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File 130906892064.png - (30.17KB , 241x270 , HMPonyFinished.png )
9036 No. 9036
So, I started replaying ye olde Harvest Moon 64 a couple days ago. Nostalgia and all that. Then I had an idea.

A couple hours in, it hit me that you could essentially replace all the humans with the MLP cast and the game would still make sense and none of the ponies would be at all out of place. Then I figured that, since I don't have much else better to do, I could actually try to make the whole damn thing and see how it goes.

I've dubbed it My Little Pony: Budding Friendships which seems like a pretty good name and unless somepony has a better idea, I'm sticking to it. I don't have much for now, just this post, the character concept (over there to the left) and a design sheet where I'm just writing down all the things I want to do and have in it.

Mostly just wanting to see if anypony would be interested in this.
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>> No. 9037
File 130906914646.jpg - (53.59KB , 516x449 , barry_manilow.jpg )
Very, very interested. Harvest moon 64 is one of my favorite games.

Anyway, is this a mod of the 64 version? A whole new game?
>> No. 9038
And my design sheet. Trimmed down a little, lacking some of the specifics I've mulled over:

Four months/seasons. I don't see much reason to deviate from HM here. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter work pretty well from a basic farming standpoint. Means the year only has 120 days, but whatever.

Events to have:
Grand Galloping Gala
Summer Sun Celebration
Running of the Leaves
Winter Wrap-Up
Annual Rabbit Round-Up
Best Young Flyer Competition
Trixie's Magic Show
Pinkie Parties

I like the idea of making friends with other ponies, and having them help you out in various ways. Like if you became friends with Applejack, she'd sell/give you apple seeds to grow your own apple trees, Fluttershy would tend to your sick animals and/or make them happier in general, Rainbow Dash would make it rain on your crops, all that sort of stuff.

Definitely going to have it in Ponyville.

'Story' I think, is going to be the player finds their special talent is farming but, not being part of the Apple Family, wants to start their own, takes up residence at an old, abandoned, dilapidated farm out near the Everfree Forest. Eventually (like after two years), the family that used to own the farm, having heard of its success, comes to try and take it away from the player. If you made a lot of friends, they'll defend your right to keep it, if not, well, the family takes it and you basically get a 'Game Over' screen.

Weather, should be pretty simple. Pegasi control the weather, and they can fall behind. I could probably have the game check the past couple weeks worth of weather (which could be randomly determined, with like a 10% chance of rain per day) and if it hasn't rained in so long, then you get a big storm for a day. Could also have parasprite swarms rarely that'd destroy some crops and stuff like that.

Crops are still mostly a mystery. I know apple trees, flowers, wheat, probably heaps of vegetables. Specifics are eluding me though.

I'm still thinking about how to handle stuff that would normally have been handled by tools in Harvest Moon. On the one hand, technically all you need are your hooves, on the other hand, plowing our fields with only your hooves is a little silly. I think I'll try to go half and half, you can do pretty much everything with your hooves (and that's pretty much how it'll go at the start) and you can buy or find tools that will make certain jobs quicker. And, in keeping with Harvest Moon stuff, the tools can level up which means, by extension, so can the player, probably Dwarf Fortress style where doing any sort of job will increase your stats and, specifically, your ability to do that one task well. So pulling a plow would eventually get you a silver/gold plow, while at the same time making you stronger/faster/tougher.
>> No. 9039
Whole new game. Basically going to try and start from scratch and make as much of it as I can. I'll need help once I get out of the planning stages though. Art's a maybe (if I can speed myself the hell up, I might be able to get a fair amount of it done), music and sound are going to be trouble for me, programming is iffy, I've done some but not a lot.
>> No. 9040
Don't work out any more of the game design until things get rolling.

What art style? 2d? 3d?
What size team?
What programming language? Libraries?
>> No. 9042
More inclined to 2D at the moment. I can do 3D, kinda, but I'm nowhere near as good.

Just me, for now. More later, once stuff starts moving. If I can get a prototype that does the stuff I want the game to do (working seasons, time of day, crop growth), that's when I'll start asking for help.

I am open to suggestions. I probably won't do it completely from scratch, an engine would be very welcome. I'm familiar with C++ primarily, though I can try to learn some other languages.
>> No. 9080
I'd play the hell out of that.
>> No. 9082
File 130911788727.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , partysoft.gif )
On tools, earth ponies are supposed to be more in tune with nature and growing stuff, anyways. So yeah you could probably do basic 1x1 plowing without tools.

Later you could get a horse-drawn plow like what Mac uses, and that would speed things up and probably drain less stamina in the longrun.

