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Hey there! So, my name is Firestarter, and as the title of this thread says, I am looking for a couple skilled writers to help out on a CYOA project (CYOA = choose your own adventure).
It will be primarily of the Romance genre and based on My Little Pony, basically like an interactive fanfic. At some point this story will be made public so that any and all writers can expand on the story, but right now we are looking for just a few people who can help to write the beginning, introduce characters, start a few storylines, etcetera. If you're interested please leave a reply on this thread.

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope to work with you soon!
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What made you choose mediawiki as the platform?

What about features that a more specialized engine could offer? Variables and such.

Also, this seems rather aimless. There is no overall plot here. I know that CYOAs are very weak in general, but this is weak even with that accounted for.
>> No. 47156
>my name is Firestarter
im doubtful of that being your name

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