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(Yes and that slogan is a WIP)

Hello, I am GeekBrony, and for more than two years i've been in the brony fandom. Last year, I decided that I should start to make a website for fun. Turns out, I made it into a full blown network.

This is what it currently has:
- Radio
- News
- Forum
- Minecraft Server (
- A small community

Yeah, and to think, I almost did all of this on my own...

But, point is, the site is getting boring and stuff for me and others, and I want help with this project. First, I want a better slogan. Second, it'd be amazing if someone could help with the general site and the sorts (and that means coding too).

My Skype is "kuroro.gunso" if you want it to contact me, otherwise I can use email: [email protected]

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Any takers?

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