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File 137596578568.jpg - (154.23KB , 812x749 , 2045-tranhumanism-immortality.jpg )
74839 No. 74839 [View]

I bumped into this little picture a few days ago and caught some talk of this project last night, thought I would bring it up for discussion.

Here is the website. http://2045.com/

To me it brings up a lot of questions as well as considerations of the possibilities here. I want to point out that as best I can tell, it seems to me we will not be creating a new home or way to extend life for ourselves, we'll be creating a new being which will mimic or act very similar to our self. I don't think these methods will be able to replicate a human being exactly, because the human being is much more than just what a brain scan could produce. Would the avatars have emotions? Would they have feelings? Would they have motivations? Would they be easier to manipulate by a third party than the avatar itself could control? Will they sing, laugh, or play with authenticity - or would they merely attempt to follow a script of such things?

Some of my other questions I wonder about this - will this create a caste system? It seems it will. I don't know who will be on top though, but it seems to me you'll have to be exorbitantly wealthy to afford an avatar, and that the notion that only the most powerful and most wealthy become avatars leads to a suggestion that they would become a ruling class of 'neo-humans' or 'techno-humans'. But if they can be manipulated with code insertions, against their own will, this leaves them able to be puppeted by another. What happens to the rest of us who are too poor, too unintelligent, too politically weak to be anything other than the operatives of the operatives of the operatives etc. ?

Have we yet identified physical 'memory' in the human brain? If we have not found it yet, or how to find it yet, I'm worried its function may be less easy to implement than we might assume a brain scan could achieve and ultimately it might continue to elude us. We would then have to program our avatars using the establishment of patterns of behavior and such, and try to match t
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>> No. 76934
I feel like doing the research for you again is just going to be a wasted effort when you habitually don't even look at things as simple as a link in the OP or the graphic.

So here is some youtube if you prefer something a little more effortless to investigate


Bina is at least 4 years old too iirc. Data is already being collected so that AI's can reanimate the person and persona behind it.

Just a reiteration that converting & copying people into robots/AI's is already well underway. Plenty of organizations, institutions, and names you can glean from these two videos alone.
>> No. 76936
There is a difference between a talking head that can repeat back a selection of preprogrammed responses and what this picture presented.

Not only that, the program is still flawed. The people who spoke to the head had to follow a set of instructions:


"Enunciate as if you’re a newscaster; and if Bina48 heads down a non sequitur rabbit hole, interrupt her with “Excuse me” or “Let’s talk about something else.” "

This is not 'Transhumanism'. It is a program that comes short of imitating humans using a stored database of information that does not and can not function as a human mind does. The people who claim that it is 'sentience' are delusional.

This is my prediction: 2015 will come. 2015 will pass. There will be no Avatars presented in any trade shows. They will brush this under the rug from the public eye, restructure and come back later to pump more money out of rich people trying to escape mortality.
>> No. 76938
I'd bet the next Bina model qualifies as an avatar type a or really close to it.

The avatar A models are pretty much that: they're human replicas/robots.

File 137130588050.png - (253.58KB , 562x1280 , raritymouse.png )
74085 No. 74085 [View]

"Alexander's hypothesis was that drugs do not cause addiction, and that the apparent addiction to opiate drugs commonly observed in laboratory rats exposed to it is attributable to their living conditions, and not to any addictive property of the drug itself."


Is addiction more environmental or biological/chemical?
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>> No. 74145
File 137160858149.png - (129.33KB , 900x370 , 131023005980.png )
>urge to re-dose
>'I want to do ___ again
Those are good. I have problems with the first one. Alcohol is the one where I can get into trouble. That ties into what RNG posted.

Every once in a while I have been a substitute teacher at a special school called the Alternative Learning Center which is basically one step from Juvenile Hall. One of the things that made it hardest to keep many kids from abusing drugs was the social element of addiction. Being in the same familiar situation with friends made all the elements in their head line up, with the exception of the absence of the drug. It's like something "not being right" in your environment and that it made it so easy to go back. They had to essentially give up their social world to stay away from drugs they could not control. A very hard thing for kids in these social groups.