I'd love to see a dog like Winona help you out with animals and stuff. And that'd be a way to keep the dog-racing event from HM64 alive, if you so choose. You could make it not specifically a dog race, so your dog/whatever could go up against Gummy, Angel, Opalescence and Winona, etc.


Really, I love this idea. They just go together so well. The community of Ponyville is a lot like what you would find in a Harvest Moon game. I wish I had thought of it.

Wish I could help more, but I don't really have any skills that could help here. So I will just smile and nod.
>> No. 9099
Actually, one of the things I've mulled over is player customization. Specifically, could you choose to be an earth pony, unicorn or pegasus. If I had to default to one, it'd definitely be earth pony, but I'm not going to count the other two out. The idea of a unicorn being able to mass-harvest like Twilight in Applebuck Season or do various windy things as a pegasus (or, alternatively, minor weather control) are too cool to pass up.

Also, yeah, pets have crossed my mind. A dog like Winona seems like the best option, but there's always stuff I haven't thought of yet and it seems a bit lame to just give you a recolor of Applejack's pet. In the vein of customization, I might just let you pick that too.

Anyway, in non-planning land, I think I might try to make my first couple of prototypes in Game Maker. It doesn't quite provide the level of graphic prettiness I'd like (I'd really like to make it an isometric viewpoint like in HM64, but I'll take what I can get), but it's pretty easy to work with and I think it should be able to handle most of what I want out of it.
>> No. 9120
Oh, heck yeah. I love this idea and it fits so well with Harvest Moon. :D Can't wait to see more.
By the way, I can do sprite art for you, when you need it. :)
>> No. 9138

It would probably be a good idea to try and do it so the graphics are similar to the DS titles if your not familiar with 3D.
And on the subject of selecting the kind of pony you get, you should probably just default it to Earth Pony, and when you get friendly enough with other kinds of ponies they'll come to the farm every so often and help with their powers
>> No. 9188
I love this idea and I would like to lend you a hand.
>> No. 9197
Minor update. I've been messing around with Game Maker and I've got something that sorta does the core of the stuff I'll need. Basically, you can move around and change certain 'field' tiles. It's not really a game yet, but it's a step up.

My next move is to try and make an inventory screen 'cause I want to mess around with using different tools on the field without having to resort to assigning more and more button presses to random stuff, plus I'll need it anyway.

One last thing, yeah, I'll probably shoot for a top-down 2D view. I'm still messing with the sizes of various sprites, and I'm sitting at 24x24 right now since it syncs up with the character's speed (pro-tip: If you try to do tile-based movement in game maker, movement speed needs to be a denominator/multiple of the grid size, otherwise they'll skip squares at least with how I did it). I'll probably drop the tile-based movement, though that means I need to find a way to make it so you're only 'in' one square at a time, since right now that'd mean you could hit multiple squares at the same time, which is dumb. But top-down's working out so far.
>> No. 9203

You could try to emulate the style of the SNES Harvest Moon to make everything easier for you.
That game also had a horse, so you could use that sprite as a measuring unit for the upcoming tiles and sprites. (Once you finish the first screens and overworld sprites, give me a holler and I will start giving you a hand with them.)
>> No. 9371
File 130937210699.png - (100.75KB , 800x600 , InvLayout.png )
I made a mock-up of the inventory screen. I have no idea what to put in the bottom right hand corner or the top right, maybe a map button or options or something. The colors I'm okay with, though I'll probably have them change depending on season, with this one being the spring menu.

Weird ideas I had while putting this together in Inkscape:

The pony on the left could be used as a visual representation of how tired/sick you are. Going from how she's displayed here to, say, collapsed and/or sweating heavily with her tongue hanging out.

Other idea was gaining Rarity's friendship would expand your inventory a bit. Like an extra two rows or something. Idea being that she gives you a better, more comfortable backpack or something.

Anyway, idea's not totally finalized. I might rotate the inventory a bit, shrink the pony down and then re-expand everything to see if it takes up the full view.

Also, I can't draw a plow in Inkscape to save my life.
>> No. 9375
Hi there!

I like the project idea you have, and was wondering if I could help. I'm a bit of a music-pony, and could do compositions for you; I've been told that my style is very reminiscent of game BGM, even had one of my songs evoke a need to play harvest moon in a pony lol

Check me out, if you like. :)
>> No. 9388
Tossing some ideas for events and quirks:

-You can dig a hot spring like in the other HM games to recover stamina. (It can be used for an event where Granny Smith asks you to use it to cure her bone pains- it raises your frienship with the Apple Family.)

- You can build a hothouse to grow flowers and herbs. (It can be used for a special event where either Rainbow Dash or Derpy Hooves crash into it, if you forgive them by understanding it was an accident, your friendship levels with them go up.)

