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Hello, I know I'm one year late with this, but I'll be doing connectivity tests on my game soon. Perhaps even tomorrow. [ My Tumblr [] ] I've rebuilt the game engine from scratch since the last time (server side mostly). Gained much experience etc.
The game mechanics are far from being done. But I think I will be able to host the game unfinished (basically alpha) and update it weekly from there. Any info I missed out?

Hmm... It is essentially a MMO-RPG. I'm drawing inspiration mainly from Dragon Realms.
So, yeah. I want to have active GMs monitoring players and most importantly pushing the story forward (true DnD style). There will be next to no meta game! If that bothers you, this may not be the game for you. Breaking character too much will be punishable. Unless it doesn't affect others' rp.

Also, why am I writing here? Well, I don't want to attract too many people. Plus, having next to no budget and working alone I can only host so big of a server. If it gets bigger, who knows? We might think of something. I will be happy to provide updates for even a few ponies, nonetheless.

So yeah, few days max. Probably tomorrow (sunday) all-day. You can AMA here if you want.
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Huh... Apparenty I underestimated the slowness of this board. Oh, well. I can wait...
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With whom are you working?
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Tumblr not found ._.
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Oops! OP here. I sincerely thought I was being ignored.

I have altered my handle after posting it on too many places. Everything related to the game will be posted here [] instead. I can also be contacted directly through the email address I've provided.

>uploads a picture
>as it turns out I tend to make screenshots only at night
Ah whatever, I'll post daytime pictures some other time. :P

As much as I'd love to open this game to the public as quickly as possible... I'm having some issues with my ISP. IPv6 related issues... Doesn't matter, I'm working on it.
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you ran out of keys and I was only checking at 3 minutes after the database opened

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