>Trying to make this as terse as possible. I had a pretty shitty boss and played internet/surfed the internet for an inordinate amount of time per week. Then I got a much better job and all of a sudden I don't really have any 'urge' to do that sort of stuff anymore.
>> No. 74154
File 137167648957.jpg - (105.13KB , 1024x768 , vinegarmotherredwine.jpg )
>Alcohol is the one where I can get into trouble.

I agree with you. It can be hard to master that one and I still don't do a great job of it.
>> No. 74282
>Did the drugs make that job more bearable? Or was it like the new work environment just made it easier to not want to take the drugs?

......sorry, these look like the same question to me.

File 139066595819.jpg - (33.13KB , 480x480 , 524665_232755746876759_1354496010_n.jpg )
76787 No. 76787 [View]

Sharing this, feel free to discuss, debate, or point things out.

>Who is the World Economic Forum?
From Wiki
>The foundation is funded by its 1,000 member companies, typically global enterprises with more than five billion dollars in turnover (varying by industry and region). These enterprises rank among the top companies within their industry and/or country and play a leading role in shaping the future of their industry and/or region. Membership is stratified by the level of engagement with Forum activities, with the level of membership fees increasing as participation in meetings, projects and initiatives rises.

>Well I'm not going to read the report. What does it say?
The ten most pressing issues we face from a perspective of the WEF are
No.Global Risk
>> No. 76788
>> No. 76880
The 'and' is left open ended here.

I find economics to be interesting and I think we probably have some other people here who do as well.

I also find global crisis to be interesting and its interesting how integrated the financial system and these crisis are. It makes me wonder if the 'tool' is actually also the problem and perhaps we should be thinking of new and purposeful direction of financial resources in order to correct some of these problems.

Reminds me of the club of rome report. It would be worth trying to measure some of the predictions in the limits to growth study, published decades ago, vs what the current picture and problems seem to be viewed as per the WEF.

I bet the limits to growth did not and could not have properly factored in financial shortcomings and income inequality.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 26th, 2014 06:22

>> No. 76881
File 139075949792.png - (848.55KB , 600x800 , chocolate_rain-discord-wind_waker-lazyperson202.png )
The report primarily reflects of WEF members' awareness of potential problems, since the data comes from a survey of WEF members. It's showing what global problems have entered people's consciousness.

I think the push for efficiency leads to more large-scale failures as systems become more interdependent. For instance, the power grid is designed to have no single point of failure, but it's prone to cascading failures because a local failure increases the load on neighboring elements. Similarly, defaults of financial institutions can propagate and produce a depression. The interest in political and environmental catastrophes spreading beyond national boundaries is interesting.

It seems like the report's designers really really wanted to make an extended infographic. They've got gratuitous margins and lots of redundant and superfluous graphical information. They even set body text in Helvetica. Way to look "authoritative," guys.

File 139024812633.jpg - (60.51KB , 729x707 , 138548553115.jpg )
76681 No. 76681 [View]
I probably have a bit of a problem with the porn I watch. Does anyone else have this issue?

When I found porn as a teenager (well, I was probably like 11), it was amazing and I was able to get off to everything. But at the ripe age of 2x, I have to look at the SICKEST stuff before I can even get off. I'm talking Russian daddy / daughter amateur porn (yes, most of it is real..) or amateur cheating girls.

Every time I finish, I'm disgusted with myself. This is a really awful cycle. My friend tells me "I watch misogynist HD hentai rape, only because you can't find any good HD hentai that's not rape. It's just porn, man, anything goes".