- You can adopt a pet like in other HM games. The pets you can select are:
1- A bird (It brings rare seeds for you)
2- A cat (Keeps your barn free from food-eating critters)
3- A dog (Keeps vandal critters away)

- Zecora visits Ponyville's market once a month to sell her goods. You can buy special medicines from her or exchange special items for all of your medicinal herbs.)

- Small gems can pop out while you are plowing the land. You can sell them for some money, or stash them as emergency funds. If you stash enough gems, you can activate two special events:
1-Rarity is out of gems for her custom dresses, and her ciustomers want them finished RIGHT NOW. If you give your gem stash to her for free, she will give you a custom made raincoat after a few days. (It allows you to work on the field during rainy days without getting sick)
2- Spike is sick and needs to eat gems RIGHT NOW to get better, both Spike and Twilight warns you that they have absolutely nothing to give you in exchange of the valuable gems. (A season later, Twilight and Spike visit your farm to give you a book about advanced farming techniques- after reading what it says, you can work for longer periods of time before getting tired and your crops grow a little faster.)

- You can raise a pig and later go with it to the forest to hunt (valuable) truffles. The pig will always eat the first truffle it finds, though.

- After the second year, you can hire part-time helpers on your farm. They will arrive at 09:00 and leave at 13:00 after performing the single task you can assign to them. (Watering your crops, harvesting crops, feeding your livestock or collecting your livestock's produce)
The part-time helpers available are the CMC (they need the money to fund their quests) or Snips, Snails and Twist (they need the money to fund a magic show they are planning for a festival, Twist is their "pretty assistant".)
>> No. 9843
That's pretty good. A couple of the pieces you've put together are pretty close to stuff I'd imagined to being in there.

Granted, right now this is like super-duper early alpha stuff. Music isn't exactly high on my priority list. If you want to put some stuff together, great, but right now I'm just smacking away at the core of it with a hammer.

Good stuff.

Before you'd mentioned it, I'd been just thinking of having Zecora as somepony you could go and visit whenever you wanted, and buy magical stuff for whatever reason. It's probably more fitting to have her as a 'traveling salespony' type, all things considered. It'd save me the trouble of having to write a lot of rhyming dialogue.

The pig actually gives me schemes. I feel like a pig pet would be pretty awesome and kinda fitting as the main pet, like the dog in most other Harvest Moon games.

Anyway, I haven't been able to do much on the game recently, but I did figure out a way to write an inventory system. A lot of the tutorials I looked at were really complicated or not what I was hoping to accomplish with an inventory system. But I've got it figured out now. Essentially, all I need is a global array of variables on the player, then whenever you hit the button to toggle the inventory, a control object reads the array (and any other important variables), then draws the appropriate object on the screen. I haven't quite worked out how to manage your inventory yet, but I've got an idea, even if it is a little brute force-y.

That's all I've got for now. Once I've got the inventory system written up, I'll take a crack at making stuff 'grow' and having events happen, though they shouldn't be that hard.
>> No. 10063

Got the inventory system working, finally. It consists of a massive amount of clunk right now, but it works. For some reason, Game Maker doesn't acknowledge me left clicking, so instead of being able to fiddle with the inventory with the mouse (which can be a little weird since your hands are normally over the arrow keys or WASD), you have to put your mouse over the square of the item you want to select and then hit A. I'm fixing that now, but it's a bit time consuming making the transition from checking the position of the mouse to a grid-based selection process.

Inventory got a minor makeover as well. Tool box is now in the center, just to the right of the Pony status image, while the item box got shrunk down to 3 columns by 4 rows. Pony got shrunk down a little too. Anyway, it all fits into the 640x480 resolution of the screen with only a little dead space in the bottom right (which, again, I can use for a map or options button).

Scheme is the same as it was last time. Once I get the inventory kinks worked out, I'll move on to plant growth.
>> No. 10089
I'm loving what you have so far!

Based on my obsessive experience with HM, here are some things that could go in that bottom corner:
map of ponyville
calendar (to check special events, visiting merchants, etc)
an "animal inventory" (displaying species, names, health, etc of animals on your farm)
a "friend inventory" (ponies you know, and your relationship status with them)
a ledger (money you've spent and earned, and your profits for this month/year)
>> No. 10404
Okay, so I actually haven't been working on the whole growth thing (which to be honest, should be really easy) and, since I'm proud of my somewhat working inventory system, instead I've been thinking of trying to flesh out some of the tools and whatnot (right now you just move colored squares around).

I figure what I'll do is, to start, I'll just kinda borrow a pile of Harvest Moon's tools and then snip out/replace the ones that either don't make sense or have a better replacement. Like instead of a hoe, you could have a push/pull plow or instead of a hammer you get like horseshoes or something. The only ones I'm sure of are the plow and the watering can (and probably some of those miscellaneous tools you got from Rick, like the milker, shears and brush). Part of that is just because I'm finding it hard to imagine how a pony smashes rocks with a hammer or chops down trees/stumps with an axe.

