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46678 No. 46678
Hey gang, I (finally) made another entry in the Pony Platforming Project... well, sort of. It's kind of an "expansion pack" to Minty Fresh Adventure.

A lot of the things that ended up in this game were suggestions made on this very board in the original MFA thread, so I hope you like it!

(Oh, and yes, I AM still working on MFA2... sorry for the wait.)
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>> No. 46681
So the spider boss came as an idea from the thread?
>> No. 46684
Yes. In fact, the whole idea for this expansion came about because of two comments in the thread, neither of which I'm entirely sure weren't jokes.

"I was a tad disappointed you couldn't play as Minty" and
"Are you gonna add a giant spider boss in the update?"
>> No. 46685
Hiya I'm having a really hard time getting the Odd Socks cutiemark in your new game can I get a hint as to how to get it? Does it have anything to do the the mysterious wall meat?
>> No. 46687
There's 12 socks if we don't count Trixies.
There's pairs of socks. You have to collect just 6 which don't match.
>> No. 46703
File 139813170105.png - (369.02KB , 2800x540 , sockmap.png )
Yeah, that's right. You need to get at least 5 socks, but have none of them match.

(Trixie's "wizard socks" DO count towards this, so doing her side-quest is helpful to get this one, since they don't match any other socks.)

Here's a map, for those who want one.
>> No. 46720
How do I get to ride on the Ursa/bear ?
>> No. 46721
Remember where Minty was hidden in the original game?
Try falling down there again. ;)

It's near the bottom-right corner of the map.
>> No. 46750
File 139897293053.png - (53.55KB , 801x478 , spoiler.png )
How'd I miss this thread? Better late than never.

This was a great Nemo game. I'm glad you made another one based on MFA1 (because MFA2 runs too slow for me and then I fall through the floor). Minty is seriously overpowered though, which is alright.

> "I was a tad disappointed you couldn't play as Minty" and
> "Are you gonna add a giant spider boss in the update?"

That's hilarious!

I got the last Cutie Mark at the same time I found the last (?) ending: #2. That spider drinking tea was just too much. :) But it made it less obvious that the extra part was an all cutie marks exclusive.

Also found:

- Ursa Minor
- Wall meat (does this do anything? Except for being a Castlevania reference.)


- The game slows down to a crawl at the final boss if you move to either side of the screen with the small lizard.
- To stop reading the note on Zecora's door, you have to hit X, which makes you start reading it again (I only got out by mouse click).
- I only managed to do this once, but if you attack with a cockatrice as you land on an enemy, you're stuck in a frame and can't attack anymore. Or fly. And then, if you use the whistle to summon another cockatrice, you get infinite double jumps/flight.
- Sometimes, you get double the music if you use the summoning whistle too quickly in succession.
>> No. 46933
Now you just need to make a side game featuring Doctor Whooves (his appearance in Minty Fresh Adventure is what convinced me to start watching Doctor Who) - perhaps Minty Fresh Adventure from The Doctor's perspective. BTW, fan laborers have their own ideas: who is Doctor Whooves in your continuity. Is he The Doctor from Doctor Who turned into a pony or is he The Doctor indigenous to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe? And which one: the mane style (and the Doctor Whooves logo) suggests the 10th Doctor, but the mane/tail color is closer to the 11th Doctor (I happen to like the 11th Doctor best so far). I've also read a fan fic [] suggesting that he's an alternate possibility for the 12th Doctor (ie the 11th Doctor regenerated into a pony rather than into the likeness of Peter Capaldi).

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