But, ugh, I don't know. I can't help but feel disgusted afterwards, although I hear it's common. Thoughts?
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>> No. 76865
File 139071823660.jpg - (68.82KB , 1280x720 , Ruka Upset 3.jpg )

Ermmm... I am just going to speak up anyway because I want to get this off my chest.

I have been calibrateing to a lot of straight stuff recently and I have started to feel bad about it. When I do have tendencies like this my hopes related to transitioning tend to become deluded, and of course this gets me really down because I have felt like nothing for a long while; I feel as though this is most likely the way to fix that feeling (via transitioning). I know that you can be a lesbian but the kind of stuff I am into involves a lot of contact with the penis that can't be emulated seriously between two women.

Ugh, I told myself I wouldn't shit all over the site like this again.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 25th, 2014 23:39

>> No. 76875
Iv tested this.

Wait about a week before you masterbate again. You will be able to get off to much softer stuff.

The longer you wait the easier it is.
>> No. 76879
File 139073330524.jpg - (149.13KB , 800x600 , just_cadence_by_raikoh_illust-d6gzs96.jpg )
I don't understand, why is watching straight stuff a problem for you?

File 137798470459.jpg - (64.43KB , 350x210 , Snapshot_20120428.jpg )
75244 No. 75244 [View]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR2XJcyBkgk My personal view on the community is that they are disgusting, degrading, ghastly, sleazy, prurient, and nauseating...the worst of them is the bronies. The whole world benefit greatly by their non-existence. This is Bob Barbas of the Raptor News. Just doing God's work.
>> No. 75245
Just to let you guys know that this is a joke
>> No. 76791
File 139071407581.jpg - (12.92KB , 300x222 , csb.jpg )

No. 74517 [View]
So, here's the deal. I'm 21 years old, female, and I currently live at home with my mother. It's all I can afford (which is another issue I might bring up in a different post.) Last week, with an issue of my eyes bothering me, I went to the optometrist with my mother. Got some eye drops, was told use them 4 times a day blah blah blah blah. One thing they told me very specifically was to take out my contact lenses when I used the eye drops to prevent discoloration and something of the lenses themselves. No biggie. They would prefer I wear my glasses, but as i currently have none, that's not possible. I lost mine about 4 months ago. An irritation, but not a major issue. So, while I was at work today, using the eye drops, they started to severely irritate my left eye. I told my mother. She mentioned looking for my glasses. I told her not to bother, I'd already searched my room. So, I get home from work to a pile of things outside my bedroom door. Open door, my room is torn to pieces. Some important things to me are missing, my laptop was thrown across the room, documents I had been working on are gone where she unplugged my computer as well as knowing what the hay she got into of my personal files. I'm livid. I get it, I live in her house. But 90% of the shit in my room I paid for myself and she has no right to go through it the way she did.

My mother went through my room without my permission and fucked a lot of shit up.
Am I wrong to be angry and upset?
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>> No. 74565
>Am I wrong to be angry and upset?
It's reasonable to be upset.

However, I don't know your personal history. If you have a long history of drug abuse or promiscuity, she might of thought that you are using again, and wanted to find proof. While, I don't agree with her methods, she probably didn't think it through that well and thought she'd find proof.

Alternatively, she was upset you couldn't find your glasses, then decided to search your room for them (Especially if she paid for the glasses/contacts). After she went in there she just got curious.

Someone mentioned last week that human beings are voyeurs. Perhaps, she was in a situation where an opportunity arose that would satisfy some deeper emotion. It's hard to resist impulses.

My response in that situation would be to calmly sit her down and ask what in the high hell she was thinking. Talk it out, be calm about it.
>> No. 76778
How the fuck is a topic form way back in July on the front page?

If your mom is searching for something to the level that she does this
>my laptop was thrown across the room

then damn straight you have a reason to be upset!
>> No. 76786
spam bots have been rolling through /dis/, which causes threads to be bumped - when their posts are deleted it just looks like a thread necro. Technically it is.