Actually, bit of a thought. I could have most tools connected to the plow idea, just with different heads for different jobs. Like your standard plow head for digging, a little bulldozer for smashing rocks/flattening tilled soil, that thing from Ferngully for chopping down trees but without Tim Curry. That sort of stuff. Would mean more animation work though, since you'd need a walk animation for each variation of the plow. Cool, but maybe a little unwieldy.
>> No. 10409
File 131026207364.png - (50.36KB , 945x945 , 130628426532.png )
Needs moar Tim Curry. >:|
>> No. 10422
>>10404 a little bulldozer for smashing rocks/flattening tilled soil

Replace these tools with horseshoes (Iron, silver, golden and magic horseshoes) and you are set.
Just make a single sheet of the pony bucking and trampling, and add some sparkles for cosmetic effects.
>> No. 10438
I like this idea, I literally thought this while playing harvest moon: MM the other day.
I am curious, will you keep the marriage thing? It could fit in well. Like the ones you can marry, you can still be friends with the ones you didn't, maybe get special help to help out.
I don't know but still I love this idea. I wish I could help out.
>> No. 10439

I know everypony loves Tim Curry, but then my little pony ends up as 'the idiot that nearly flattened Ponyville in combination with a giant sentient smog-cloud' and that just ain't cool.


Yeah, that's another thing. I could combine the hoe and hammer into a horseshoe tool that does what you want based on what tile is under you. On a tilled tile, you flatten, on an untilled tile you dig. There's a minor issue in that you might accidentally flatten a tile you just tilled (my method of determining which square you're in is a little flaky), but I don't think that's a huge issue.


When I first started, marriage was one of those things bouncing around my head. It's not a bad idea, it's just a little weird in the context of the show. For now, it's on the 'not really' or 'maybe but not with that name' table. Making friends with the ponies is something I think makes a decent substitute for a full-blown romance system.

If I have the time (and enough people are interested in it) I can put together a version that supports pony marriage. When I actually get the game into a nearly finished state, that should be pretty possible with the mountain of knowledge I'd've acquired by then.
>> No. 10501
Oh, no marriage would be kind of sad...
I was just thinking how it would be awesome to have bachelors and bachelorettes that were Pegasi and Unicorns as well as Earth Ponies, and when you marry, your children could inherit your spouse's traits, even though you're a normal pony~

But this sounds great~ I would totally play it, assuming you can choose your gender (although it would still work with a female only option, I suppose)

If you're not too far into coding yet, the RPG Maker engine has produced some Harvest Moon-alikes, if you're interested in looking into it?
>> No. 10513
Damn I miss playing Harvest Moon.
I think you guys might be going a tad too deep in this project. You're forgetting that it starts off with just you and the farm. So guess what I concepted!

Harvest Moon: Equestrian Seasons

Every day has two limits, time and stamina. Time normally progresses at a steady rate, stamina is drained by most actions.

Races: One or two advantages with two different training paths.
Earth Pony: Much higher stamina and can do physical tasks faster. Can increase stamina or strength by working with other ponies.
Unicorn: Can cast simple spells to do some things near-instantly(cooking, milking, building). This, however, will drain some stamina. Spells can increase in variety or decrease in fatigue by studying at the library.
Pegasus: Can travel much faster and can alter weather some. Volunteering(i.e. no money) with the Weather Team can help you go faster or change weather more.

Crops:(Common to Uncommon)
Hay, Grain, Oats, Carrots, Lettuce, Tomatos, Blueberries, Strawberries, Corn, Peas, Onions, Grapes

Fruit Trees(Common to Uncommon, but lots of stamina to harvest):
Apples, Pears, Oranges, Peaches, Lemons

Flowers:(Uncommon to Rare, weaker than crops but sell better)
Daisies, Posies, Tulips, Roses, Sunflowers, Pansies

Specials:(Always Rare)
Hot Pepper, Pumpkin, Peanut, Solflower, Red Lily, Wildflower
>> No. 10561

Instead of marriage, you could always do the "best friend" mechanic.
>> No. 10588

According to your friendship levels with the NPCs, your status can vary like this:

Stranger --> Acquittance --> Pal --> Friend --> Best Friend.

For laughs, Pinkie Pie can inform the player about his frienship levels with the other ponies, since Pinkie knows everypony, and she means EVERYPONY in Ponyville.

