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I've decided that over the Pony drought, I'm going to be making a PMV for every single song in Pink Floyd's album "The Wall."

I'm not going to say a lot of words because it's late and I'm tired, so I'll cut to the main point and probably derp most of what I say. here we go.

Where does the community come in? Well, bronies, if you like to make PMVs and want to be part of a pony edition of Pink Floyd's epic album, just post below with your preference of song ( or I could just assign you one.)

Don't know what "The Wall" is?
Find the 1 hour movie on youtube and watch it. The entire thing. Now. Whatever you're doing, The Wall is probably worth missing it.

Once everypony's done, we assuming anypony but me decides to partake in this will post the pmvs on our own youtube accounts, and I'll link them together in one playlist, for EVERYpony to enjoy.

If anypony has already done this and I just haven't herd of it then I swear I'm going to go insane and start destroying things.
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>> No. 11086
anypony have completed songs list with links?
>> No. 11897
File 131139284461.jpg - (11.95KB , 234x215 , fs.jpg )
Flootershy bump
>> No. 12055
Sorry everypony, but I just can't make this work. My hearts not in the project, so anything I make wouldn't match in quality with all the awesome videos made so far.

My song was "Goodbye Cruel World", so that's now available if somepony else wants to snatch it up.

Good luck with the rest of the project, bronies.
>> No. 12261
File 131163643873.png - (51.30KB , 944x944 , nightmare moon shrug.png )
I'll take it
>> No. 12766
File 131197466319.jpg - (33.68KB , 369x501 , 130553472924.jpg )
I couldn't put it on youtube...
>> No. 12895
File 131205619045.jpg - (36.50KB , 550x297 , Audrey II singing bits.jpg )
Hrm... Well I lost the credits, somepony else should probably do them, as I've just recently switched over to a new and more complicated video maker, So I can't do the
Somepony should make one of these.
>> No. 14793
The Great and Powerful Trixie demands that this happens!
>> No. 14915
The files I had are gone. They were on YouTube and they were taken down for Copyright Infringement. Don't know if somepony got them ;( If nopony did then I'm out, sorry.
>> No. 15473
thread's tl;dr, but has anypony considered doing some wish you were here stuff? I think if season 2 had more luna and celestia the video(s) would be great if it were about their relationship
>> No. 15941
Ditto. I just can't seem to make this work, so consider "Bring the Boys Back Home" reopened. Sorry for holding it for so long.
>> No. 17982
File 131476768259.png - (101.21KB , 640x360 , TAKE IT.png )
I just found this thread tonight. I have neither the time, software, or know-how to contribute in any productive way, but I am bumping it anyway, because goddamn if I don't REALLY want to see this happen.

Seriously, 'The Wall' is probably my all-time favorite piece of musical art. This is an amazing idea.
>> No. 18974
Youtube embed play button
  Just in case this ever actually finishes, It looks like I found another to cheat the system! However, you can only do this with Sony Vegas or a VST pitch shifter. Anyways what you can do is take the audio down a half-step (1 in technical terms) and it usually confuses YouTube's audio recognizer. This isn't guaranteed to work but for the most part it usually recognizes the song as something else (hopefully not EMI.) Here is mine for example.
>> No. 18985
File 131538618258.jpg - (79.13KB , 1600x900 , 1299356041472.jpg )
That is exactly how I feel. Best of luck!
>> No. 19029
i've just come across this now. and the only word i can say is

Yes,only YES
>> No. 19301
>> No. 19865
File 131596863505.png - (93.79KB , 319x296 , 130654975081.png )
I'm sorry for "taking the train" (?) without asking or something but I just made "Is there anypony out there?"...hope y'all like it!:

Fuck you, Youtube, fuck you!! (you too EMI)
>> No. 20944
File 131663396365.jpg - (6.17KB , 163x309 , images.jpg )
I'm sorry that I don't have the skills to contribute to this, but it needs to happen...
>> No. 22990
>> No. 23312
File 131805205800.png - (166.83KB , 400x400 , Which one's Pink.png )

Keep this going.


...make it happen.