File 137997584018.jpg - (7.01KB , 295x171 , imgres.jpg )
75602 No. 75602 [View]

Let me say some stuff before I actually start the thread
1) I'm Jewish and pro Zionist
2) I'm pro peace between Israelis and Palestinians
3) The fact that the land is not being shared is not the real issue. There are people on both sides who want misery for the other, merely because of hatred and bigotry

I know that Palestinian and Israeli conflict is a sensitive topic, but I'm not here to debate that. I feel that Israel is being demonized by the media. Regardless of how people feel about the way Israel is treating Palestine, people use Israel Zionism to demonize Jews. There are unfortunately many people who wrongly accuse Jews and Zionists of being greedy parasites who want to take over the world. As a Jewish man I feel threatened when there are people in the world who are ok with teaching their kids hate songs about killing Jews. Although antisemitism has existed since Roman times, I feel it's wrong for people to tell me to "get back in my oven" simply because people disagree with Israel politically. It feels like senseless hate when someone tells me that Hitler should have killed the rest of us when he had the chance. I'm sure some people will be sensible from one of my communities that cares so much about love and tolerance. I'm not asking people to say Israel is the sole victim or that Palestine is the sole victim because both sides are doing bad things. I'm saying that I think the media has demonized Israel to a massive extent, and people use that as an excuse to direct hate propaganda against Jews. No land settlement will bring peace. Quoting the song same love by Mackelmore, "No law is gonna change us, we have to change us, whatever god you believe in we come from the same one.
>> No. 75609
Well, I can see why you would be offended and upset. Those are some pretty crude remarks to make. At some point, I feel you have to decide when to dismiss the things people say simply out of the fact that they're meant to be hurtful and can't really be taken in a serious or constructive way in any form.

However, I myself don't think very highly of zionism. I think it reeks very strongly of elements of racism (believing your race is special and chosen above others and so deserves ____ is still racism in my book, its just one where you value your own race more instead of devalue others - same general effect, different means to the end), theocracy, and nationalism. I don't feel it was wise for Israel to have had its nation-state carved out for it, it seems like in the context of war spoils, doing this ensures future conflict rather than attempts to resolve it.

I am not going to claim anyone is 'the good guys' and 'the bad guys' here - to me, in most of the conflicts like this, there are no good guys in the end: just those who are more innocent and those who are better at advertising the other guy is the bad guy.

In a historical context, its hard for me to see the nation state of Israel as 'the good guys'. Even in a biblical context, its hard for me to see that. So I generally think that the people who acknowledge that context aren't entirely in the wrong: but going about it with violence is not going to correct or fix what was done back then either.

I really respect the people who recognize that the effort should be cohabitation through peaceful means. To me, those are the real casualties in the conflict.
>> No. 75615
This used to be my house, and I've had a rough time, so I'm going to live in your kitchen now.

Israel/Palestine in a nutshell.
>> No. 75630
There are without a doubt many zionists who believe in ethnocentric views of the world. I'd like to distinguish that there are two types of Zionism. Those being "religious zionism" and "secular Zionism. Religious zionism is the idea that Jews have an undeniable right to the land based on the bible. I personally disagree with this belief. This was not the origonal philosophy of the Zionist movement. Secular Zionism is the idea that Jews should have a self governed modern state. Theodore Hertzel, who was a founder of the zionist movement was a secular zionist and was originally proposing that a jewish state be created in what is present day Uganda. I do think that religious Zionism is ethnocentric, and disagree with the idea that Jews have more rights to the land than anyone else. The Zionism I believe in is the Zionism that Theodore Hertzel believed in, that there should be a modern self governing Jewish state.

