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I really want to do something for the fandom. I really can't voice act because my voice sounds like this: and I don't know a single character who has a voice like that. I cannot draw worth a shit. I don't know how to program games or piece together a half-decent video. I can write a little bit. And, worst of all, I'm broke.
So, is there anything I can do to be apart of the fandom?
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>> No. 47248
There is always the option to learn something new.
>> No. 47249
True, I suppose.
>> No. 47250
We all must begin somewhere. Try joining up with a crew or some friends and learn on the fly. You're never certain until you try.
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I've joined a thing for Homestuck, but I don't know much about the project. Do you know anyone who's desperate for a Tavros VA?

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>> No. 47271
Practice, learn, improve. I felt the same way as you, so I have been making efforts to learn to art.

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