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File 130652894873.jpg - (107.39KB , 1280x720 , Ponyville.jpg )
8123 No. 8123
Going to try tackling this, if anypony can help me get an accurate map of ponyville please contribute
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>> No. 8124
File 130653051752.jpg - (1.96MB , 1728x1429 , map_of_equestria_by_yoorporick-d3a84na.jpg )
>> No. 8125
File 130653186954.png - (164.28KB , 442x399 , townhall.png )
From what I see in the original screencap I found sweet apple acres is much closer than that, but then again who knows

also town hall preview
>> No. 8126
File 130653190403.jpg - (53.76KB , 640x360 , PonyvilleTownSquare1.jpg )
for comparison
>> No. 8127
File 130662242389.png - (681.93KB , 1236x477 , townhallwip.png )
Town hall is pretty much done
but with all that complicated brush work I'll be damned the thing bloody compiles, anyway going to make a bunch of prefab houses to pepper the rest of the town with, some of which should have interiors. after that it's a matter of adding all the other key buildings

* Library
* Carousel boutique
* Fluttershy's cottage
* CMC Club house maybe?

and deciding where RED and BLU should spawn is also on my mind, any insight?
>> No. 8128
This is looking pretty sweet. how far out is the map actually going to be? Like just ponyville, or extending out to sweet apple acres, or even out to canterlot?
>> No. 8129
please keep making this,this is so amazing
i vote for you making the pink hot air balloon twilight rides down on in the theme song,leading up to clousdale.
i would add TOO much to couldsdale becuase it might lag and be a huge file,but i dont know anything about maps lol
good job so far!loving it! :D
>> No. 8130

RED - spawns in Sweet apple acres

BLU - undecided

Town hall is the hill (Map may be converted to separate game modes later, after all asymmetric maps are always far more interesting)

Cloudsdale and Canterlot are going to be 3D skybox features
IE: no physical involvement.

I would model specific props myself but it's a huge pain with all the compiling, so I guess early versions will include mostly just brush work.

>> No. 8131

I would love to help, but aside from a few failure in blender I have no 3d modelling skill or any other skills which would be useful, so I guess that counts me out.
>> No. 8132
things like textures can be helpful
>> No. 8133
File 130663578282.png - (923.99KB , 1052x590 , primativeponyville.png )
Today's progress
>> No. 8134
File 130663695729.jpg - (63.52KB , 554x275 , Adventure-Time-a-success-for-Cartoon-Network.jpg )
>> No. 8135
File 130663711095.png - (66.15KB , 256x256 , 130048724815.png )
Looking good so far.
>> No. 8136
File 130672516432.png - (868.14KB , 1100x553 , ponyvilleprogress.png )
little more progress
I need to size down some of those trees, they're bloody huge
>> No. 8137
>> No. 8138
oh god if you make it possible to enter at least some houses i will love you eternal
>> No. 8139
File 130674174729.png - (1.01MB , 832x1152 , 130567134497.png )
Just a couple mane ones would make me happy!
Sugarcube Corner, or Twi's library, or Rarity's shop!
>> No. 8140
File 130674476697.gif - (70.00KB , 360x360 , 15968 - animated artist-mihaaaa clapping clopplaud.gif )
You know, there's something disturbingly macabre about having shootouts/fire/explosions inside a replica of Ponyville.

As a fan of black humor and the macabre, I approve. Good job, so far.
>> No. 8141
i have something for you Hawf

you may not like it

a guy i know made a hyper accurate map of ponyville, this is the original sketch, i can't find the finished version
>> No. 8142
File 130675771285.jpg - (70.69KB , 403x304 , Destroyed_Stryker.jpg )
As shooters come tho, TF2 is about the least dark and macabre you can get. I want to see it as a Battlefield 2 map. Wreckages of tanks and helicopters littering the streets seem much more dark than TF2.
>> No. 8143
some of them already have interiors
>> No. 8144
File 130680295191.png - (888.88KB , 1280x720 , ponyville street.png )
I'll definitely need some modeling done if I want to get those kinds of roofs. once I'm done the base town with spawn points I'll release the source to anypony who wishes to add additional detail before the first compile
also that map shall come in handy
>> No. 8145
File 130680439459.jpg - (99.85KB , 840x756 , 69458c.jpg )
Would it be possible to make this into a CSS map as well? Preferably bomb/defuse.
>> No. 8146
File 130680578526.png - (53.44KB , 200x175 , 130481836001.png )
I'm going to express my concern right this instant. I generally dislike custom maps, because they usually end up going for looks and completely disregarding actual gameplay.