File 138856019117.png - (355.64KB , 1648x3767 , 1334368623920.png )
76525 No. 76525 [View]
This may be longer discussion and more genral/universal disussioín (free to delete if useless) but I wondered if ideologies like kike narchism (freedom) comunism (compassion) capitalism (responsibility for your own doings) or fasism (honor over where you belong) feels I Just want these ideologies rather complement themself where they can in things they can do good, ands support other philosophies, raether than caring for their own rightfullness,
>> No. 76535
You have them all wrong.
>> No. 76771
>kike narchism
>fasism (honor over where you belong)
>capitalism (responsibility for your own doings)

we need more posters like you.

No. 76705 [View]

Is it just for eggheady Emo kids or is there some sort of viable option in it?
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>> No. 76757
File 139052405209.jpg - (302.22KB , 1055x800 , appleraptor.jpg )
Up until someone recently government was simply a band of warlords whose only role was to keep other warlords from massacring the population, while they extorted the majority of the population to be able afford to attempt to massacre other warlord's peasants. While more beneficent governors would impose rule of law in urban areas, the rural and poor generally handled such things in a much more local and informal way enjoying minimal intervention from the ruling caste, which generally took a form not unlike plundering. Until the rise of liberalism it was understood that a good governor taxed all but what was absolutely necessary. As I mentioned, government did serve a positive role for urban populations, but something that must be pointed out is that until just before the industrial revolution only a few percents of the population lived in cities.

People will form societies of varying degrees of formality. If they can all be called governments is a matter of semantics. People need society, but they don't necessarily need governance. There are many places (in first world countries) where government presence is minimal at best but generally obstructive. While these places are usually far from comfortable, there's the chicken-egg question.
>> No. 76758

In that situation, no. I was probably a bit hasty in referring to that as an excuse; it is certainly a valid defense in some situations. In that situation, an officer could end up dead because any reasonable person is going to assume that a gun being pulled is loaded and they are about to get shot. The only other option is to say "I don't believe that gun is loaded" and trying to call someone's bluff in that situation is too deadly of an option.

I guess I'm just overly sensitive because of a recent situation in I believe California where a group of officers literally beat a homeless man to death and it was videotaped, and the homeless guy was crying out for his mother while he was being beaten. The cops were found not guilty on all charges at trial, and that sickens me. There are certainly going to be questionable actions by cops sometimes, and I think that's unavoidable in that line of work, but there are instances where the actions aren't questionable, they're outright horrific and disgusting, and this incident was one of those instances. For them to suffer no repercussion for what they did legally (even if the precinct was to dock them pay or suspend them) is a failure of the system to me.

This is getting off-topic though and I'm not advocating for mob-style justice against these guys, they had their trial and were innocent, and that's that. But it doesn't mean I have to like the outcome.


>most people knew how to do all the nessessary tasks to sustain themselves
>> No. 76759
>Wolf packs, I guess would too.
Well under this terminology whatever I'm for would also be said to have government, and whatever pre-neolithic revolution humans had. But I'd have no idea what it'd be called, I'd always styled it anarcho-primitivism.

>The flip side of that is that the disabled would probably have just suffered, and that doesn't sound like a very great way to live to me
I very strongly believe that is a nessessary and good thing. In fact, most of my conflict with technology and government comes from how they spread out the burden of failure and negate the effects of natural selection upon individuals, while at the same time centralising the things one depends on to continue living.

But regardless, I'm not saying that you nessessarily should adopt that same lifestyle, I wish that people could live their own way unimpeded and occupying different niches. What solution is there to allow for that in terms of potential legal systems?

Not really on topic here, but interestingly enough teeth cleaning is actually a really ancient behaviour, and several other species do it including other great apes. Humans have been using chewing sticks and ash for a very long time. Just a neat piece of random information.

File 139051239343.png - (4.75KB , 650x450 , scoot ponders.png )
76730 No. 76730 [View]
"I had sex with a girl before finding out I was gay." - some gay dudes

"I had sex with a guy before finding out I was straight." - no straight dude ever

What's up with that?

