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Greetings and Introductions!

(Written and edited with community input by Strangelove!Doctory2, all credit to them!)

Hello everypony and welcome to /dis/, Ponychan's discussion board. Here you'll find threads ranging from controversial topics such as politics, scientific development and religion, to more lax threads meant to share opinions without being overly formal. As you may imagine, given the freedom to discuss these topics, some ponies may inadvertently say or do things that hinder fruitful discussion and bring about unnecessary conflict. Due to this, we have created a set of guidelines that should be followed. Please make sure to read them before posting, as to avoid any misconceptions or confusion.

Please keep in mind this is not /chat/. Although there's no need to write textwalls (unless you want), try to write more than a sentence or two in your posts, and keep in mind you may have to wait hours for a response. Remember all global rules apply to /dis/, and general respect and courtesy is appreciated in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others.

Without further ado, here are the rules of /dis/:

You, Ponychan, and Posting in /dis/

Before creating a thread in /dis/, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to discuss, be as concise and direct as you can, and if applicable please try and include as much relevant information as possible. This is the serious discussion board.

Tag your thread with the proper tags, and remember the following.


- Attack or antagonize other users for their beliefs or opinions

- Make light of a serious discussion (to decry the subject of the thread, rather then debating the points). Keep your contributions constructive (but don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something)

- Get involved in a dispute over definitions or semantics. It doesn't matter what the "correct" definition of a word is, only that both parties understand what the other party means by it.

- Ignore somepony's main point or focus on trivial errors. "If you’re interested in being on the right side of disputes, you will refute your opponents’ arguments. But if you’re interested in producing truth, you will fix your opponents’ arguments for them"


- Follow all the general site rules

- Use the report button for posts that break site rules. If you are unsure, ere on the side of reporting. Do not abuse the report button.

-Please refrain from derailing the original topic of the thread, if the discussion delves into something unrelated please make a new thread for it.

- Do your research on a topic before entering a discussion. Wikipedia is a great place to start as long as you check its sources first.

- Consider qualifying factual statements with degrees of certainty (e.g. I'm not sure but my understanding is X, I read a study that said X in a peer-reviewed journal, I have a phd in this field and I'm completely sure that X)

- Be prepared to back up controversial statements with supporting evidence.

Keep in Mind

- Policy debates should not appear one-sided. In the real world there are always costs and benefits

- Arguments are not battles. The purpose of a conversation is to move information, not to defeat your opponent's position

Finally, please keep all discussion of the MLP:FiM TV show and characters in the show in the appropriate board: /show/. Although we love ponies as much as you, we do not discuss the actual show in /dis/.

And most important of all: Have fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions about the board or it's rules, or you want to bring something serious to the attention of the staff, feel free to post in this thread. We're glad to hear your comments.

If you are looking for a place to throw around /Dis/cussion ideas, check out This thread
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>> No. 62071
File 134374779400.png - (233.73KB , 630x842 )
Hash tags are implemented! Please let us know if they are working properly, or if you just have any suggestions.
>> No. 62486
Hey, !!Twilight/Flutterguy? Is there any way to contact you outside of Ponychan?

You don't appear to have a listed gmail address like the other mods do.
>> No. 62487
File 134411978998.jpg - (7.24KB , 184x184 , 9a72b92c70f20a5d558ea59164de664844221e86_full.jpg )
His Email is

[email protected]
>> No. 62488
File 134412005080.png - (124.52KB , 374x410 , 132619870590.png )

Thank you!
>> No. 62490
File 134412148570.jpg - (104.49KB , 1024x768 , Capture_010.jpg )
Anytime my fine, chicken posting friend.
>> No. 65558
Are you still here? I need to talk to you without causing too much of a stir !!Twi.
>> No. 65568
File 134732258765.jpg - (104.49KB , 1024x768 , Capture_010.jpg )
I poked him on Skype for you.
>> No. 65591
I have my email on my name finally. I got forgetful with that one.
>> No. 66513
>> No. 67159
and MR stew derped once again!

can you send No. 40286801 over in dis?
>> No. 67160
File 135051956191.jpg - (37.98KB , 500x334 , 134084475800.jpg )
Just report it and ask for a move.
>> No. 67162
File 135052661351.png - (51.55KB , 110x125 , 134408466796s.png )
thanks pal
>> No. 67163
File 135052782203.jpg - (151.02KB , 426x590 , 132787045822.jpg )
Anytime. It's pretty much all I'm good for.
>> No. 68294
Oh sweet lordy, /dis/ has clearly defined rules now!

Praise be to *insert deity here*. Time to actually use /dis/ now.
>> No. 68897
File 135558872985.jpg - (6.69KB , 300x168 , images (1).jpg )
These rules have been up here for almost 6 months.