>even this guy wants you to see it through.
>> No. 23381
Anything else that needs to be done? I'd gladly lend what help I can

Was working on a The Trial video before I even knew this project existed so I'll help out wherever else I can.
>> No. 23528
Is anypony still working on this? I want to see it done.
>> No. 24334
File 131874059343.png - (609.94KB , 1031x681 , Pinkie Floyd.png )
>> No. 26054
File 131991084347.jpg - (30.54KB , 784x363 , pink_floyd_wall_screaming_helmet.jpg )
I produced one track for this project and I'm aware that several others have been finished, but unless other people interested in the project produce the rest (I have other projects now, sorry) that's all there will ever be. I can help provide some sources (anypony need a good studio recording of "When the Tigers Broke Free?) but I realize that some tracks are going to be pretty hard to visualize using just the existing MLP image sources.
>> No. 26399
Youtube embed play button
  Is this one of you guys? It made me cry...
>> No. 29068
Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but In the Flesh? (pt 1) is 404ing and I'd really like to see it again. Can somepony upload it again?
>> No. 29158
We should postpone this until the end of season 2 but NOT FORGET ABOUT IT!!! we'll have a ton of new material to pick from, we can only use sad pinkie from party of one so many times you know
>> No. 30999
>> No. 31000
Superfantastic double bump
>> No. 33224
Monthly bump.
>> No. 34916
Youtube embed play button
  Monthly bump, kids.
In the meantime....
>> No. 35195
>> No. 35491
I guess I shouldn't be suprised that this exsists, yet alone as such a huge project.

Anyway, here's my take on In the flesh pt.2, made about a week after the first airing of Luna Eclipsed but blocked from yt only seconds after uploading.
>> No. 37114
Monthly bump again.

Closing in on the end of S2, guys. Everypony getting good new bits to edit?
>> No. 37119
aww shiiiit, can't wait to see how the pmv for pink floyd's song "The Trial" turns out
>> No. 37120
aww shiiiit, can't wait to see how the pmv for pink floyd's song "The Trial" turns out
>> No. 38245

Only have Windows Movie Maker? Ridiculously low-priced deal here at Amazon. POW. P.M.V. ea-si-ly.
>> No. 38321
File 133687811914.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , Clap gif.gif )
Bump! Anyway....
Dang, i had an idea to do something like this, well the wall is one of my favorite albums evor, and i love the movie too, heck i'm even (maybe) seeing the new live show soon, it and ponies.... Just... All of my money
I'd love to do a PMV of "The Trial" but there's probably already somepony working on that, and mine would probably turn out crappy anyway, but i could always do another song. Also if there's anything i can do to help let me know.
Also could somepony please give me an idea of how complete this is? i'd love to know.
>> No. 39614
I just found this and i really would like to contribute. However i believe that there is just not enough content out there to do the entire album. this is why i want to do a flash animated video for In the flesh? and create some of my own original content. That is if i actually go through with the whole thing. animating takes forever
>> No. 39615
I just found this and i really would like to contribute. However i believe that there is just not enough content out there to do the entire album. this is why i want to do a flash animated video for In the flesh? and create some of my own original content. That is if i actually go through with the whole thing. animating takes forever
>> No. 39941
Youtube embed play button
  Did no one notice that somepony contributed more to this a few months ago?
>> No. 41142
File 134357074579.jpg - (53.22KB , 512x384 , pinkie floyd.jpg )
Monthly bump.

*sigh* Should we consider this moribund project officially dead for lack of interest?
>> No. 41924
>> No. 43544
>> No. 43551
This thread is TL;DR can someone resume it for me?

Also what exatcly OP wants?
>> No. 43560
They are doing a PMF for every single song in Pink Floyd's album "The Wall"
>> No. 43563
You have to do 1 Person 1 PMV, or there are multiple people working on a single PMV
>> No. 44053
~le bump face~
>> No. 44848
>> No. 45667
Is there anybody out there?
>> No. 45792
File 137997894400.png - (126.02KB , 465x256 , gerty-sad-1.png )

I'd love to see something like this happen but it looks like
this is nothing but bumps since early last year. Perhaps
somepony should compile a list of what parts got made?
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