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Sup /collab/.
I'm from Russia and I can't speak English well. Obviously I'm retard :D
So I coding one program - Client of Derpibooru and another booru-engine staff. First booru for this was a and program was named like a Rule34Saver. But we want to change auditory and make program for everyone in this fandom. Obviously "Rule34Saver" is not a good name for this program. We don't know how to name this program and we want your suggestions about this name.

For example or NYPA, we got a few variants about program's name
- Cloudsdale Suite
- Luna's Gallery
- Lunarium
- PicDoubler — "The pics has been doubled!"
- Luna's Album — "I have seen what you did there"
- Lunar Picture Republic — "Join us — We've got pictures"
- Luna's Imaginarium — "Let Us be your guide"

Unofficial mascotte for this program is the Princess Luna.
Thank you in advance :3
Original thread in russian language -
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I like this idea. Does it save each image with all of its tags so the images can be searched?

I vote for "Lunarium".
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I agree with >>46734
I have similar problems with names. I made a program that mass-downloads all of the images and data on Derpibooru and the best name I could come up with is 'Derpibooru image saver'

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