

After all missions are complete, you'll get access to a special 7th mission based on Magical Mystery Cure. And after beating that, the table will gain wings and fly away.

... or not. I may have got carried away there. :p
>> No. 46644
Special missions is definitely desired. But yeah, the flying away part is probably not a good idea. People want to continue playing after beating the missions.

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