Also, I'm eagerly waiting for a gameplay screenshoot so I could see how the sprites are supposed to look and therefore, so I could start spriting stuff.
>> No. 10595
You might be waiting a while for a gameplay screenshot. I haven't even tried to make this look like much of anything yet. Just getting the core of it down. Most of the sprites I've been using (exception: the inventory screen, partially because there was quite a bit of logic I needed to do regarding navigating the layout via arrow keys) have all been temporary things I either nabbed off the internet or doodled up on the spot.

But, if you're up for it, feel free to doodle a mock-up of what you think it could/should look like. I'm not super picky and as long as you can keep a consistent size and aesthetic, I'm fine with it. Do something like...I dunno, maybe the main pony (I need to give her a name to call her by, feel free to make one up and post it here) outside her home with a bit of her fields in view. Go nuts, I'm not gonna stop you.

Otherwise, on the relationship thing, that's pretty much what I was thinking. Start out strangers, become best of friends in time. I'm not sure if progression past that point is necessary yet, but I suppose I'll see in time.

And for the whole marriage thing, if people are really that interested in it I'll add it. Mind you, this is miles down the road, I'm just trying to get the whole farming thing down, then comes the art, sound and writing stuff.
>> No. 10676
I think you should be able to name your pony within reason. As for a default name, I believe Baley would work for any variation of pony as well as have a pun.

Do you need anypony to help with ideastorming? I'd be glad to lend a little brainpower.
>> No. 10681
File 131051554810.png - (21.94KB , 640x480 , Inventory_Base.png )
Oh, yeah. Name customization is something I fully intend to have. I mostly just need a name so I can stop calling her 'main pony'. Baley/Bailey works, I hadn't thought of it. The only name I could come up with was Goldie.

And ideas are always welcome. >>10513's ideas are actually pretty helpful, since it's covering crops, which I hadn't put much thought into.

If you've got an idea and you see that I haven't mentioned it much, feel free to bring it up and sort of talk about it for a while. Events, tools, crops, characters outside of Bailey and the main six, a map (I'll probably try to cobble something together based on that one guy's map), anything you can think of, I am all ears.

Anyway, attached is my inventory base. Sans map and options buttons, Bailey's status picture and the dialogue box (which'll pop up when you hit a button over an item). All those are going in separate sprites/image files and they'll be drawn over that base. It all fits in quite well, and I think it gives you a pretty good inventory size, not too big, not too small. I actually really like the font, it looks hand-written without looking too Comic Sans-y.
>> No. 10697
Hey, those are my ideas you're pointing out! This thread is smaller than you might think.

GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD. IDEAS. For the crops, you need a planting season and a harvesting season. I have a chart with some of the plants on them. If you want it, let me know. But for now, I'll post two simple crops. The hay is there to make sure you don't starve to death in the beginning.

Plant: Natural
Harvest: Spr-Fall
Tough?: Yes
Price: 4 bits-per-unit
Special:Grows on long-empty plots

Plant: Fall
Harvest: Spring
Tough?: No
Price: 10 bpu
Special: Saleable to Sugercube Corner for discount, can make bread

Some pun names I've dug up! Buck Wheat, Rosetta, Billy Acre(perhaps the previous owner?), Bella Donna, Stratis Piers
>> No. 10700
Wow, this could have a lot of potential. Funny story: I was actually thinking of getting back into programming by making a pony game earlier today. Then I find this thread and see that you may be more than just an "ideas" guy, and might actually get something done. If you need any help with programming, feel free to contact me; I can show you some of my projects I've done before.
>> No. 10702
One small problem: the money box has a $ sign, ponies use bits.
>> No. 10709
Is there actually a sign for bits? Like in the show or universally. I'll see what I can do about it though.
>> No. 10718
Nope, bits are just shown as gold coins with indents. No markings.

Trying hard to brainstorm more names at 1:40 in the morning. Maybe I should write some ideas once I get some sleep. Hmm... Maple Dreams?
>> No. 10778

You could use the bitcoins symbol, ฿
>> No. 10807
File 131058568903.png - (595B , 36x68 , beli.png )

Or you could adopt One Piece's symbol for that world's currency, the Beri.

Also, I had no idea that the protagonist of this game was a mare (I assumed it was a stallion, with her wearing Jack's cap and all)
>> No. 10829
You could also include a display for the weather in that screen.
>> No. 10874

I might just go for a little coin sprite/image. It'd get the idea across.


