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I'm a Musician whose work (which unfortunately has been mostly limited to live performances) spans many genre's, from rap to darkcore. I am working on a new album, called/themed "The Ride Never Ends".
I am severely limited on resources. I am in need of intellectual collaboration, as well as someone to assist in the production of the actual Music. The album it's self will be mostly Hip-Hop-like in genre, but with a Dubstep feel to it. It will include 1-2 Instrumental tracks, hopefully, as well as 2-4 non-rap tracks, most likely with a jazzy feel to them. I want the album to be mostly upbeat, and it will be dedicated to the Fandom it's self. Anyone Interested? I write, rap, do vocals, and sing. unfortunately, the only instrument I can play is the trombone. Anyone interested?
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