One thing that I would prefer is if you keep it where both sides are more or less symmetrical. It helps to keep sides even, and will make it so that people who've been on the map before won't automatically join the better side.

Another point is that you MUST keep every last class in perspetive.
Sniper - should have some good but not over-powered vantage points be careful on making the map too open, be sure to block his full view with some of the buildings
Scout - medium to close range, and areas where he can jump around to various areas of the map. Needs running space to be as effective.
Pyro - pretty much just close quarters. Pyro is an ambush character, and so is much more effective with tight corners and places where he can jump down onto players
Soldier - Needs some high up points that he can rocket jump to, giving him a good vantage point for combat.
Demoman - range changes. He needs some places that he can sticky up for defense, but be sure not too make it too easy. Be sure to add some inconsistency to the ground in order to mess with the grenades.
Engineer - Be sure to make places that the engineer can place sentries effectively in, but be sure not to make them too overpowered. It's a major flaw in many maps
Heavy - Not much I can say that hasn't been said already. Make sure distances aren't too long, otherwise it'll be a bitch to get back and forth.
Spy - Many custom maps that I've seen aren't good for the spy. Much like the pyro, they work well in smaller areas where they can hide evade, etc. Seeing a spy from far away is an easy kill
Medic - Eh, pretty much nothing to say for this guy. He isn't meant for combat. I despise combat medics, just saying

Sorry for the long-winded list, I just really want this to be a good, playable map. And the thing is, that's not even half of the stuff that I'd mention. Don't feel overwhelmed, though, just take your time and make updates if it's found necessary

I've done a bit of work with Source SDK and Hammer, and I'd like to help out with the project if you don't mind. I put up a derpymail address, so contact me there if you please.

Once the actual brushes are in, it's pretty simple to set up.
>> No. 8147
Also, my steam is Brody1022. I'm currently running the name Überbrony.
>> No. 8148
File 130680750349.png - (1.04MB , 1112x580 , ponyvilleupdate.png )
I need to make a few more stock house models rather than just the two.
there are also two stock houses with interiors
added paths which I'll go over with stone later
it's be easier to replace the stock houses with models later but I'll get the basic brush work done
and with hammers map size limits we may just be able to pull this off

Compiling is going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE however
>> No. 8149
added a few more stock houses
will start work on the mane houses later
>> No. 8150
buck for great justice
>> No. 8151
I think it would make a good zombie fortress map!
>> No. 8152
There is something very strange about having a Zombie Fight in Ponyville.

Make Zombie Ponies!
>> No. 8153
File 130755912031.png - (11.33KB , 283x428 , 130733385135.png )
Oh look,I seem to have dropped a buck here,Anypony want to help me with picking it up?
>> No. 8154

Another point is it's usually best to have around 2-3 possible routes from the BLU start to the RED start, and have them converge in a few places where you want the bloodbaths to occur.
>> No. 8155
>> No. 8156
File 130842121882.png - (119.88KB , 473x232 , devhousebases.png )
Working on some place holders
pretty much all the stock houses are going to be separate models
>> No. 8157
I hope this'll look good in Gmod.
>> No. 8158
Keep up the good work im looking forward to playing on this map. :3
>> No. 8159
right because this would be much easier as a collaborative effort it'd be nice if a mod could move this to /collab/
>> No. 9124
Youtube embed play button
  modeling of houses starts now
>> No. 9128
File 130915763862.png - (164.98KB , 586x510 , 130547927686.png )