12 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 76744
What's up with that is that you keep pressing gay guys to tell you about the sex they have.
>> No. 76745
Does masturbating to ponies make me a furry?
i have had sexual thoughts about ponies
>> No. 76747

Hey I only did that once!

File 138993504016.jpg - (6.54KB , 400x297 , v.jpg )
76615 No. 76615 [View]


[9/30/2013 8:37:17 PM] Mellyy: i always feel sleepy after i wake up
[9/30/2013 8:37:26 PM] Mellyy: I'll be okay after awhile 
[9/30/2013 8:38:07 PM] Jerome: Aww
[9/30/2013 8:38:12 PM] Jerome: Haha, you’re so adorable.
[9/30/2013 8:38:24 PM] Jerome: did you get my message?
[9/30/2013 8:39:33 PM] Mellyy: yeah, but i fell asleep already xD
[9/30/2013 8:39:42 PM] Mellyy: i replied though!
[9/30/2013 8:40:35 PM] Jerome: Umm, I don’t think so, No. I replied.
>> No. 76657
File 139012782955.jpg - (256.50KB , 625x469 , FunnyPony.jpg )
...what the hay did I just read?
>> No. 76660
File 139015698238.jpg - (6.54KB , 400x297 , v.jpg )
This is just one chat log I have recovered from a Microsoft server folder simply titled "Black_Marked_5/13-12/13" in there Skype directory.
This folder seems to be there smallest in the entire directory, But, everything in the "Black Marked" folder are similar to this. However, nabbing them is hard enough, but on top of that the files are all encoded, and decoding them with software takes me close to forever.

I am not to creative so I decided to label it *v*. I wanted to post this somewhere a lot people would be able to see it but I couldn't think of anywhere so I thought that maybe here would be good enough for now until I get suggestions from people.. or think of something myself. The reason I decided to snag this particular file first is because the real name of this file is "jerome.joker-emdeemelissa_20130930" And well.. Jerome is also my real name.

No. 76654 [View]
Hello, /dis/. I'm conducting a public experiment.
Describe for me if you please (BUT DO NOT NAME!) a man that you hold in the highest respect, and describe him only by those traits which make him highly respectable in your eyes.
>> No. 76655
Awww hell, I guess you can't imbed youtube vids here.
>> No. 76659
File 139014933723.png - (25.60KB , 216x214 , salute.png )
Strength of body and mind. Mastery of his craft. Courage and inner drive. A sense of honour. Accomplishment and leadership ability.

We postin' youtube vids? :3

File 138997750239.jpg - (128.09KB , 960x531 , twilight mlp drama.jpg )
76618 No. 76618 [View]
Why it is that when a female teacher has intercourse with her student, she gets 1-3 years in jail, and everybody laughs at how lucky the student got.

However, if a male teacher has intercourse with his student, he gets 7-10 years in jail, and gets hated for the rest of his life and people crying for the death sentence?
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>> No. 76640
File 138999273129.png - (162.89KB , 1118x714 , 130932807360.png )
A really good point. Until recently the US did not even track statistics on male rape, partly because men get trained not to talk about stuff like that. That is disgusting. There is a stupid social pressure in place that just pretends that it does not happen. Both sexes within and between each other have crap that needs to go.
>> No. 76641
>> No. 76642

Although a lot of this comes from an attitude of "men always want sex" I think it's worth mentioning that a lot of it also probably comes from an attitude of "girls aren't really into sex, it's just something they do for the sake of pleasing their men". From that perspective, when looking at the situation of an older man having sex with a younger girl, it's easier to picture it as the man taking advantage of the girl's naivete and lack of experience with the world to get what he wants from her. If it's an older woman having sex with a younger guy, though, a lot of people are probably going to assume that it was the guy who initiated the whole thing, knew what he was doing, and had full control over the situation. Because, you know, women don't actively seek out sex, they only passively receive it from men.


