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Hello everypony! The time has come for the world of the Power Ponies to grow. I'm currently looking for voice actors to create an Radio Drama of the world of the power ponies!

This story will not necessarily focus on the Power Ponies themselves, but the other heroes in Maretropolis, trying to keep the peace, and maybe even earn their place among the Power Ponies.

Most of the script is written for several episodes, all that it needs is Voice Actors willing to try out. I will post any openings here and if anybody gets the part. For additional details, feel free to email me at any time.

The Following Roles are Open:

Narrator: Nothing specifically decided for this one, so go ahead and surprise me. Just as long as you can show a range of excitement, drama, and solemnity when necessary

Power Ponies (Note: This IS NOT the same as the mane 6. They're their own characters that happened to play the roles of these heroes for a comic)

Masked Matterhorn: Stern, precise, bit of a control freak

Radiance: Posh, bit egotistical

Saddle Rager: Gentle, soft, but occasionally stern. (Gruff angry grunts and roars are a plus)

Zap: strong, casual, raucous

Fillisecond: Childish, impatient, and of course, fast

Mistress Marevelous: Suspicious, mysterious, strong

Other characters:

Rye McCanter - The Iron Chef: Son of the original Iron Chef, who took on the mantle after his father died while he was very young. A hero pretty inspired by thor, but with a secret identity similar to Peter Parker. Instead of a hammer, his weapon of choice is a pan passed down from the gods of Trotland.
Caring tone, scottish accent

Verdant "Verdi" Glade - The Watcher: Rye's best friend, a blind stallion with a psychic connection with animals, able to sense through them. His falcon and owl "Spotter" and "Sentinel" rarely leave his side. He likes to think of himself as a lot more mysterious than he really is. (He’s the one in the picture)
Sarcastic, sassy, smug


The Dragon: A criminal underworld businessman. Born with the scales, wings, and fire of a dragon, not to mention the greed.
Calm, slight growl, biting tome

Chromatomic: a professional art thief that believes the beauty of the world should belong to her. With chameleon powers and the ability to animate artwork.
Refined, flirtatious, condescending

If you’re interested in auditioning, send me an email or post here, and I’ll send you some lines to try out with (or, I may just post them here later)
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>> No. 47399
Hi my name is lilly. I'm 12 and I was asking if the role fillisecond is open. I'm quite high pitched. So if it's not a little girl sounding part I might not be the right person. You never really said any genders for the characters. And I didnt quite know if you had to be a professional voice actor. And also do you have to have professional equipment? I don't have professional equipment. So after all I might not be a good choice for the part.I am also an artist,so if you ever need a drawing of one of the characters or something you can ask me. Email me back if you can. Sorry for the waste of your time.


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>> No. 47406
Hey there, we're looking for any and all auditions! It doesn't have to be professional just as long as you can send some audio files of at least decent quality. If we don't use you for the part, we may still keep you in mind for other parts too! We will need the occasional extra after all, besides, there's far more characters that will be added in later episodes. Just email if you're interested and I'll send some lines to audition with.
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>> No. 47409
I cant seem to find your email to send my recordings to
>> No. 47410
Whoops, sorry about that. It's attached to the name in my posts, but the email is [email protected]
>> No. 47461
Update time! We're still holding auditions for ALL PARTS.

We do have a promising audition in for Dragon, but these parts are going to the best, not just first-come-first-serve, so feel free to audition!

We're most importantly looking for Iron Chef, Watcher and Chromatomic at this point, so that we can begin our first episode.
>> No. 47468
Well if it is a villain you seek, I'm your stallion. The Dragon I think I could pull off with out any issues. depending on what kind of voice you are looking for for him. I have multiple ranges and I am open to any role you will have me in. I am the voice of Casey Hasem of the Equestria Unlimited and I have also been a news correspondent on the Equestria Inquirer.
>> No. 47486
We'd be glad to have you, especially since you've got some voicework experience! I sent you an email to give you a bit of info on the characters I think you might be a good fit for.

Progress is slow, but things are progressing! I just want to point out that I can definitely tell we're going to need to stress that we need Female voice actors as well! So if you know anyone who might be a good fit, please dont' hesitate to point them our way :D
>> No. 47562
Time for another update! Progress is still going well on getting our radio show off the ground. But there are still a few crucial things that we need before we can even create a pilot episode. Namely, while we have had a few voice actors to show interest in our characters, we have yet to have any voice actresses audition. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Secondly, while it's not critical, especially at this point, we are looking for any musicians out there who would be interested in creating an opening theme and song for the credits.

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce that we now have a website! It's... not really much of anything at the moment. But as I work on it, I will be adding more info about the show and the project as a whole there. So for now, feel free to visit and just ignore the placeholder content.

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