>> No. 9136
File 130917566088.jpg - (58.12KB , 877x911 , rainbow_dash_i_wub_woo_face_by_flowerjewel-d3a1g2k.jpg )
Woop woop wow!
I'm excited to blow up people and spray blood all over this map! There should be ponies standing around in random areas too. =P
Similiar to the carboard cow in the game.
>> No. 9279
File 130930196462.png - (218.58KB , 476x522 , bare tree.png )
Library pre-production
>> No. 9389
File 130938141513.png - (82.90KB , 701x502 , topography progress.png )
more progress
>> No. 9603
If possible I would like to help in the creation of this wonderful map.
>> No. 9604
File 130960887221.jpg - (136.72KB , 800x600 , tumblr_l04tb4uAOb1qzhu0do1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 9613
leave me some credentials and a steam ID and we'll go from there
>> No. 9632
File 130964447429.png - (201.88KB , 842x948 , 18930 - bazooka gun pinkie_pie.png )
Awesome so far! Can't wait to play TF2 in Ponyville!
>> No. 9641
have been using 3ds max for just 6 mouths haven't created much other then a poor character model and a few buildings have not used any other modelling tools do some sketching have a cert 4 in multimedia that's about it.
>> No. 9671
File 130966288017.png - (247.92KB , 700x700 , 130510777603.png )
Watching this. Progress looks great! TF2 or not, we have a model of Ponyville and it's AMAZING.
>> No. 9795
Here's a very accurate top-view reference map with detailed reference pics for each building: Hope it helps!
>> No. 9796
Very helpful
I'll probably stick with the layout sketch earlier posted but those scene shots will be more than useful
thanks :)
>> No. 9855

you are best pony.
>> No. 9917
File 130982019584.png - (807.56KB , 1275x1650 , 0jo80h9.png )
I've also run across this extremely detailed map.
>> No. 9922
that's what I meant earlier
>> No. 9927
File 130983633903.jpg - (55.11KB , 500x300 , 1297123662752.jpg )
>Phoenix Wright
>Team Fortress 2
>My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
>> No. 9938
File 130984640293.png - (332.76KB , 917x800 , pinkie all my money.png )
>> No. 9943

For medics the first thing that comes to mind is bits of cover or corners to hide behind while your Heavy is dealing damage. I know that's the first thing I look for on a new map. Otherwise you just get picked off immediately.

It doesn't have to be full cover, think like how Lakeside has those sheets up around the CP. You can still snipe people if you're quick and patient, but you can also dodge said sniping/hide a bit when you're down there.
>> No. 9944
File 130985333398.jpg - (235.60KB , 945x945 , 130203814473.jpg )
wow... the anticipation is killing me!
>> No. 9945
File 130985347256.png - (167.18KB , 640x480 , 1301164106799.png )
My anticipation..... it is boundless!!!
>> No. 9950
File 130986477028.png - (183.25KB , 500x374 , tumblr_lgf4wfRvl51qaha6c.png )
>> No. 10057
File 130995738417.png - (612.44KB , 900x665 , 130846167367.png )
I did this when I first saw the screens on Equestria Gaming. I WANT.
>> No. 10067
>> No. 10079
File 130997073041.png - (1.30MB , 1008x1600 , rough_map_of_ponyville_by_aurebesh-d3kk152.png )
Dunno if you're still looking for show-accurate maps, but some guys making a Portal 2.5 map (another mod I'm looking forward to) have made one with each location and proportion cited with screenshots.

Here's the deviantart with all the screenshots:
>> No. 10083
Incredibly old news
I'm already aware
going by the first map we were given
I honestly don't see how ponyville will even WORK in portal for that matter
>> No. 10332
Still working on the library
modeling the inside is going to be a bitch
>> No. 10342
File 131018651809.jpg - (30.14KB , 512x512 , 29854 - celestia demolestia demoman Molestia tf2.jpg )
Good luck with that :/

Also, are you planning on modifying this for other game modes? (CTF, Control Points, etc.)
>> No. 10345 I'm guessing this isn't your doing... or is it?
>> No. 10379

don't make me laugh
>> No. 10389
Whatever you do guys. DO. NOT. MAKE. HIM. LAUGH.
>> No. 10392
I have to say, I'm relieved.
>> No. 10412
File 131026563988.png - (631.64KB , 1700x2338 , ponyville_map_design_notes_by_tommy631-d3lj3ck.png )
Mainly because that map was a complete joke.
No offence to the creator but MLP FIM deserves better and that's what we've set out to do
in the mean time have some High contrast design notes, some other sketches made their way into them though just ignore them if you want
>> No. 10421
File 131027196210.jpg - (73.85KB , 500x478 , twilight-like-a-boss.jpg )

We plan on making it work. :)
>> No. 10499
>> No. 10510
File 131035270441.jpg - (422.44KB , 1000x1000 , a9655744db853a75a38c9a48f97b0e93.jpg )

I've actually done a few TF2 maps, back when I played the game and was part of a good community that gave me good criticism. However, seeing what you have so far, I have a few concerns.