I'm still thinking about where to put the weather reports. On the one hand, it'd be convenient to put it somewhere in the inventory menu along with everything else. On the other hand, I've been thinking about having the announcement come in the mail or something like that.
>> No. 10911
I like the idea that a forecast would be mailed to ponies. After all, they don't have radio or television(that we've seen). You could have the schedule laying in the house for the player to look at when he wants to remember it.
The weather system would be mildly controllable. Perhaps you could send in a request to the Weather Patrol to change a day or two in the weekly forecast. Depending on your reputation with the team, the town, and Dash, you would have a chance to have it actually change the weather. Or if you allow different races, you could let pegasai manually change the weather over your farm.
>> No. 10927

I'm going to borrow part of your list of plants. I'll clip a few off, add a few others then go from there. I'm putting together all the variables I need for plants which is as follows:

Time to grow, time per 'stage' of growth (for the proper graphic, this is 2-3 variables on its own), value when sold, seasons it can grow in, aaaand...maybe any special effects, like eating a pepper or something. So about 5-6 in all, per plant. Maybe add a 'growth type' (tree, regrows, blah blah blah) in there for good measure.

Also, fun idea for a greenhouse. Instead of HM64's kind of weird system where you could grow any plant in the greenhouse year round, I'm thinking a better system would be you set the environment in the greenhouse and you could only plant the types of plants that grow in that environment. So you could set it to one of the 3 main growing seasons or you could set it to something like 'tropical' or 'zorblax' and grow various kinds of plants in there that you couldn't grow otherwise.

Still working, however slowly. I've been kind of trying to do a lot of things at once, which is probably a bad idea. Kind of diddled about with a day/night system, made 3 basic camera filters covering pre-dawn light (in RGBA form: 32, 32, 64, 64), sunrise/sunset (255, 102, 0, 64) and nighttime (32, 16, 64, 102). No transitions between them, but I think I have the colors right.
>> No. 10942

The Harvest Moon with the best crop mechanics, in my opinion, was Island of Happiness/Sunshine Island. Instead of needing to water a crop once every day for X amount of days for it to grow, crops had two variables: light and water. There is a minimum amount of sunlight, water, and days required for crops to reach the next stage. The closer you are to it, the more it is worth.

Water can be controlled by obviously watering the plant. You may do so as many times per day, but rain (light or heavy) would also add to it. Because of heavy rain, you might not even have to water it even when it is sunny to reach the minimum.

Light cannot be controlled as it relies entirely on sunlight. Sunny days give more light than cloudy days.

I've also been mulling over how the different races could work.

Earth: Highest stamina and can work without tools. In addition their crops sell for more.

Pegasus: Moderate stamina and can manipulate the next day's weather. In addition, they can run (fly) faster.

Unicorn: Low stamina. They can use magic on tools to speed up activities such as watering, harvesting, planting, etc., however the crops they make aren't as good and suffer a slight penalty. (Still not entirely sure what abilities unicorns should get.)

Lastly, I'd like to reiterate if you need help with the programming; I've worked quite a bit in C++ and have made a couple games before. I really want to see a pony Harvest Moon game come to existence, and would be more than welcome to help code the game together.
>> No. 10949
So are you putting together the list or should I paste my graph into a .doc file?
>> No. 10951

Didn't Lauren Faust said that ONLY Earth Ponies had the power to grow plants and crops, while Unicorns and Pegasus can as much, plant just a tiny garden? (And that's only if an Earth Pony lives nearby)
>> No. 10961

I don't recall any harvest moon ever taking overwatering into account, which is sort of funny because you tend to lose plants *much* easier to rot from overwatering than you do from letting them get too dry.

Anyway, one thing that pretty much every Harvest Moon's done that really bugs me is that you usually have a less-valuable, but fast growing crop, and a more valuable, but slower growing crop. The problem being that, when you take different prices and growth rates both into account, they tend to net you the same amount of money over a season.
>> No. 10966

Really? I always thought it was quite the opposite. There would always be one crop you'd grow per season because they made a ludicrous amount of money.
>> No. 10974
I've been thinking about crop value and my thinking is that I want to have the price vary with availability. Grow too much of one crop and the price starts to drop. Complicated, but encourages diversity.

Another alternative is that growing the same crop in the same place over and over starts to slow the rate of growth of that plant. There's a name for this and I know it deals with soil, but I cannot remember for the life of me. This is easier to manage (add a variable to the field object, if new field = old field, add X to growth time) and accomplishes the same thing, roughly.

Third plan is to just go with Fast/Cheap Crop and Slow/Expensive Crop. Simple, not too far out there, blah blah blah.

There's also the chance for something like Pinkie showing up and going "BAILEY! I need a pumpkin RIGHT NOW" and giving you like two times the number of bits it's actually worth.

I can make use of whatever you're willing to give me.

Help with programming would be pretty welcome. I'm not the best programmer, and when I was in school I usually had to get my brother to help with complicated stuff. Luckily this is pretty simple, the most complicated thing I use are arrays.

I've been using Game Maker, which can be a little weird, but it's been working pretty well. The Game Maker Language is pretty close to C++, which is nice since it means I don't need to learn much.