This is also important to consider, and can be explained by the above. Woman-on-girl generates so little outrage that I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone actually complain about it, at least not in response to any real-world situations, and I imagine it's because they wouldn't even know what to be mad about.* How did it even happen? They're both girls, neither of them are interested in sex! Either someone made this up, or they both must have been REALLY confused.

*Also because, let's face it, it doesn't happen nearly as much. Heterosexual relationships are more common than homosexual ones, and although it's not a rule set in stone, men do seek out sex much more commonly than women.

File 138938219046.jpg - (198.46KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_meuom4hbLa1reol70o2_1280.jpg )
76573 No. 76573 [View]

Why are or why aren't you religious?
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>> No. 76586
It's not that the topic is bad, I was just impressed by how perfectly encompassed the debate was in just three posts. But I also knew that part of the reason it was so beautiful was because it was not meant to last. Fortunately, I also took a screenshot in that moment, so that it may be preserved for future generations, forever.
>> No. 76588
File 138945035362.jpg - (60.57KB , 540x632 , 179018_4948728194239_1982587312_n.jpg )

Gosh well, I guess to best answer that we should go to a time when I used to be religious.

What brought me there? I was lonely, I was depressed, I was indoctrinated, impressionable, and I thought surely joining the religious cult would gain me some acceptance with them, and if that cult's beliefs were real at least I'd have acceptance with its deity we are talking about southern baptists here

What brought me out of it?

I guess you could say I tested the waters and found them repugnant. The people tended to be very closed minded, their behavior did not reflect their religious 'values', many things were prohibit to be read, viewed, enjoyed, or understood - including any other religion. That was a set of factors that meant a lot to me because I have a very universalist perspective - telling me this little tiny piece of the universe and how it behaves is okay, but all those other pieces are going to get me sent to hell is a really tough command I was never able to accept.
>> No. 76608
File 138986411657.jpg - (181.64KB , 583x700 , dashphem4hammertime.jpg )

I'm not religious because I don't like adhering to superstition and dogma. I think the framework for most religions is immoral, although I don't believe people are inherently bad for believing in them. I still subscribe to certain forms of meditation, but I don't attribute a supernatural aspect to it.

File 138904322843.png - (79.20KB , 528x400 , Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11_01_19 AM.png )
76542 No. 76542 [View]

I am a casual fan of MLP FiM, I watch the show, I look at and enjoy fanworks, but I'm not involved in the community. I don't know much of what normally goes on, but I do keep getting things like that on my tumblr, and I can't help but wonder.

How much of it is true?

Obviously, some of this is blown out of proportion (calling girls fake fans of MLP?) But turning some of the characters into sex symbols (Princess Molestia) is true.

Is there a section of bronies like that? Turning MLP into a man's thing? I want to know where haters are getting information like that.
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>> No. 76590
File 138946625925.jpg - (121.98KB , 1014x738 , howtohidefunction.jpg )
>> No. 76592
Some people draw ponies sexually because it's a fetish. There's all sorts of reasons people have an anthropomorphic fetish, from being "taboo", to being attracted to "different" because normality turns them off. Or maybe they just happen to like the personality of the characters and that led them to finding them sexual.

It has little to do, however, for most people, to turning it into a "guy thing". A lot of the MRA "bronies" or whatever, are also anti-furry extremists.

I think that wanting the show to be sexualized and expecting that to happen is a kind of silly mindset, though. It's an innocent show, and that's what's good about it. And it's primarily intended for an innocent audience.

I think that more people should try to embrace the innocence of My Little Pony instead of trying to detract from it.
>> No. 76597

>I think that wanting the show to be sexualized and expecting that to happen is a kind of silly mindset, though. It's an innocent show, and that's what's good about it. And it's primarily intended for an innocent audience.


If the show as sexualized in the way that you see in the many of the sexualized images of the characters, I would not enjoy the show as much as I do now, to be honest.

In my opinion, that level of sexualization should be kept entirely to pictures and the imagination.

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