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File 140427392598.png - (370.16KB , 1280x1080 , heavy_metal_princess_of_the_night_by_icaron-d5x40vx.png )
47028 No. 47028
So... anyone wanna make some metal?

I cannot get a synthesizer for metal to save my life. I tried frutieloops - with all sorts of add ons and packs; But still, that went horribly.

I can lyrics and vocals tho.

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>> No. 47029
File 140433142932.gif - (3.74MB , 250x165 , thumb.gif )
Count me in. The keyboard is my primary instrument and I got plenty of decent sounding synths set up. Are you just setting up or do you have anything in mind or prewritten? Regardless, I have some decent experience at writing music. I also can play some bass guitar.
>> No. 47030
File 140435353895.jpg - (10.95KB , 300x320 , shure-sm58-microphone-rental.jpg )
Woah a wild reply apprears!

Yes I have some stuff written already.

What "Genre" do you feel comfertable playing? My vocal type is fairly modular but I would prefer to stay in the Death Metal range. For example when I practice it is normally with Impending Doom, The Black Dahlia Murder, and The Faceless.
>> No. 47031
File 140435398798.jpg - (22.12KB , 257x400 , 236848__safe_idw_food_cute+citizens+of+wuvy-dash-dovey+land_innocent+kitten.jpg )
My best preference would be melodic death metal, which often has a great deal of voices in it, like Skyfire for example, but I'm up for anything.
>> No. 47032
File 140435445658.png - (290.97KB , 640x766 , Metal_Fluttershy_by_RainbowDerpy.png )
Just looked them up. Sounds great anon.

What form of communication do you prefer?

Also do you know any guitarists?
>> No. 47033
Youtube embed play button
I do have a skype, but I think we could get the majority of the music done here in this thread, where others might find it and tag along.

I do remember a lot of the fandom musicians coming here often. Beatle bronies for example. It's actually not that hard to get a hold of fandom musicians actually. Ever heard of Canapplejack?
>> No. 47034
File 140435583136.png - (184.06KB , 894x894 , my_little_cthulhu__friendship_in_r__lyeh_fhtagn__by_lasellj-d5or8xs.png )
Im cool with that I'll send the vocals to you lossessly over ftp when we get to that.

As I guess our orignal project we could do a song based on: if Nightmare Moon had won, either that or one bassed on a cult that brought her back once the stars where right. (With that second one we could make alot of lovecraft refrences)

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>> No. 47035
Also We could totally see if canapplejack would help.
>> No. 47036
Yep, sounds good. I'll use my dropbox for sending files over. Also we'll need some chord sequences to start from, so then we have a general idea of what aligns where, probably. I'll come up with a couple.

I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a hassle.
>> No. 47037
File 140435729649.png - (951.79KB , 1024x787 , yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh____by_jewlecho-d59diix.png )
Sounds good to me!
I'll get a rough draft of the lyrics wrote up. I'm going to go for an atmospheric feel.
I need to leard how to use dropbox. I can post the draft here, but I'll put the final draft in there.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014 20:15

>> No. 47038
File 140436007865.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x168 , index.jpg )
Alright here we go. I'll be back tommorow.

Praise be the the forgotten name.
X 5

Be free our nocturnal goddess.
On this most unhallowed of nights.
Bring down the heavens!
And show Equus your wrath!

Equinox of the stars.
The dead dreamer tonight will wake.
In her path none shall be safe.
Darkened sister your servants are ready.
To scorn that -
horrid -

Sun! (sync with growled “sun”)

Damn that cursed enslaver.
Celestial subjugation
We refuse! (Mix with tone scream)

Tone Scream:
Brother bring me the cursed tome!
Necronomicon (Scream and growl)
Tonight we usurp the throne of lesser gods.
We bring forth our mistress at aeons loss.

Praise be the the forgotten name.
X 5


Equinox of the stars.
The dead dreamer tonight will wake.
In her path none shall be safe.
Darkened sister your servants are ready.
To scorn that -
horrid -
>> No. 47039
File 140436078669.jpg - (90.05KB , 1280x720 , 405741.jpg )

Cool, I'll try to come up with a few new chord sequences myself while you're at it.
>> No. 47041
File 140440664235.png - (128.14KB , 730x1095 , spitfire_by_spittfireart-d663me7.png )
Okay. When I get home I'll set up a drop box.
>> No. 47045
File 140461127991.jpg - (98.97KB , 1148x695 , dancing_twidash_by_smittyg-d4q6q5d_png.jpg )
Are you still around?

I have not been near a computer the past couple of days.

What is an E-mail address I can contact you with?
>> No. 47046
Yep, in the email field.
Don't feel bad, I've been pretty busy myself.
>> No. 47047
Alright, thanks man.
>> No. 47052
How's the chord progression coming along?

Also to anyone else interested in helping out all are still welcome.

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