1) Please, please, please, please, OH GOD PLEASE tell me you are familiar with func_detail! Not only will it save you eons of time in compiling VVIS, it will help group detailed objects. Be aware you cannot seal your map in with them.

2) How do you plan to separate areas with Areaportals? Source Engine games really do not like spawling landscapes, and even on maps that do have large areas, they are separated by carefully-placed Areaportals.

The problem I see right now is that the Town Hall has a ton of open space. Not only is this not good for classes like Heavy (and excellent for Snipers), it also makes placing Areaportals tougher. Believe me, you NEED them if you want your map to not chug for everypony.

3) Please listen to >>8146 . He knows what he's talking about. However, I need to add something about Medic:

Medics need easy-to-spot (yet contestable) health kits. Since they're the ones healing and ubering (and often are a prime target), they need to be able to swipe health pickups whenever they can. If your map lacks healthkits, or they are too sparsely spaced, a Medic's lifespan will decrease dramatically. This is really frustrating for people who want to play this class, as well as when an uber is needed to break Sentries.

4) I know it can be fun to make the details, but please, I strongly urge you to just "block out" what you want the general shape and boundaries and use devtextures until you've done several bouts of testing and done enough Alpha versions to come up with a somewhat-final layout. This will save you those frustrating moments where you have detailed something intricately, but must throw it out because it makes a class/classes much too strong or prevents a team from winning, or is just not fun.

I'm sorry for the critical wall of text here, but please, take these things into consideration. I've seen far too many pretty maps that end up in massive stalemates/steamrolls because of poor layout and not enough time testing.

Have a picture of Fluttershy eating an apple. She believes in you.
>> No. 10511

Oh, one more thing I wanted to add regarding point #3. Ammo kits bring Engineers like light to moths. Any time you place a max ammo kit, you will create a sentry spot nearby. Medium kits less so (but still contribute to sentries). Small ammo kits don't really, but they're nice to have next to small health kits sometimes.
>> No. 10512
are you planning on adding the trench from FPK?
>> No. 10524
File 131037647363.png - (45.26KB , 262x247 , 130592751880.png )
I have some questions regarding this project.

First, do you need any help with concepting any part? I know my way around concept art. 3d modelling, not so much unless I can zbrush it, but I could help with texturing stuff if anypony can lend a hand on some basic info.

Second, do you have a main layout of this map yet? I've seen your pics and the whole brouhaha seems wide open. For the size you're working on, it looks like a 3 control point symmetrical map however the layout's kinda messed up for that. But one cannot offer a valid critique on something that's in an early stage.

.o. lemme know if I can lend any help. I'd LOVE to.
>> No. 10542
From the first post to mine I was blown away, beautiful brushwork.
>> No. 10553
God area portals are WAY too confusing for wrapping my head around
I've been toiling away at twilight's on and off for a week now. I would appreciate ANY help at all from you guys if you could leave a steam ID I could get you more involved if you're interested.

no very likely
>> No. 10560
File 131042369040.jpg - (491.73KB , 978x779 , 28383 - artist GonzaHerMeg big_macintosh crossover.jpg )

Areaportals are CRITICAL if you want your map to run well. Assigning fade distances to props helps too, but areaportals are mandatory.

My steam is strangemodule, my handle right now is Poodle Puff (inside joke with my significant other). I'd love to give you advice and even VMF samples if I need to.
>> No. 10574
Sure! My steam ID is javkiller. Do get in touch!
>> No. 10612
Hey Hawf, if you need a test server for maps when they're playable I'll be happy to host them for you.
>> No. 10628
>> No. 10801
buck, again
>> No. 10851
File 131060833434.png - (151.19KB , 800x595 , wabba-dash.png )
I want this map to come out so bad now! Been playing on custom maps for a long time on the Halolz server (got a really neat Minecraft one) and I will definitely give this a try when it comes out...