And you can thank the /dis/ community themselves, since they did most of the work of re-writing / editing the rules to what they wanted for the board.
>> No. 69984
File 135794154415.jpg - (48.61KB , 640x480 , Rainbow cup-a-soup.jpg )
>These rules have been up here for almost 6 months.
And I have no respect for them whatsoever.

Let's get back to the daily grind.
>> No. 69985
File 135794369226.png - (37.94KB , 125x112 , 132622986544s.png )
>> No. 70718
I have been told that I have a topic you all might enjoy, and I have read the rules here presented, but as I am still fairly new to the world of imageboards, I am not sure how to tag the OP. It is just a discussion, but I do not want to offend the culture of this board or appear crass by not following established etiquette. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 70737
anon from the other night I was speaking with? Fire away man. We will just roll with it if you're the same. You don't even have to use a tag really, not if you don't want, but I would probably do it as a discussion as that kind of allows the most generalized banter.

Want me to make it for you? (assuming you're one in the same)

Last edited at Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 10:41

>> No. 70763

Sure, if you want to (I am the same anon). I just didn't want to seem like an uncouth heathen barging in without tagging stuff, as I would hate to see people turn down a topic because I appeared rude. I'm certain that these procedures have been put in place because of past poor experiences; I would hate to cause strife by not following them. Personally, I don't care who makes the thread; it would not hurt my feelings in the slightest if you did so.
>> No. 70824
Topics themselves are not usually the problem on this board. Since it is a discussion board for serious topics, a serious approach to conversation is the most important thing. The tag is meant to allow the OP to put down a layer of intentions onto the conversation. Is it a question? Do you have something you think everyone would like to know? Do you want to focus on one particular solution to a problem outside of other that might make the conversation too confusing? That kind of thing.
>> No. 71040
File 136040014433.png - (968.96KB , 1196x1000 , 28073ee56c183f62e4bf465e49bed400.png )

You know, I'm actually curious on this, too, because I don't know how to tag things.

Like, at all. I don't know the syntax for tagging things.
>> No. 71078
File 136045410120.png - (166.00KB , 964x829 , 130932873120.png )
>Like, at all. I don't know the syntax for tagging things.

Well normally there are two things that determine the "social flavor" of a board. The board itself (chat, oat, pony, dis...), and the OP's post where OP creates the topic and is specific as their desires and creativity allows.

In dis, the tagging system is a way to apply a general intention for how the OP wants the thread to go. Its a preference for the kinds of replies desired.

Open-ended whatever you want to say about the OP like a normal thread on a board.

A preference for OP's subject to be discussed in objective terms only without including feelings of the overall rightness or wrongness of the subject itself.

A desire for responses to be answers to a question in OP.

If a discussion topic has more than one possible answer, this lets the OP indicate that they only want a particular answer to be discussed. For example only discussing socialist or capitalist solutions to a problem but not both.
>> No. 71087
File 136047957480.png - (73.51KB , 774x1032 , filly_zecora_by_misteraibo-d59w4ed.png )

I think I was slightly misunderstood. Let me restate the question.

I want to add a tag to my thread. What do I type into my post so that a tag shows up?
>> No. 71092
Is your javascript enabled?
>> No. 71101
File 136051458898.png - (19.43KB , 132x150 , 365_day_332_by_korikian-d47dynp.png )
Wow, I completely missed the context of syntax.

When you start typing in the field when making a new post in /dis/, a new box should pop open that lets you select among the tags in a similar manner to choosing to spoiler.
>> No. 71104
File 136051860003.png - (411.11KB , 700x650 , 133458944026_png.png )

Javascript should be running find, but no box pops up. Is this something Ponychan X might be interfering with?
>> No. 71112
I'm asking the other mods about it at the moment. There have been some odd issues with the site over the last week or so and they are hard at work trying to pin them down. At least 3/4 of mod chat is folks brainstorming about it.

Are you running something that requires you to give script permission to sites?

Have you tried deleting the site cookies and letting Ponychan put in new ones? Or other temporary internet related files?

I'm not an expert here but I might have a couple of other ideas.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 10th, 2013 14:05

>> No. 71660
Did your problem resolve? Because the mods basically told me that the things I mentioned should not be a problem. If you still can't use tags you should make a /meta/ post about it.
>> No. 71753
File 136194425732.jpg - (294.34KB , 761x751 , tumblr_mgkjt2I5kq1ru0x8do6_1280.jpg )

I think what's up is I can't use the quick reply box. If I toggle the basic box up then I get tags, but if I use the thing I normally use for everything I do not get tags. Just a PonychanX problem, I guess.
>> No. 77821
>/pony/ is called /show/

Haha what
>> No. 78000
Those were dark days.
>> No. 78189
File 140669796034.jpg - (37.72KB , 463x278 , spoiler.jpg )
Those were golden days.

Oh, also, nice trips
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