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Adaptation information
This is a full cast unabridged audiobook adaptation of the fanfiction, "Whom The Princesses Would Destroy", (see link below) with full permission and script approval from GhostofHeraclitus, (feel free to ask him for confirmation). Reading the fanfiction is not required to audition as the needed character information and lines are provided below but feel free to look it over for further inspiration and or knowledge, (that and it's a good read anyway :) ).
Planned release period= By December 2014, (subject to editor and cast circumstances).
If it all goes well a similar adaptations of related fiction may be considered.

Submission information
Deadline: 8th September 2014.
File format= .mp3.
File title format= Role Your initals.mp3, (eg: Narrator GH.mp3).
Email address= [email protected]
Maximum number of auditions per person per role= 1.
Conditions= Clear voice, good required voice approximation, and time/dedication reassurance.

Roles information
For simplicity the characters are listed by both cast groups and order of appearance and the representative audition lines are taken from the chapter they first appear in, (some characters only have one line due to it being their entire dialogue) and have a profile that explains the voice requirements, (except for the narrator).
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