Keep up the good work! And let us know where we can play it when its done!
>> No. 11040
Second page!? Unacceptable!>:(
Hawf, you still working at it?
>> No. 11044
yes, be patient I have other things to do you know
>> No. 11045
Who are you and do I know you? I frequent like crazy.
>> No. 11047
Oh no, take your time. Just got a little worried, y'know.
>> No. 11296
Bumpity bump. Thou shall not fall
>> No. 11454
File 131110649662.png - (22.33KB , 99x199 , luna.png )
>> No. 11534
File 131113201029.png - (23.81KB , 383x444 , ponihaus2.png )
Ok going to put twilight's library on hold for now and instead work on the stock houses
whipped up another model in 10 minutes
should finish it tomorrow and start on another one.
>> No. 11560
File 131113878100.jpg - (15.57KB , 332x310 , 131073745506.jpg )
Thanks for keeping us updated. It's good to know you're alive and that there is PROGRESS.
>> No. 11653
File 131119404251.png - (102.68KB , 358x428 , ponihaus2.png )
here's another one ready for compiling
>> No. 11659
File 131119826638.png - (154.58KB , 351x399 , collisionmodels.png )
Right so GUIstudioMDL 2.2 (the compiler I'm using)
is generating a collision model OVER the walls and stretching it right up to the roof
what does this mean? no one can jump up onto those flower boxes as well it can make navigating around the corners a bit tedious.

I have my own physmodel made for it but it's generating another one over it regardless. If anypony has any input please let me know
in the meantime I'm going to see if I'm using an outdated version of the compiler.
>> No. 11660
nope still using the latest version
>> No. 11665
File 131120171979.gif - (489.59KB , 300x200 , AWESPME.gif )
Keep up the good work!
>> No. 11678
I'm up for renting/leasing a server to host this map when you're ready. Configuring for custom skins and/or sounds is not something I know how to do. I would like to see more than just the custom map on the server, if possible.
>> No. 11781
File 131129835408.png - (66.27KB , 382x414 , ponihaus3.png )
still picking away at these
it'd be nice to have somepony to help who can get the style right.
>> No. 11787
File 131130247706.jpg - (1.25MB , 3648x2736 , The-Tudor-House.jpg )
I don't think I can help with modeling much, but the basic style is an English Tudor village. My only opinion is that the roof edges should be a little more rounded >>11653
Other than that, it looks excellent!

Oh, and instead of individual houses, you could make some larger buildings too >see pic
>> No. 11796
Larger buildings will have interiors as smaller ones will have a set of modular add-on's to add variation
>> No. 11980
first set of stock houses are done
going to be released opensource
>> No. 12249
how bout that
>> No. 12260
File 131163551040.png - (184.62KB , 454x351 , spongebobfrywallet.png )
>> No. 12902
File 131205836685.gif - (332.39KB , 367x284 , 1312044331607.gif )
Can't wait...
>> No. 13051
>> No. 13429
Still waiting for updates but because it's community made and free for me i'll just sit here and squee
>> No. 13439
still requesting help on the collision models
plus there are plenty of things left to model
>> No. 13918
I'm using studiomdl.exe in the sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin directory. I never had a problem with that one.
>> No. 13937
Uh, scratch that. I have the same problem.
>> No. 13947
I've seen this before... Hmmmm

I hope this thread doesn't get derailed. Anyway, good job! I'd help if I could
>> No. 14165
File 131272940437.gif - (332.39KB , 367x284 , 1312044331607.gif )
Still can't wait
>> No. 15446
Any updates
>> No. 16319
Please some little updates atleast
>> No. 16322
File 131382848035.png - (615.20KB , 1300x512 , hawfhauses.png )
Oh look, working collision models. How 'bout that, eh?

House 1's was a pain in the plot to make by the way. Hopefully the next set won't be an asymmetrical nightmare.
>> No. 16325
File 131383428039.jpg - (72.77KB , 640x480 , 1312969084317.jpg )
>> No. 16334
sir if you send me those files I will be more than glad to pick production back up again
>> No. 16484
you used Phoenix Wright music! :)
>> No. 16529
File 131398427369.jpg - (242.06KB , 539x768 , Team_Fortress_2__Production_by_JayAxer.jpg )
Good to know you're still alive!