If you're willing to do some programming, I have no idea how to handle that yet. I don't feel good about letting people download what I have yet because it feels embarassingly small. But uhh...I guess, for now what you could do is put something together in Game Maker and then put it here. Or if you're looking into a specific system, ask me and I'll post the code I have behind that.

I'm going to see about putting a blog for the project up. Nothing against Ponychan, but, well, I like having the ability to hyperlink and it gives me a reason to try and make something like an opening screen. Even if it is a background image to it.
>> No. 10982

I'd be more than happy to do the programming. I'm most familiar with using libraries in C++ such as SFML (for displaying the game in a window and drawing sprites) and Lua (for scripting the game independently from the engine.) If I were to code this, I would stick to those libraries.

Additionally, I've been trying to get a team together to make this. Jack Bread and Aeliana posted earlier that they wanted to help with sprites and music respectively. So far Jack Bread has replied that he is willing to do sprites. Aeliana hasn't responded yet, but I'm pretty sure they would join as well; I just need to get everypony together. With a programmer, artist, and musician, I think we have the resources to produce this game.

Starting a blog would probably be a good idea as it would be a convenient place to post updates to our progress.

If you have a Steam, AIM, or MSN, send me it so we can discuss in more details.
>> No. 11028
File 131076062229.doc - (17.00KB , MLP-HM.doc )
I honestly hope you find this chart useful. The price is entirely up to you.

Also, you could balance quantities with the durability of the crop. Like in real life, when a farmer specializes too heavily in one crop he is vulnerable to diseases as well as the market.
>> No. 11882
File 131138531856.png - (49.51KB , 398x396 , MLPBF_CharacterConcept_MkIV.png )
My Little Pony: Budding Friendships is still alive!

I apologize for the lack of updates in this thread, but I first wanted to get everypony together. We've started producing some rudimentary concept art and sprites, as well as a prototype for the game. Right now, all we can show is the main character concept art pictured (it's still very much a WIP).

This game requires a lot of art such as sprite sheets, tile sets (this especially), user interface, characters, and so on. Therefore, we need more artistic talent to create a true My Little Pony Harvest Moon-style game. You can e-mail me or contact me on Steam ( if you're interested.
>> No. 11952
We're still looking for help. Writers and artists are needed for a game like this
>> No. 12316
Plleeasseee give a same sex option in your game. I hate that I have to play a guy in the games just to marry a girl.
>> No. 12317
File 131169555976.png - (28.83KB , 459x450 , chelseapony.png )
Hey, I'm new here but I can probably help with mapping. I did a mapping project for a fan-made pokemon game, and a little bit of programming but I'm really not that great with it.
>> No. 12318
Are you guys still doing the sprites at 24x24?
>> No. 12339

Relationships are still a very tricky and touchy subject. We haven't finalized what we're going to do about it, but we have some ideas.


A mapper could be useful. We still have the areas under construction, but have a vague understanding of what we're going to have. I've wanted to come up with more specific area maps so when time comes for implementation, it goes as smooth and fast as possible. Email or message me on Steam so we can discuss a bit more.


No, we've increased the sprite size to 52x52 to allow for more detail.
>> No. 12344
File 131172710328.png - (35.44KB , 128x128 , untitled.png )
I've never played harvest moon 64, but i have the one for the gamecube. If you need help with creating plots/stories for side missions I'd love to help.
>> No. 12350

We have writing covered for now. Later, we may need some temp writers to make dialog, but that's for another day.

We're open to suggestions now, and we need ideas for crops.
>> No. 12358
File 131173638008.png - (35.44KB , 128x128 , untitled.png )
Aww, too bad : (

Though i'd love to share a suggestion:

From what i've learned through skimming the comments here, it doesn't seem like the main pony has much of a back story yet. I'd like to propose one. When applejack was a filly, she was sent to the orange family in manehattan. I think it would be interesting if the main character is the child of the oranges, and is sent to sweet apple acres similarly to what happened with AJ. however, instead of getting homesick/culture shock, the pony soon finds that the farm is in danger of being taken away (or something along those lines), and finds him/herself assisting the apple family in creating a prosporous farm before they lose the farm.
>> No. 12379
Apples, carrots, celery stalks
colorful flowers too
>> No. 12387
Grass, Apples, Corn, Carrots, Peaches, Grapes

You could have some sort of legendary muffin plant :D

Also, if you are needing design ideas and sketches for some characters, let me know and I would gladly help out!!
>> No. 12393
For plants, may I suggest:

Found wild (may not need water)


one-time pickup (like turnips in HM):


continues to grow (like cucumber in HM):



>> No. 12487
I can't think of anymore crops to add that haven't already been suggested, though I'm sure there are quite a few more to add.

