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I am an artist and writer. Today I am asking if there is anyone who would like to share in my dream? Allow me to elaborate…

We seek to create a visual novel with an entirely original cast of characters set in a pony universe. It will be one part dating simulation, and two parts epic narrative driven story: following the journey of a male protagonist with a love of interest of his choice. A functional demo shall be launched alongside a funding campaign. The use of original characters and a vague Equestria esque setting means we will be able to copyright and sell this as a parody work.

A team is assembling towards this dream; however we are still in need. We are looking for an individual well versed in coding Ren’py, a background artist, a sound manager, and an exceptional editor. Note* since several offers for editor have been, made currently only those with experience (writing and/or editing, preferably both) need apply.

Up to six lovely ladies, six dreams, and only you to make one real. Trampling over all others only one will win! Fight for what’s right! Fight with all your might! Fight for love! Fight for all the above! Which will you support?

Note* your applications will be reviewed by the team. The email provided is a forwarding address.

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File 141232203778.jpg - (256.59KB , 980x1087 , Shattered Dreams Cover.jpg )
For more project details visit the link [].
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Thanks for posting this, AkashicBrony. Some stuff to think about:

* You stated that the project will use original characters. It sounds like the setting is only vaguely similar to the world of Friendship is Magic. That said, is crowdfunding appropriate for this project? Before considering using a crowdfunding service, read its rules and its copyright policy, and ask if you have questions.

* Make sure people can trust you. I say this because in the recent past, there was a project on Kickstarter called Dark Skyes. It was not clear whether it was a scam, whether the creators intended to finish it, or whether the final version would have NSFW content.

* If you choose to use Ren'py and you need assistance, then politely ask for help on Lemma Soft. Look through the discussion thread Requirements for Recruitment at first, and then read at least part of the Suggestions for Recruiters thread at .

* Consider how you'll approach the combination of romance and adventure. If the visual novel puts less emphasis on relationships, then how relevant are they? Also, how are the two linked? I have read some visual novels which combine romance and adventure to varying degrees of success. The last one which had both that I liked was the PSP/Vita-compatible game Sweet Fuse.

* Finally, consider what's currently being done with Pony Amnesia: Love and Mysteries, and Starswirl Academy. The former project takes place in the Friendshp is Magic universe, and promises to include both a general story and relationships. The latter project uses humanized characters, and promises to mix slice of life and romantic drama.
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File 141259518398.png - (588.86KB , 800x600 , Scene sample 3.png )

Thank you kindly for your input.

I've studied Media Law, the project scope I'm establishing fits within the legal boundaries. The cast, the setting, and story does not copy of existing material.

Yeah, trust is important when building the core team. I've had to already deny some applicants for their obvious free-loading tendencies. I'm looking for driven and reliable individuals. Other folks are welcomed to the "pre-reader" area.

I've heard of the Dark Skyes "debacle". The scammers were promising the moon. My own project is contained in scope with realistic expectations and we'll release a functional demo first. I'm actually the artist and project leader, so I have a vested interest in the project. The mercenary is only after money. Art takes blood, sweat, and tears. Not to mention time.

Other proposed projects, say "I have an idea. I'll sit back, please throw money, energy, and talented people at us.". What we're saying, what WE ART SAYING IS "I'll front load the work, I'll give you a reason to believe with results, and I won't ask of you what I won't give back." How many ideas are half baked and still borne into the net? I'm not telling you to attack that machinegun nest. I'm telling you to follow me attacking that machinegun nest. =D

I'm taking a turn and breaking away from the procedural (frankly done to death) highschool setting. I plan to have unique locations fitting the fantasy world I've created.

Shadows of Shattered Dreams will be primarily character driven. Choices made in the initial moves will determine allies and foes to come. A major thematic message is to question the very nature of "friendship". Fair weather friends and superficiality will lead to protagonist death.

With the right team, I know we could make a worth while product.

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File 141342671358.png - (468.01KB , 800x600 , Scene sample.png )
Production is ongoing, but we're still recruiting. Released today, I would like to reveal some story details though. Shadows of Shattered Dreams is to be set in an apocalyptic scenario after a coalition invasion of multiple races is thwarted at a terrible cost. Looming above the day to day desperation will be the ever present encroach of decay. Friends and allies of one path will be enemies of another.
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There's been some confusion as to the email address for contact. To clarify, you can reach me at:

[email protected]

Don't hesitate to contact me.
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File 141953542559.jpg - (228.97KB , 800x840 , Six Main Heroinessmaller.jpg )
Our project now has a website with more details! Pay us a visit and check for updates at:

We are still recruiting. The positions currently in most need are Ren'py coder, a sound manager, and an exceptional editor. The issue has been raised as to other positions. Yes we are accepting, however, as with all applications send samples of your work or links thereof.
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Hey there,

Interesting project you've described here. Had much luck with recruitment though?
>> No. 47505
It's an ongoing process. I'll not lie here, we've had to throw back several folks. It's a steady marathon. We're a long term project. There's been some good progress though.

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