Hopefully, you could release the house models at some point.
>> No. 16573
File 131403226530.png - (0.98MB , 1340x1648 , hawfhooses.png )

He already did, that's how I was able to compile them for Source with those collision models.

I decompiled the pony ragdolls to use as a size reference, so the doors are slightly larger than players, but they can always be scaled up in the qc.
>> No. 16604
File 131404948880.jpg - (52.57KB , 600x524 , thatswhatigetforpostingjustafteriwakeupiguess.jpg )

Whoops, I meant players are slightly larger than doors.
>> No. 16809
Right today I start reworking the map from scratch
the brush houses were a tad bigger than I thought
and scaling the map would have been a disaster
going to work a lot with dev textures on this one though so expect a bit more being done
>> No. 16858
File 131422365008.png - (41.78KB , 600x750 , Brohoof.png )
>> No. 17012
Excellent Work looking awesome. Will definatly be suggesting this to my server mods to put on the server I use once its complete.
>> No. 17035
File 131429258911.png - (267.94KB , 2000x1839 , 13049560196.png )
#1 map on any pony server after this is released
>> No. 17323
File 131441213365.png - (940.62KB , 1280x1024 , 130949569122.png )
And 1# for gmod pony videos.
>> No. 17324
please no.
>> No. 18700
How close are you to finishing up? I've been longing for a decent Ponyville map for a long time.
>> No. 18732
File 131523829053.jpg - (24.66KB , 300x300 , 300_nielsen_cm_112810.jpg )
I just want you to know we're all counting on you.
Good luck.
>> No. 20819
>> No. 20825
Another update for what you've done the last three weeks would be splendid :)
>> No. 20961
Hawf hasn't been working on it since August, sorry.
He's been busy with other things.
>> No. 20962
File 131664127095.png - (251.49KB , 446x551 , 131242804473.png )
Yep. Although I loved 'Farewell Season 1' I couldn't help but think:

>> No. 20964

Well, damn. It's not abandoned, is it?
>> No. 21013
File 131666048307.png - (30.00KB , 134x186 , QMmugshot.png )
Sorry but I've been working on this for the past few months
I'll start a collab thread for this at the appropriate time
you can consider this on a near indefinite hiatus
I apologize for letting this slip my mind the past little while
I only hope my current project is more promising as I'm aiming for it to be more than just a map
>> No. 21139
No problem.
That project looks pretty amazing too. Keep up the good work :D

>more than just a map
>> No. 33895

I was actually thinking of making a map of ponyville as well, because I saw a map of Ponyville, and it was rather horrifying.

So i started looking for a decent overview map of ponyville, and i've come accross this page and see youre already in development.

I was also thinking of making a king of the hill map with the town hall as the point.

I havnt worked with hammer really before, i've been learning it these past few days, and well 3D modling to create buildings, ( ie Maya, 3dmax, ect) I cant do my self. I have though, been lookin into learning maya, i was starting to work with it to make a tree similar to the show, using textures i would create from the show and edit them to fit properly with the game.

I have really only worked with KillingFloors Sdk, and i usually make everything using brushes and not using a 3d moddling program.

I would like to help, but I really dont see how i could, as you seem to have all the bases covered.

I guess i could work on my own map, pretty much made out of brushes and so forth if i dont learn maya or so....

although, something i would like to suggest, is your textures, it seems you're going with Tf2 style textures (ground and trees), so one thing i would suggest. Using Custom tree's, that look like ponyvilles trees, just to give it a more, authentic look per say.

I guess, i might scrap my map but maybe i'll end up working on it eventually, or maybe make one for unreal.

either way, Best of luck. - Ambrotus
>> No. 33901
I've been working on a 3d model of poNyville over the last week or so.


I started with the fan made map on deviantart, but I then adjusted it to correct its horrible inaccuracies and add season 2 locales lie the hospital.
>> No. 33979
File 132917965502.gif - (32.85KB , 600x683 , 110536 - animated artist_madmax boot boot_to_the_head clapping clopplauding Lyra vermin_supreme.gif )
Woah, back from the dead, my name isn't even the same as earlier :D

Anyhoo, I didn't mention earlier that I have experience with Google Sketchup. It's not the ideal program for map creation, but I could help with the model creation if needed.
As for porting those models into something like TF2....
Yep, somepony else will have to handle that.
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