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  First, watch these 2 commercials:

-(This one is attached to this post)


Now, I personally could care less about watching the Superbowl (or any other American football); but I am well aware that it is one of the best times to find all sorts of interesting commercials on TV (in fact, more and more people are watching the Superbowl for the commercials instead of the game; it's a fact).

Those 2 commercials you've watched are examples of Superbowl commercials that feature familiar icons many of us can recognize; but I have not yet seen a super-bowl commercial that has "the most interesting Ponies in the world" yet, and I'm certain you'll agree that the Ponies deserve to have a spot in the commercials.

I'm thus thinking that we should make a commercial (we can discuss who/what the commercial would be for) that features Ponies and have it aired during the Superbowl. We can use Kickstarter to raise the money needed to air it.

Let us all know what ideas you have.
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File 141605987842.jpg - (54.27KB , 625x415 , wilfred-huh.jpg )
>raise money for pony superbowl commercial

Do you like it when people hate this fandom for doing terrible things?
>> No. 47290
Number one, what makes a pony Super Bowl commercial so terrible?

Number two, if all you are going to do is talk about how bad you and others think the Bronies and their ideas are, what makes you think you're welcome here?

Number three, I don't think people here in the projects forum like this kind of criticism. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I believe we prefer constructive conversation here.

Perhaps you should rant and rave in /oat/ where people seem to have recently become too sickeningly cynical and misinformed.
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File 141628751494.gif - (0.97MB , 500x336 , wilfred_yeesh.gif )
Nothing is terrible about it being ponies, what's terrible is how inane that would be when time and resources could be better spent doing something else.
I never said I thought Bronies were inherently bad, I just think this one idea is really bad, m8.
I'm not sure how you construed my two sentences as ranting or raving.

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