But I do think it would be a good idea to take into consideration the various foods eaten in-show, and the background ponies cutie marks.
For example, the things required to make cupcakes, and the ingredients for candy (due to Bon-Bon's cutie mark) would be good things to consider.
>> No. 12581
So, is there any particular reason why you're trying to make a whole new game out of this instead of just modding one of the existing 2D HM games?
>> No. 12615

Thanks for your suggestions.


Excellent question. For one thing, I don't know anything about ROM hacking. Secondly, I like programming it from scratch as it gives us more flexibility as to what we can do.
>> No. 12774
File 131198066855.png - (296.64KB , 710x575 , Bit.png )
In one of the commercials for MLP, this appears. If I had to guess, this would be the sign for the Bit, the same way IRL it would be a $.

Source? That'd be really interesting if it were true.
>> No. 12835
Hey, Jaguar/Khosan. My laptop died on my, so I won't be able to make sprites. :\ Sorry...
(I couldn't log on to my email or get my trip either, because those were there, too.)
>> No. 12857

What a shame. Hopefully it's only temporary otherwise we're in a bit of trouble until we find another spriter.
>> No. 12921
File 131206871681.png - (6.55KB , 320x340 , Budding Friendship Character 2.png )
Hopefully, this helps.
>> No. 12922
File 131206878594.png - (4.73KB , 265x255 , Budding Friendship Character 1.png )
And this.
>> No. 13478
Everything's back to normal, right now, actually.
The only thing is that I forgot my Steam login. :P
>> No. 13479
Derpa derpa, forgot my trip.
>> No. 15092
File 131321600291.png - (105.39KB , 640x480 , mlpbf1.png )
Lots of progress since we got our team together! We now have the player's farm mostly up-and-running. The field works, and you can plant seeds and see their growth. Day and night become brighter and darker respectively with sunrise and sunset having a cool orange tint. It's come a long way since the idea's inception.

C&C welcome
>> No. 15093
File 131321605874.png - (75.09KB , 640x480 , mlpbf2.png )
>> No. 15094
File 131321609954.png - (101.05KB , 640x480 , mlpbf3.png )
>> No. 16623
We're looking for an additional C++ programmer that understands the concepts of object-orientated programming and is willing to punch quite a good amount of time for the project. I have done all the programming thus so far, but the workload is beginning to become very heavy so we need additional help to alleviate it and ensure we see reality.

Additionally, we are going to be starting a blog to keep people updated more often. Right now, we're unsure where it should be hosted so suggestions are welcome.
>> No. 30253
So I checked out the site and was wondering if this project was still going. Hasn't been updated in a couple weeks and there's no where to leave comments or questions so I figured it would be best to ask here.

I'd love to hop on board this project but I sadly lack any programming knowledge at all. I've never played any of the Harvest Moon games but they get a lot of positive feedback so I'm deffinately looking forward to this coming out.
>> No. 30295
File 132429077712.jpg - (79.62KB , 336x520 , 27d9e209d4ec1bbfa614f5561afc3da11984002b.jpg )
This is relevant to my interests, since I really liked Back to Nature (original Playstation) and the two Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) games.

Looks like the most recent Equestria Daily article on this fangame was December 1. The project site was apparently created on Nov 25, and hasn't been updated since then. I know it's unwise to be impatient, but I'm hoping for news soon.
>> No. 30492
Sorry for the delayed response. To be honest, PR isn't one of my strongest spots.

We have been working hard internally creating all sorts of animations and music, as well as the framework for the game.

Given enough interest, I might start up a new thread to post updates for development.
>> No. 32091
Enough interest.

It is given.
>> No. 32104
File 132707714097.png - (812.70KB , 1442x902 , 131441828479.png )
This is fantastic! Harvest Moon has always been one of my favorite game franchises. I'd be down to contribute on the programming front.

I am well versed in Python/Pygame and JavaScript and could see this working well as either an HTML5 or Pygame title.

Email is filled in. Let me know if you're interested in my help!
>> No. 33348
That seems a bit... creepy. If this game does end up having a marriage concept, then wouldn't Applejack be marrying her cousin?
>> No. 33370

We're avoiding marriage entirely. Instead, we've come up with a suitable replacement.

Also, we have a separate thread. See >>30564


We're pretty set with our current team, but thank you for your offer.
>> No. 34313
2 weeks without activity? /begin worry mode

Is the offer for a dev blog still up? Because i'm still throwing my wants at that.
>> No. 45750
Oh wow! This seems like an excellent idea! I really want to--

>Feb 19 2012
>bumped by spam

... oh...
>> No. 45758
i was thinking on start making small harvest moon pony game but i can't promise nothing
>> No. 45761
I was thinking about doing one myself, but I know I have neither the talent nor patience to pull it off.
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